Monday, August 20, 2007

I Have Weight Issue

Hi. I'm back from a nice not so long weekend...where have you been? I've been spending some quality time at home, getting all my energy back after a disastrous diarrhea episode and went out to see the new Proton Persona yesterday and pick up my niece, Dewina from a luncheon at Hyatt. Of course, I did browse some of the shoes gallery and liked a few of the designs but decided not to buy because I only have like RM20 in my purse. Ha Ha Ha. Pity me. But, I feel good not buying anything this time because I've spent so much money on shopping last week and few weeks ago so at least I have some money to spare until the next payday.

But, I've marked all the potential shoes that I'm gonna buy next month. One of it is not a shoes but a sandal that I find very comfortable to wear, especially when you go out shopping all day. I have two that I like so I'll have to choose one between Crocodile and Hush Puppies. Trust me, I doesn't look good or pretty at all but it's comfortable and I think that should be the type of sandal a woman wear on a long day out with a best girlfriend.

Oh ya...speaking of BFF, me and my BFF, Ida @ Suzanne is gonna try out the new eyelash extension end of this month. Yeah, we like to look good. Who doesn't. I'll post some pics after we do it later on...I'm even encouraging all the ladies out there to do whatever you can to look good and feel good. Not for the sake of someone else. But, for yourself. because I believe, if you look good, you feel good. Don't you think??

Enough talking, back to work.

I just noticed, this entry in not related to the title. Actually, I wanted to say out loud that I hate that people comments on my weight. I know I'm skinny but guess what? People pay thousands of dollars to look skinny like me. Get it. Some even eat diet pills to be skinny like moi. LOL. So, all you people who tell it to my face that I'm skinny with that judging look, I know deep inside you are jealous.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My first blog in BlogSpot.Com

Obviously, this isn't my first time blogging, I've opened a few blog sites for myself such as at MySpace, Friendster and Multiply but I'm still in search for a site that I will stick on to for a VERY long time. Most probably, until I'm old or just until I'm tired of writing, which at this very moment, not likely to happen in the NEAR future.

Why do I love blogging? I don't really have an exact satisfying and convincing answer to that question but if you ask me, I would say, my mind is always FULL and I needed something, someone or even somewhere to let it all out. So, blog comes handy to me.

I absolutely have no idea whether anyone who know me or don't know me will read my blog or not, that's not the thing that I think or care about when I start blogging but blogging makes me feel good. It's almost like talking to the Lord outside the morning and night prayer I recite everyday (partly true, as a normal human being I only pray in desperate cases, that's how selfish people are). I'm not really an ALL RELIGIOUS person but I believe there is something GREATER than human out there and it's God and I trust His Existence. So, this is just my way of expressing myself on things that matters to me.

I'm still at work, and it's Friday. Which means, I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Yay! Can wake up late but normally when weekend came, your body is already adjusted to waking up early for work so normally I don't wake up late on Saturdays, damn it.

This is me having some fun with my BFF, Florida.