Friday, August 17, 2007

My first blog in BlogSpot.Com

Obviously, this isn't my first time blogging, I've opened a few blog sites for myself such as at MySpace, Friendster and Multiply but I'm still in search for a site that I will stick on to for a VERY long time. Most probably, until I'm old or just until I'm tired of writing, which at this very moment, not likely to happen in the NEAR future.

Why do I love blogging? I don't really have an exact satisfying and convincing answer to that question but if you ask me, I would say, my mind is always FULL and I needed something, someone or even somewhere to let it all out. So, blog comes handy to me.

I absolutely have no idea whether anyone who know me or don't know me will read my blog or not, that's not the thing that I think or care about when I start blogging but blogging makes me feel good. It's almost like talking to the Lord outside the morning and night prayer I recite everyday (partly true, as a normal human being I only pray in desperate cases, that's how selfish people are). I'm not really an ALL RELIGIOUS person but I believe there is something GREATER than human out there and it's God and I trust His Existence. So, this is just my way of expressing myself on things that matters to me.

I'm still at work, and it's Friday. Which means, I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Yay! Can wake up late but normally when weekend came, your body is already adjusted to waking up early for work so normally I don't wake up late on Saturdays, damn it.

This is me having some fun with my BFF, Florida.

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