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My affection on Logan Huntzberger

Logan Huntzberger is the second child of Mitchum and Shira Huntzberger (portrayed by Gregg Henry and Leann Hunley). Born in February 1982, he is heir to the Huntzberger Publishing Company, a national newspaper conglomerate, presumably in reference to the Sulzberger family, which owns the New York Times. Traditionally a chronic "ladies man," he is known to his friends as "King of the Sloths." ("Logan here has a talent for inactivity that has yet to be rivaled by man or actual sloth.") Logan takes little interest in most things he is required to do, unless they somehow involve alcohol, women, or hanging out with his friends. He's known to Doyle, the Yale Daily News editor in Season 5, as a reporter who barely ever shows up or writes anything. However, in spite of his disinterest, Doyle remarks that Logan has a great gift for writing. Certain character analyses surmise, moreover, that this apparent disinterest is in reaction against the pressures and obligations imposed on him by his father. At the end of Season 6, he is sent to London by his father to take charge of his family's business and, according to Mitchum, "set him on a path." Season 7 sees him acquiring an interest and penchant for his work (in London, then in New York), hence earning him the moniker "work dork" from his girlfriend Rory Gilmore. Logan is a graduate of the Phillips Exeter Academy.

[edit] Logan in the Series

[edit] Season Five
Logan first appeared at the beginning of Season 5 as part of a clique of spoiled rich kids who were more interested in partying than studying. Rory’s friend Marty had served as a caterer for one of his parties, but when Logan’s friends saw Marty in the halls of Yale later, they didn’t even recognize him, which angered Rory. However, it soon becomes clear to Rory that while Logan may have a silver spoon in his mouth, he does have a quick wit and is more knowledgeable than he lets on to others. Later in the season, he’s seen as being part of the Yale Daily News staff, though he’s there for show, to please his father.
Rory’s relationship with Logan takes a dramatic turn when she spots a girl in a gorilla mask drunkenly stepping into an SUV, yelling “In Omnia Paratus!”
Rory: Okay. Well, last night I was in one of the bathrooms over at Berkeley, and this girl came in, slightly toasted, and she was wearing a full on ball gown with one of those plastic gorilla masks.
Doyle: Huh. Not something you see every day.
Rory: Exactly what I thought. So I followed her out to the parking lot, and she got in this fancy black SUV and then she said “In Omnia Paratus”, which means “Ready for anything”. I know, I took Latin.
Doyle: Quel impressed. Continue.
—Season 5, Ep. 06 "Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant!"
Having gotten her attention, she did some digging and found that Logan’s grandfather, Elias Huntzburger, had been in the Life and Death Brigade, which uses the Latin uttered by the girl as their catchphrase. Rory hypothesized that Logan’s father, and therefore Logan himself, were/are members of this secret club. Deciding to pursue the club as a story for the Yale Daily News, she approached Logan about it, who at first denied knowing what she was talking about. However, he eventually agreed to have her attend one of their meetings, provided that she was driven blindfolded to their site in the woods. After some odd goings on such as members talking to each other without using the letter e in their words, the event culminated with a stunt where numerous members jumped off a 100 foot platform while holding umbrellas, wearing tuxedos and prom gowns. Nervous about the prospect of performing such a dangerous stunt, Rory nevertheless gave in and joined Logan in the stunt (they were actually lowered using bungee cords). This gave Rory a sense of excitement about Logan that would prove to win her over to him, despite her reservations of his other traits.
Logan, meanwhile, did not feel ready to enter into a serious relationship with Rory, preferring to keep the girls in his life at a distance. This changes when after a night of drinking, Rory confronts Logan to tell him that she's a "girlfriend-girl" and that she refused to be "one of the many." Although she maintains that she still wishes to be friends, Logan sees this as an ultimatum and finally agrees to try the "boyfriend thing." But their new relationship doesn't ensure that things will go smoothly.
Logan’s family sees Rory as beneath his class (despite her being "a Gilmore"), and Rory is still bothered by Logan’s Life and Death Brigade business. On one memorable occasion, Logan attempted to switch an item he stole from one wealthy person’s house with another item he tried lifting from Richard and Emily's house. As a type of apology for his family accusing Rory of not being worthy of Logan, Logan's father, Mitchum, offered her a job as an intern at the Stanford-Eagle Gazette, a newspaper he had recently purchased. Rory accepts hesitantly, as she fears the internship is being offered as a bribe after the Huntzbergers' poor behavior. Then, after several weeks of beginning her internship at the newspaper, Mitchum Huntzberger tells Rory that he thinks she “doesn’t have it” with regard to her personal ability to be a reporter. Rory, in a fit of depression, goes to Logan and convinces him to steal a yacht with her. This act lands her in jail and her mother, Lorelai, has to pick her up after she is released on a promise to appear in court. When Rory confesses to her mother why she was so upset, Lorelai is convinced that Logan is no good for Rory and encourages her to end the relationship. When Rory decides to drop out of Yale, live in her grandparent's pool house, and continue seeing Logan, this furthers the emotional disconnection between Rory and Lorelai.

[edit] Season Six
In Season 6, Rory stated her intentions to be just as slothful as Logan’s reputation, and divided her time out of Yale between doing court-ordered community service (as punishment for stealing the yacht) and being with Logan, a declaration that obviously doesn't sit well with Logan, as it goes against everything Rory stands for. Meanwhile, Logan is confronted by Richard about his ‘intentions’ for his granddaughter, and he starts to get nervous about the prospect of being forced to marry Rory. Alarmed at the fact that Rory and Logan are more intimate than she thought, Rory’s grandmother attempted to limit her rights in the house. Things are further complicated when Rory’s old boyfriend Jess shows up, having become an author of a book. Rory is incensed at Logan’s behavior with Jess, and Logan reveals that he will drink and live it up, as at the end of the year he'll be forced to take over the family business. They have a loud screaming match in a public bar, and Rory makes it clear that she is unhappy in her current situation, and Logan feels that she blames him for it. He does not like this, claiming that Rory always has the choice whether to come out or not, and that she cannot blame him for what has happened. Rory then decides the two of them need to take some time apart from each other. Fed up with Emily's attempts to control her, Rory moved out of Emily and Richard's house, re-enlisted at Yale, and rekindled her relationship with Lorelai. With a lack of available living space at Yale, she found herself moving in with Paris Geller and her boyfriend Doyle.
Later, on Thanksgiving Day, Rory received a phone call from Logan's sister,Honor. She tells Rory about what a shame it is that Rory and Logan have broken up. Rory, having considered that her relationship with Logan was merely 'having a break', was hurt and shocked, and grew angry at Logan.
After awhile, Logan appeared again, appealing to Rory to come back to him. Rory called him a coward, that he broke up with her via his sister. Logan pleaded with her to take him back. She refused. He then told her that he loved her, which only got her more angry. Later that day, she had a meeting with a psychiatrist due to her leaving Yale so suddenly. Being very shaken up due to his proclamation, she was a mess and went into hysterics. This caused the psychiatrist to recommend weekly sessions. Logan, however, continued trying to get her back, using flowers, "fancy fruit", and even hiring a coffee cart for her. When this didn’t work, he went directly to Lorelai and asked her to intervene on his behalf.
Logan: I miss her, okay? I made a mistake and I'm trying to rectify it but nothing is working. She won't talk to me.
Lorelai: Can you blame her?
Logan: No. I'm doing everything I can. Flowers, gifts...
Lorelai: All your old standbys, huh?
Logan: Books, coffee cart...I'm trying to show her how I feel.
Lorelai: And it sounds like she's trying to show you how she feels.
Logan: Look. I figured this was a suicide mission, okay? It's probably something you and Rory will laugh about for years to come. But I'm not giving up until I exhaust all my options and asking for your help is one of them.
Lorelai: Really?
Logan: Yes.
Lorelai: You're seriously here to ask for my help with Rory? It's not a joke?
Logan: I'm going for broke here.
—Season 6, Ep. 12 "Just Like Gwen And Gavin"
Lorelai eventually realized Logan is serious and wrote Rory a letter, which convinced Rory to cautiously start seeing Logan again. Logan then came to Rory’s rescue when Paris' stint as editor at Yale Daily News created a walkout of the Yale Daily News staff, causing the possibility that the newspaper wouldn’t be finished on time. Seeing the situation, Rory stepped up to the challenge of getting the paper put out on time and inspiring the staff to stay with her. Logan, for his part, not only gave her some articles to fill in the paper, he also used his charm and family name to stall the person in charge of printing until Rory had successfully gotten the paper saved on the campus server. Rory then continued dating Logan, and moved in with him after Paris kicked her out of their apartment for having usurped her position on the paper.
Rory and Logan decide to take a trip to Martha's Vineyard for Valentine's Day later that season. They invite Lorelai and Luke to go with them, and have a mostly pleasant time. Logan gives Luke a Valentine's day present for Lorelai, as Luke hadn't gotten Lorelai anything since he doesn't believe in the holiday. The weekend ends in a horrible confrontation between Mitchum and Logan, as Logan was meant to have been working. Mitchum revealed that Logan is to go to London as soon as he graduates, and Rory must come to terms with the fact that not only was Logan leaving, but that all their plans to tour Asia in the summer would not occur.
Problems come again when the two attended Logan’s sister Honor’s wedding. While talking to Rory, Honor’s bridesmaids revealed that all but one had a fling with Logan when they were on the break with Logan while he and Rory were on their ‘break’, infuriating Rory and causing her to break up with Logan. Rory moved back in with Paris, who had a falling out with her boyfriend Doyle and kicked him out. Logan came to Paris' apartment saying that he truly believed that he and Rory were broken up, and that he has been completely faithful to her the whole time they were together. Willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, Rory moved back in with him. Rory then visited her mom over the weekend without telling Logan, possibly trying to get the upper hand, this action made Logan uneasy about their relationship. But though she was still angry at Logan for his discrepancies, she told Jess while visiting him that she still loves Logan.
While still silently arguing over the problems with the bridesmaids, Logan revealed that he and the rest of the Life and Death Brigade were going to Costa Rica for an elaborate cliff diving stunt. Unfortunately, the stunt went extremely wrong, as Logan's parachute failed to open while jumping. He ended up with a collapsed lung, several broken bones, and other extensive injuries. Hearing about this, Rory rushed to New York, where he had been flown to, and proceeded to take care of him, staying with him in the hospital. After discovering that Logan's father had been told about his condition and still had not come to help, Rory calls and confronts Mitchum, convincing him to at least pay a visit. Logan was eventually let out of the hospital. After Logan's graduation, he is faced with the reality of having to move to London to work for his father, which Rory views as a callous attempt of Mitchum's to keep them apart. Rory confronts Mitchum over this in an elevator and he tells her simply and straight forward that his actions regarding his son are none of her business and that he harbors nothing personal against her, but as Logan's father, it is his responsibility to see to it that Logan gets a good, respectable job and, if necessary, to force Logan to "grow up" against his will, because he feels it is time Logan started to act like an adult and stop acting so irresponsibly. After realizing that what Mitchum was saying was entirely true, Rory could not disagree. That night, Rory threw a "bash of a lifetime" for Logan with a London theme. Logan wanted Rory to tell him to stay, that he would find a way to live without his father's business, but she couldn't. The next morning, Rory was upset when she couldn't go with Logan to the airport. Rory cried over his departure and Logan walked out the door. Rory ran to the hall just in time for her to wave, the elevator doors to close, and Logan to be gone.

[edit] Season Seven
In the seventh season premiere, "The Long Morrow," Logan gives Rory a toy rocket ship as a present when he leaves for London. Rory is puzzled by this gift, and believes that he wants "space," and is breaking up with her. After some careful research, she discovers the true meaning on a website. On a date, Rory and Logan had watched an episode of The Twilight Zone called "The Long Morrow." In it, a man goes into space, leaving his loved one behind for 40 years. During this time, he will be in suspended animation so that when he returns to Earth he will not have aged, but he realizes she would be old. After being apart for 40 years, he returns to discover that his girlfriend had put herself in suspended animation to wait for him. He, on the other hand, had taken himself out of suspended animation so they could die together. This is Logan's favorite episode of the Twilight Zone, and after watching it with Rory he proclaims, "Now THAT'S true love." The rocket Logan gave her was a model of the rocket used in the show. Upon realizing this, Rory is delighted, and calls Logan immediately. He tells her that he has bought tickets for her to visit him during the winter. Rory is disappointed because she wanted to visit him during the summer, and it creates some doubt within her about the strength of the relationship.
For all the resistance he put up towards taking over the family business, Logan seemed to have settled in quite nicely and to have been enjoying himself in England.
When Logan has a launch party for his company when he moves to New York, one of the journalist's tells Rory that she should write a story for the newspaper. Rory does but it slams the people at the launch party calling them "spoiled elitists." Logan gets angry with her, saying she is being a hypocrite since she the child of "spoiled elitists" and is living in his apartment rent-free. Rory then decides to find her own apartment.
Things get even more complicated when Logan discovers that Rory and Marty have been pretending they don't know each other. Although they had originally started the ruse to protect the feelings of Rory's friend Lucy (now Marty's ex-girlfriend), the two end up hurting her even more when Logan, feeling suspicious, reveals the truth to her.
Logan comes to the rescue of Rory when her grandfather, Richard, has a heart attack and she is waiting in the hospital for news. When he and Rory leave to go to the Gilmore Estate to collect Richard's personal items for his hospital stay, they use Lorelai's car because neither one of them have a car. This is further realized when Logan reveals that he got to the hospital by chopper. Rory then asks motorcycle or helicopter?
Later, after getting involved in a bad business venture that brings a lawsuit, Logan quits working for Mitchum. Things start to get serious between Logan and Rory. Rory brings Logan home to Stars Hollow, but Lorelai thinks that Logan is too irresponsible for Rory.
In the second most recent episode of season seven (Gilmore Girls Only) Rory, Lorelai, and Emily go to Mia's (owner of the Independence Inn) wedding. During this time Rory and Logan have a fight. But when Logan shows up and tries to talk to Rory she shuts him out. Of course towards the end Rory goes outside to find Logan leaning on his car. He and Rory talk and he finally says that he told his father that he quit. Rory was very happy. In the episode, "Lorelai, Lorelai?", Logan asks Lorelai's permission to ask Rory to marry him.
In the most recent episode of Gilmore Girls, Logan proposes to Rory, but Rory asks for more time to think. At the end of the episode, Rory turns down the offer of a house in California with an avocado tree in the back yard. Logan makes the offer one last time, at Rory's graduation from Yale, saying it's all or nothing. Rory still turns him down, and Logan takes the ring back, saying, "Good-bye Rory," and walks off. In the final episode, he does not make an appearance, but Rory comes across the rocket he gave her at the beginning of the season and she talks with Lorelai about her feelings about the breakup. At the end of the series they are still broken up.

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