Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Second day of work after Hari Raya

This is my second day of work after Hari Raya leave. The office is somewhat empty and quiet. I like it like this. Since we are an education establishment so it's normal that everyday is a hectic day but students are on their study leave so it's very quiet and peaceful at work. We SO need this to finish up unfinished tasks and any other matters that we wanted to do so long like blogging, writing an article, updating our Friendster or MySpace account, browsing YouTube for some entertainment, etc etc etc. As for me, I'm taking this time to format my computer, download all the TV shows not aired in Malaysia yet and prepare for next week's class which I've reminded myself over and over since last week but haven't quite do it yet due to other MORE interesting stuff to do than studying for your lecture. Hu hu hu. I think I'm not alone with this sydnrome.

Next Tuesday is the Student Oath Taking ceremony. So, as we know, the tradition will continue. The ehad of units such as myself, will wear the Blue robe for procession and the Academician will wear the black robe. Why we do this? boss said to remind the new students that someday if they work hard and finish their studies they will be wearing the convocation robe that marks their education success. Whatever. Like I care. And for this particular occasion, I'm suppose to be in charge on IT equipment and PA system. Yeah right....since when I know anything about PA system. LOL. That could be arrange since one my staff, Iwan is a PA specialist so there's nothing to worry about. Now, I only need to select the music for music intervals. So, I guess, I'll go with the Muzik Orang Ulu album that my friend sent to me via Yahoo Messenger last week. It's traditional and it somehow resemble the kind of music played during a UNITAR graduation (but they play Gamelan la) so i think it's a perfect choice. But if that doesn't work, I have a backup. Instead of using Richard Clayderman which I'm so over with, I'm gonna use the Kenny G's Most Beautiful Love Song. It's an excellent backup choice. Ahh...I need to iron my blue robe.

Okay...till then....I have something to do. Something bery important. I'm gonna try to do some research on the chapter I'm covering next week "Types of Information Systems" and "Decision Theory". Ughh!! I'm bored oready.

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