Monday, April 28, 2008

Kenny made me laugh

Kenny's short talk:

"I am so impressed that there's actually an organization here in Malaysia called, literally, the "Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers".

Somehow I couldn't help but to imagine that it's like the local version of the Wives And Girlfriends of Footballers (WAGs) in the UK. Except the role of Posh Spice is played by Jeanne Abdullah.

And Pak Lah plays David Beckham."

Man....that made me laugh....and still on smile mode as of now..looking like a crazy person.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Yu Ling has new puppies and they're cute

So cute, right? I like the white one....I think I'm gonna name it Joel. What do you think? (These pups are three weeks old).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bosan sama Friendster

I'm BORED with Friendster. Seriously. I've been a member there since December 2003. That's quite some time, huh? The reason why I signed up at first is because Fiedah (used to work in IPD Sabah but transferred to Kuching after she got married to a Kuching guy) asked me to join and Charlie ( a friend back then pun suggested so), so I joined. I must admit that, I met a lot of people there that I know...ex- high school mates and classmates, college (UNITAR) friends and classmates and the nice thing is connecting with not so close colleagues thru Friendster, kampung friends (it's when I see someone from Tambunan, immediately wanna add as friend, even if you don't know the person). This is called Social Networking kan? Since then, a lot of other social networking sites appear..well I don't know which one appeared first but the first one that I knew was Friendster, then MySpace, then Hi5 and the list goes on and now Facebook is the newest phenomenon which actually started out as an online alumni for Harvard University (I read this in a PC magazine). Damn..imagine how much USD$sssss they earn now from advertising, page impression and pay per click thingy. Why didn't I think of this 8 years ago kan? I could've sell this to Google for USD$6 billion now....hahahaha....angan-angan lah ni!!

Okay. Enough taking about crap. It used to be routine to check friendster EVERYDAY. This is my normal routine before this:

1.Clock in at work around 7.30 - 7.50 am
2.Turn on PC, key in password
3.Intercom Ida, "Jom!!"
4.Wait for a while, lift di Prudential tu lembab sikit
5.Take out my purse and pathetic phone (bila mau tukar???), go out, wait for Ida outside near lift lobby
6.Decide where to eat
7.Having breakfast ranging from 15 minutes to 30 mins depending on our cerita of the day, kalu ada cerita best, lama sikit la..
8. Sit. Open official e-mail
9. Scan the mails, normally forwarded e-mail from Abg Hj which directly sent to Trash, eats up my mail space.
10.Count Online Form Submission sent thru UNITAR Sabah website, log out
11. CHECK FRIENDSTER (I don't know why...but after UNITAR Mail, it has always been Friendster next)
12. And...after FRIENDSTER...anything could happen call, Internet down, something rosak, need to replace and so on.

See....FRIENDSTER is very addictive but now...I'm quite bored with it. No definite reason, just bored I guess and I'm not that active in Facebook either.

And those pictures enclosed with this entry is my favorite contestant for the TV reality show, Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious. The creator of The Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin is looking for new girls to build a new all girls group which will be named Girlicious.

A lot of sexy ladies la in the show. From top to bottom is Natalie, Christina, Carrie, Jamie and Nichole. These are my favorites but unfortunately, Jamie and Carrie has been voted out.

Yay...I hope it's true

This is considered as Good News. Just now, Doc told me that he signed the purchase agreement for the 30 desktop already. That's a VERY good news. But, I'm not going to be jumpy about it so much until I saw the computers delivered to IPD. Make sense? At this point, anything can still happen...purchase can still be undone until it is delivered. So, fingers crossed friends...we might be getting a new computer next month. Amen to that....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Allow me to be frank

First entry of the day. I'm actually having a minor headache and it's nothing to do with migraine. It's just that, my monitor has a problem. Time to change to a new LCD Flat Screen monitor but I know that's NOT gonna happen very soon. I received quite a bad news from Rukidah yesterday morning, it seems like we will not be able to buy the previously suggested ACER PC. Me so sad. REALLY. I can't even tell how much I'm frustrated. I mean, honestly, this issue has been brought to EXCO Meeting more than 3 times and it has been delayed for almost 2 years now. Every time we are THIS close to buying the PCs, there's more important things to do and now it's because of a building that cost RM13.6 million. I'm not complaining or anything. I'm just a little bumped. That's all. Now, people may think that I didn't do my job or that I don't care of their welfare (I mean the student in particular because...mmm..have you seen Lab B?).

And that I'm a BAD Head of Unit. Believe me. There's nothing I can do about it. I have to be rational and I can't be very DIFFICULT on Finance Unit about it because believe it or not I understand what they feel and what their priorities are. They are also struggling to ensure every other important things are get paid i.e. staff salary, KWSP, PERKESO.

Those are more important than buying PCs, right? So, I really have to look at things on their side and not being selfish about it. But, at the same time, we are in the DESPERATE need of some changes around here. So, I looked for other PC with less expensive price that will not cost more than RM45k. And, I wish and pray that this one will be APPROVED. I'm only hoping.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love these babies!!!!!!!

My friends and family members especially my nieces knows about my addiction for shoes. And it's getting out of control, I admit. But, I really have to be proud of myself because for this month after so many months, I did not buy any pair of shoes... I always end up buying 2 to 3 and sometimes up to 5 pair of shoes a month. That's an addiction, I know.But,I can't help it. I'm not writing this because I want to brag of it but I admit I'm proud of my collection. But, bare in mind that I do not buy shoes that costs more than RM150, in fact I only have one pair of shoes that cost me RM153. The others are below RM100.I'm not a rich kid, a socialite or married to a millionaire to begin with. I can afford if I want to but I have other stuff to think about. Duh! I hate this life. Maybe I should really marry a millionaire. But who? Most rich people in KK are old, fat, bald and married. Ewww ... I so do not want that.

I still need to think about other things like food, rent, allowance for younger brother in UiTM and other miscellaneous expenses in a month. So,I only buy shoes that looks cute and affordable...not necessarily branded as long as it looks fabulous.

I just feel like writing about shoes because it's something that I love. The reason why I write this is because I think I should broaden my places to shop for shoes. Currently, I'm only shopping for shoes on any shopping complexes or boutiques in KK. And, I think it's time to try to buy online. I've identified few websites that sells cute shoes with an affordable price even after your convert it to Malaysian currency. The only thing is the shipping cost sometimes is waaaaay expensive than the shoes itself. Unless of course you buy it from neighboring country such as China, then it wouldn't be so bad.

These are the websites that offer shipping to Malaysia and also have a great collection of shoes....


There are thousands of online shoes store but only a few that actually ships to international location. Damn!! eyes are set on these babies.....should I bid for them???????

Now, where's my MasterCard? LOL.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No Me Ensenaste

I'm currently listening to this song.....beautiful melody and I don't understand the lyrics cos it's Spanish but by the way Thalia singing it...macam lagu sedih-sedih jak....And Thalia is sooooooo gorgeous and fabulous, isn't she???

Llama no importa la hora que yo estoy aqui
Entre las cuatro paredes de mi habitación
Y es importante al menos decirte, que esto de tu ausencia duele
Y no sabes cuanto

Ven aparece tan solo comunicate
Que cada hora es un golpe de desolacion
Es demasiado aburrido no estar a tu lado

Ven que mi alma no quiere dejarte ir
Que los minutos me asechan aqui todo es gris
Que alrededor todo es miedo y desesperanza

Ven que nunca imaginaba como era estar sola
Que no es nada facil cuando te derrotan
Que no se que hacer que aqui no queda nada de nada

No me enseñaste como estar sin ti
Y que le digo yo a este corazón
Si tu te has ido y todo lo perdi
Por donde empiezo si todo acabo

No me enseñaste como estar sin ti
Como olvidarte si nunca aprendi

Llama y devuelveme todo lo que un día fui
Esta locura de verte se vuelve obsesión
Cuando me invaden estos días tristes
Siempre recuerdo mi vida
Yo como te amo

Ven que mi cuerpo la pasa extrañandote
Que mis sentidos se encuentran fuera de control
Es demasiado aburrido no estar a tu lado

Ven que nunca imaginaba como estar sola
Que no es nada facíl cuando te derrotan
Que no se que hacer que aqui no queda nada de nada

No me enseñaste como estar sin ti
Y que le digo yo a este corazón
Si tu te has ido y todo lo perdi
Por donde empiezo si todo acabo
Como olvidarte si nunca aprendi
no me enseñaste amor como lo hago sinti

No me ense?aste amor como lo hago sin ti

No me ense?aste como estar sin ti
Y que le digo yo a este coraz?n
Si tu te has ido y todo lo perd?
Por donde empiezo s? todo acabo
Como olvidarte si nunca aprend?

No me ense?aste como estar sin ti
Y que le digo yo a este coraz?n
Si tu te has ido y todo lo perd?
Por donde empiezo s? todo acabo

Como olvidarte si nunca aprend?

No me ense?aste como estar sin ti
Y que le digo yo a este coraz?n
Si tu te has ido y todo lo perd?
Por donde empiezo s? todo acabo

Por donde empiezo si nunca aprend?


My title says everything. I am damned tired. Finally, I found a new place after a few weeks waiting for another apartment which was supposed to be empty by middle of April but so didn't....I know I would've loved it there. Even though it's empty and I need to buy stuff to make it more homey. Found other new place last week. I admit I'm not that thrilled cos I'm still hoping that I get the other apartment. Yesterday was filled with cleaning the apartment a bit, moving stuff and pasting the wallpaper (my sister's idea). Thank you Anni for helping me out with the mopping.

I'll post pics of the new place later on. Till' then.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Blogger, I'm Back.

It's been quite a while since I last logged in into my Blogger account. But, I've been writing blogs elsewhere..damn...I really need to make up my mind on which blog site is the best and most convenient to me then stick to that for the rest of my life. My thoughts and blogs have been here and there....For Christ's sake...I have blog on Friendster and I totally forgot about my Blogger account existence. The truth is, I forgot my username and password but now that I retrieved it, I think it's only good that I stick to this one from now on before I decide to buy a domain and make the best of it.

The only thing is, what domain name should I buy? It must be something that all people can relate too and something easy to remember. But, if you ask me..if I am a celebrity, I'll just use my name because the name itself is already a brand but me being name is NOT interesting at all although Frank Sinatra did make a song entitled "Nancy" cool is that??? So, I'll put that on hold first.

Project Paper presentation in UNITAR is coming very very soon and like every other semester before, this is the time where FIT students attack our office to seek for advice and guidance from our very own Mr.David Kok (picture below)
To be honest, some of them looks like they did not do anything at all and hoping for some miracle to happen. I don't know why they don't take this seriously. This determines their future in IT field. If you can't do your final year project, what does that make you? What makes you employable then? But, most of time people opt to other type of jobs, right? Like a degree holder in IT becoming a kindergarten teacher sort of thing. Then again, who am I to judge them? It's their life, they can do what they want but my point here is, why the attitude?

Why put things off and then if you can't complete the project, come up with lame excuses such as:
1. My Laptop/PC kena virus bah, program trus hilang (Dude,this is 2008, we already have handy drive or external HDD now, buat backup la, palui!)
2.Saya practical bah sekarang miss, banyak kerja kami kena suruh, tu yang nda siap tu (Bah, pandai-pandai lah bagi masa,ko juga yang pigi register dua-dua sekali dlm semester yang sama, kenapa tidak fikir dari mula???????? *&*(&(^^&%^%^%$%$#!!!!)

Those two are common excuses la.

Any other creative excuse that has been given to you????