Friday, April 18, 2008

Bosan sama Friendster

I'm BORED with Friendster. Seriously. I've been a member there since December 2003. That's quite some time, huh? The reason why I signed up at first is because Fiedah (used to work in IPD Sabah but transferred to Kuching after she got married to a Kuching guy) asked me to join and Charlie ( a friend back then pun suggested so), so I joined. I must admit that, I met a lot of people there that I know...ex- high school mates and classmates, college (UNITAR) friends and classmates and the nice thing is connecting with not so close colleagues thru Friendster, kampung friends (it's when I see someone from Tambunan, immediately wanna add as friend, even if you don't know the person). This is called Social Networking kan? Since then, a lot of other social networking sites appear..well I don't know which one appeared first but the first one that I knew was Friendster, then MySpace, then Hi5 and the list goes on and now Facebook is the newest phenomenon which actually started out as an online alumni for Harvard University (I read this in a PC magazine). Damn..imagine how much USD$sssss they earn now from advertising, page impression and pay per click thingy. Why didn't I think of this 8 years ago kan? I could've sell this to Google for USD$6 billion now....hahahaha....angan-angan lah ni!!

Okay. Enough taking about crap. It used to be routine to check friendster EVERYDAY. This is my normal routine before this:

1.Clock in at work around 7.30 - 7.50 am
2.Turn on PC, key in password
3.Intercom Ida, "Jom!!"
4.Wait for a while, lift di Prudential tu lembab sikit
5.Take out my purse and pathetic phone (bila mau tukar???), go out, wait for Ida outside near lift lobby
6.Decide where to eat
7.Having breakfast ranging from 15 minutes to 30 mins depending on our cerita of the day, kalu ada cerita best, lama sikit la..
8. Sit. Open official e-mail
9. Scan the mails, normally forwarded e-mail from Abg Hj which directly sent to Trash, eats up my mail space.
10.Count Online Form Submission sent thru UNITAR Sabah website, log out
11. CHECK FRIENDSTER (I don't know why...but after UNITAR Mail, it has always been Friendster next)
12. And...after FRIENDSTER...anything could happen call, Internet down, something rosak, need to replace and so on.

See....FRIENDSTER is very addictive but now...I'm quite bored with it. No definite reason, just bored I guess and I'm not that active in Facebook either.

And those pictures enclosed with this entry is my favorite contestant for the TV reality show, Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious. The creator of The Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin is looking for new girls to build a new all girls group which will be named Girlicious.

A lot of sexy ladies la in the show. From top to bottom is Natalie, Christina, Carrie, Jamie and Nichole. These are my favorites but unfortunately, Jamie and Carrie has been voted out.

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Tanakwagu said...

life is just like that. up and down vertical or horizontal. what do we expect is not what we got.