Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love these babies!!!!!!!

My friends and family members especially my nieces knows about my addiction for shoes. And it's getting out of control, I admit. But, I really have to be proud of myself because for this month after so many months, I did not buy any pair of shoes... I always end up buying 2 to 3 and sometimes up to 5 pair of shoes a month. That's an addiction, I know.But,I can't help it. I'm not writing this because I want to brag of it but I admit I'm proud of my collection. But, bare in mind that I do not buy shoes that costs more than RM150, in fact I only have one pair of shoes that cost me RM153. The others are below RM100.I'm not a rich kid, a socialite or married to a millionaire to begin with. I can afford if I want to but I have other stuff to think about. Duh! I hate this life. Maybe I should really marry a millionaire. But who? Most rich people in KK are old, fat, bald and married. Ewww ... I so do not want that.

I still need to think about other things like food, rent, allowance for younger brother in UiTM and other miscellaneous expenses in a month. So,I only buy shoes that looks cute and affordable...not necessarily branded as long as it looks fabulous.

I just feel like writing about shoes because it's something that I love. The reason why I write this is because I think I should broaden my places to shop for shoes. Currently, I'm only shopping for shoes on any shopping complexes or boutiques in KK. And, I think it's time to try to buy online. I've identified few websites that sells cute shoes with an affordable price even after your convert it to Malaysian currency. The only thing is the shipping cost sometimes is waaaaay expensive than the shoes itself. Unless of course you buy it from neighboring country such as China, then it wouldn't be so bad.

These are the websites that offer shipping to Malaysia and also have a great collection of shoes....


There are thousands of online shoes store but only a few that actually ships to international location. Damn!!

So...now..my eyes are set on these babies.....should I bid for them???????

Now, where's my MasterCard? LOL.

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