Monday, June 30, 2008

A Family Drama

Now I realize that my family is like the kind of Filipino or Mexican drama you watch on TV. A lot of drama, heartbreak, breaking the rules and stuff. I start to believe that those dramas are actually created based on real life stories since I'm in it. I know there's a saying that you should not talk about your family matters in public, it should be kept among yourselves and pretend nothing happen but then again, I think that's hypocrite. My only way of expressing how I feel is by writing it down in a blog, friends will see it, strangers might read about it but who cares, I really don't think what people thinks about me broadcasting it is important right now since the very people involved in bringing too much drama in the family doesn't give a damn of things that happen around them. Thinking that they can do what they want because it's their life but the thing is, it affects other people as well. I know, it's not for people to judge other people for it's in God's hand. Only God can judge people. But acting as if everybody else is a villain is totally uncall for. Acting as if they are the victim and we are just the evil people around them. And, the saddest part of all is my own brother can't even differentiate between Fact and Imagination. Wake up, my dear brother, look at your situation now, from the eyes of the world you're the bad guy here and you don't want to admit it...I think you know it's wrong but simply choose to ignore your judgement and let your heart desire and needs take over your conscience. You may think that's the power of love, but the way I see it, it's the power of lust and desire to prove everybody else is wrong. Maybe, it's time to repent what you did. And, to make it clear, you'll never have my support on this. I don't condone what you do and do not call me for sympathy for you will not get it from me. I use to understand your situation and give you encouragement to settle your problems but the way I see it now, it's getting out of hand and has no ending, you were stuck in a possibly very bad situation with no way out because you choose not to. I wish you well and I pray that someday you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the mean time, I hope you're happy with your choice and please do not ever call me again for I hate everything that's going on right now. I don't hate you or both of you, I just hate the situation and the things that has happened.In the mean time, I choose to be invisible from your life.


I know she used to be a hottie, but she is NOT now isn't she??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Loved this game and giving it 5 stars. Plus, can be played by up to 4 players in PS2. Yesterday, played from 6.00 pm to 10.00pm, itupun belum terasa mau quit lagi but considering that it's working days today, with a heavy heart I stopped, take a hot shower and went to bed and the neighbour is still doing their laundry 11pm last nite. Damn! Dengar2 lagi amoi tu memberus.

More on this game. I'm not really a Marvel's Comic fan because I only know a few characters from Marvel's such as The Fantastic Four, Captain America (I read somewhere that Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing this role in the upcoming movie), Iron Man (ni pun baru2 jak sya tau), Elektra (love Jen Garner in the movie), X-Men, Spiderman, the characters from Sin City and all those villains from F4, Spiderman and Elektra. The new character that I knew from this game is Thor (Brad Pitt in upcoming movie) and Luke Cage and there's few more that was still unlocked in the game cause we only completed 2 missions last nite. And I love using the Susan Storm character (cool power)

For those game lovers, if you haven't tried this yet, hurry grab a pirate copy available at Karamunsing or Centre Point at RM8.90 (mahal bah beli original tu).

Other than that, I tried this game too...okaylah..cuma belum familiar sikit....I'll continue this evening....

Monday, June 23, 2008

DVD Writer, Logitech Keyboard, Lightscribe DVD, Brad Pitt and Me

It's totally out of the norm. I suddenly or accidentally dream of Brad Pitt last nite, totally out of the blue. Didn't see him on E!, nor did I watch any of his movie last night or anything related to him. A very steamy dream some more. Total combination of Dr.McDreamy and Dr.McSteamy. Grey's know what I meant, kan?

Any hoo... went to Karamunsing just now, supposedly to buy a DVD Burner (for myself, for use at work - totally not waiting for budget from Finance - decided to buy myself, at least it's mine and I can take it home if I want to). End up not buying . I bought a Logitech keyboard...ya, you guessed right, fed up with the provided keyboard at work and also bought a new USB optical mouse the other day, thinking that I spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work, I should have the comfort, right?

It's 2.48pm now and I can't wait to get back home, not only it's a Monday fever...I bought new PS2 games The Incredible Hulk, Ultimate Alliance, Juiced 2 and Tekken 5. Can't wait to try it out.

I want to put Brad's pic here but I can't seem to upload it here.Later then. (damn..I suddenly hate Angelina Jolie)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Unnecessary cravings over Nine West heels

UNITAR Kaamatan is finally over. I've put a lot of hard work in chaperoning the Unduk Ngadau Pageant with Ida and it's exhausting but fun at the same time.

So, I took a day off yesterday. It wasn't planned but I woke up late and even though I asked for Doc's permission to came in late and he agreed, I still felt tired and lazy after I woke up at 7.45 am and took my shower so I decided to take a day off and rest. But actually, I did anything but rest, I went to 1 Borneo with Wawan, Amy and Ipik and damn it is HUGE (dah nama pun hypermall kan???) It's something like Midvalley Megamall or Suria KLCC. A lot of designer's boutique there and my eyes were set on a pair of magenta Nine West heels..OMG it's RM339..hmm....kalu ikutkan hati memang saya sudah beli tu (cos it matches my handbag bah...)...but...I decided not to, it's mahal and it's only 9th June....a lot of days to come before the next payday....I guess I'll just wait until other shops there Borneo GUESS boutique.....please have shoes to sell....and if the Nine West heels that I love is still there....I might just close my eyes and buy it. mmm....wonder if Manolo Blahnik is gonna open their stores here soon??? Oh Tuhan.....tidak.....!!!!! Aku miskin.....tapi suka benda2 mahal luar biasa.....bila la mau kaya ni???? Tidak payah la macam si Oprah pun....macam si Musa Aman pun sya bersyukur 100X sudah.

Anyway..... above pics are gambar2 yang sempat ku snap sepanjang perjalanan pulang from 1 Borneo to Kepayan Ridge