Monday, July 28, 2008

Girls Night Out

It was a blast!!!!! I had so much fun!!! I'm yet to get the cool and bitchy (hahaha) pictures of ourselves from Wewen and I'll upload it later. But, it was totally not a regret going out till dawn. So, chicas, let's do it again some time, shall we?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sex and The City

Sex and the City. The much talk about movie and TV series everywhere especially on E! and I found some other blogs that I read regularly talks about SATC too... what is so special about SATC? I wonder. And the movie has great reviews too and I want to watch it but it will not do any justice if I don't watch the series first, doesn't it? In order to understand what the movie is all about, you'd have to know what happens in the series, so far I only know the chracter Carrie Bradshaw because she is the most famous of the 4. So....the series itself has 6 seasons so I'm commiting myself to watch all these SATC seasons to enjoy the movie. So. in the mean time, I will not watch the movie and will not even read the synopsis and reviews made so that the surprises and the magic of the show will not be ruined.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wake Up Call

I was reading gossips from the Queen of All Media's blog, Perez Hilton and I came across this music video by Hayden Panetierre. For those of you who have no clue who this Hayden chick is, she's the cheerleader, Claire Bennett in the series Heroes. A lot of people say that this song is not that good, quite a resemblance to Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind, but anyway, I still like it and now it's my ringtone and I like the lyrics and Hayden looks gorgeous in the video. So...enjoy the video.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Online Shopping is Soooo Addictive

It's true what David says. When you start doing online shopping, you'll definitely get addicted to it. Now, I pretty much have the adrenaline rush or the urge to click the "add to shopping cart" button whenever I see something interesting on the net. Now, a currency converter and a PayPal account is a good friend of mine but better be careful I say to myself, you'll get pokai if you just follow your greed and not the wise brain of yours. (haha - couldn't find any better word to prove my point bah).

Having said that, my purchases arrived at the door step of my office last Friday, both of them. One from Amazon.Com (Gypsy Lashes) and the other one is from a seller in eBay. I'm satisfied with both items that I purchase, the only limitation now is my lack of ability to self apply the eyelash extension. I tried to master it last Friday but I only left with adhesive on my eyelash leftover and successfully pulled a lot of original eyelash to its root and I'm having a really funny eyelash on my right eye right now. I must say, it is not an easy work to DIY so I'm thinking perhaps this weekend or any day of the week to come over to Daisy's place and beg for her to help put on some gorgeous eyelash to my pathetic pretty much non existing eyelash.

So, I'll put up some pics after it's done. Till then.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Everyone's A Critic

I don't necessarily love watching guys with over-developed muscles in their thongs or undies parading around stage showing off their abs, muscles and so on. But, I kind of make an exception last Saturday and went on with the idea to go and watch the competition. It's Mr.Sabah bla bla bla.

Being a nobody that I am, I had to watch from FAR FAR be exact from 2nd floor. Actually, there weren't too many people near by the stage but there are no seats and it seems stupid standing for long hours just to get a closer look at guys without clothes who are not even Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. It's not worth it.

What I can't believe the most is, I didn't realize even me who does not necessarily like this 'sport' or show (whatever appropriate) can be a critic too. I mean, I don't understand why I can comment like this:

1. Oh...nda berapa smart tu dia punya muscles, macam belum habis develop ni
2. Ah...kurus pun mau ikut juga kah??
3. Wah...sya rasa tu peserta yang no.3 tu boleh menang...
4. Ah....kenapa pula dia yang menang tu?

Trust me, it was my first time going to such event and am not exposed to Body Building thingy also. How could I possibly know, who will win or who's muscles is not well developed?? I guess that's just human nature, not just me. Criticizing when you don't know exactly what you're talking about.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The most Depressing Scene For Me

Ida knows how much I love this show. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch the episodes over and over again but this is a part of the only ONE episode that I didn't watch twice. I only watch the full episode once and just now I was surfing YouTube and search for GG (who knows they will do the 8th season, well...a girl can only hope) and I came across this video clip. SAD.MAJOR SAD.