Monday, July 14, 2008

Online Shopping is Soooo Addictive

It's true what David says. When you start doing online shopping, you'll definitely get addicted to it. Now, I pretty much have the adrenaline rush or the urge to click the "add to shopping cart" button whenever I see something interesting on the net. Now, a currency converter and a PayPal account is a good friend of mine but better be careful I say to myself, you'll get pokai if you just follow your greed and not the wise brain of yours. (haha - couldn't find any better word to prove my point bah).

Having said that, my purchases arrived at the door step of my office last Friday, both of them. One from Amazon.Com (Gypsy Lashes) and the other one is from a seller in eBay. I'm satisfied with both items that I purchase, the only limitation now is my lack of ability to self apply the eyelash extension. I tried to master it last Friday but I only left with adhesive on my eyelash leftover and successfully pulled a lot of original eyelash to its root and I'm having a really funny eyelash on my right eye right now. I must say, it is not an easy work to DIY so I'm thinking perhaps this weekend or any day of the week to come over to Daisy's place and beg for her to help put on some gorgeous eyelash to my pathetic pretty much non existing eyelash.

So, I'll put up some pics after it's done. Till then.

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