Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sex and The City

Sex and the City. The much talk about movie and TV series everywhere especially on E! and I found some other blogs that I read regularly talks about SATC too... what is so special about SATC? I wonder. And the movie has great reviews too and I want to watch it but it will not do any justice if I don't watch the series first, doesn't it? In order to understand what the movie is all about, you'd have to know what happens in the series, so far I only know the chracter Carrie Bradshaw because she is the most famous of the 4. So....the series itself has 6 seasons so I'm commiting myself to watch all these SATC seasons to enjoy the movie. So. in the mean time, I will not watch the movie and will not even read the synopsis and reviews made so that the surprises and the magic of the show will not be ruined.

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