Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm no longer a virgin ....

ROFL. What a title....huh?

I bought a new pair of contact lens yesterday!!! So, my eyes are no longer a contact lens virgin....yippie yay! I've been wanting to buy colored lens for so long already...I don't know why I refrained, mainly I think because it's expensive and I have this theory it hurts like hell....and I'm afraid of getting an eye infection (Eee..takut...!!!). But, to my surprise and I am definitely proved wrong, it doesn't hurt at all la...only susah to put on leh....this morning I spent like 30 minutes to apply the fucking lenses to my eyes. I woke up at 6.00 am so that I have more time to put it on. Pathetic.

So, I bought a Blue Aqua. I think it's over the top but my nieces convinced me that it doesn't. I liked Cynta's color. Jeles plak tingu mata dia. Cis! C says it's 'hot' and made my eyes stand out more and look bigger too, of course the eyelash extensions put on some gorgeous extra effects on it la. Tapi..some of my lashes fall out in an attempt to put the lens on....damn! Amy.....tolong!!

Risk of eye long as you wash your hands before applying and removing your lens should be okay la...and yeah..proper care of the lens also la.

As of now, I don't have a lot of pictures of me with lens (actually banyak la tapi tiada yang best.....hahaha). Pictures will be updated soon, as soon as I get it from Cynta (owner of - go check). Besides lens camwhoring....we also had a fun time in Growball last night. More pics on that later....

So....this is the outcome!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dewina - Guest Writing

So..nothing much to talk about today, well, there is, but that's another entry.

I'm gonna invite Dewina a.k.a Wiwin a.k.a Chisuki (Sorry Win, I pinjam nama you ye in RLC.. ahaks) to guest write in my blog on a specific event (The Cat Show, Sabah Trade Centre). I went to the show but it was late and the exhibionist are already packing up their cute, furry, big kitties and I only manage to see a few and snapped a few pictures with my N81. Since, she went there and took lots and lots of picture, I guess it's only fair to ask her to write something about it in my blog.

This is Wiwin (she is sooo obsessed with Hey! Say! JUMP!) especially the Daiki boy...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photoshop anyone?

First of all.. Adobe Photoshop (no matter what version it is) is a kick ass software designed and the MOST useful software in photo retouching. There's others like CorelDraw but I prefer Photoshop since I find it easy to use (once you get familiar with all those awesome functions in it). I'm not gonna say a lot, I want to share with you some my Photoshop work that I've done so far... I'm on a beginners level so you can still see some flaw in it. I'm still learning but I think I've learned a lot more than before. Actually, I've done a lot more than this but I don't know where I saved it. are some of the Company ads that I designed

P/S: This is the most tiring entry I've done so far!!

Oh yea..before I forgot....for those of you who reads this blog and want to get your hands wet on Photoshop, I found a cool website than can help you a lot in getting the best out of Photoshop. Visit this website:

There are thousand of USEFUL tutorials that you can try out. Things that you need in learning Photoshop are:

1. Adobe Photoshop (preferably CS2 and above) and a computer that can support the application. Must have at least 512MB RAM for CS2
2. Steady Hands (important especially if you are using the brush, polygonal tool, liquify etc etc)
3. Patience (you won't get it right the first time all the time, sometimes you need to redo one thing over and over again to achieve the result that you want - if u are a beginner la)
4. Must not be lazy - if you are lazy and got fed up so easily... how to learn la? Right?

5. TIME - unless you are only adding color effects on your photo, 'Photoshopping' can take a lot of your time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flu (again!)

I'm so sick of this being sick thing. I'm out of tissue paper at work. And I'm kinda incapable to go out to Shin Sheng and buy one. Cos' the weather outside is extremely hot and I don't want to risk getting fever. Again. Plus, if you go out, you'll be sweaty and this baju I'm wearing today is not a sweat friendly material. Even if it looks cute la. Why did I ever bought this in the first place.

Anyway, there was nothing wrong with my computer yesterday. Thank God. But still, I needed to repair the Windows, I think some of the Windows file were missing. And, I did not loose any single data, only the ones that I intent to delete in the first place. So, I'm still using XP and I think I'll get to the Vista and the DVD burner next week la. Malas sudah ni. So, SMART is down the whole morning. And, I called the NOC to report but it's no surprise, nobody answered. So, it is still down, probably cos of the heavy rain yesterday. But, that was yesterday. And during the heavy rain, the connection seems to be fine. Oh well, I hope they fix that really soon. Or, probably should call Sudarmono and complain to him then.

I spent my morning at work today dialing NOC, reconstructing my blog, I think now my blog looks beautiful compared to before. And I even added world clock (LA and KK) for a reason that only Ida and I know. And, I'm suppose to have something to eat for lunch now, you have no idea how drastic my weight drop for not eating lunch for 3 weeks. And, it's not my intention to lose wieght at all. I'm already in a state that I should put on weight. My only reason for skipping lunch is because my thighs are getting bigger and it looks awful and I don't fit my trousers anymore. So, I did some 1 hour exercise daily after work (at home) which involves 50 times squatting. The first 3 days was like hell. My legs hurt so bad, I'm walking like The Terminator. LOL. Anyway, I achieved my goal. My thighs are in perfect condition now (able to fit my trousers easily and doesn't need to hold my breathe when you zip) but I lose weight, which I do not want. I'm still figuring out the formula on how to maintain your weight and in shape too.

Lastly, here's some funny pictures I want to share with you

Monday, August 25, 2008

WTF!!!!! I'm doomed.....!!!

I made a big mistake just now!!!!!!

I've been wanting to change my operating system from Media XP to Vista Premium for quite some time now. But, I had a mixed feeling on this issue becauseVista is quite now and I'm very sure that there's a lot of bugs to be fixed by those Microsoft people before it is actually functioning well. So, I refrained from doing so until earlier this morning after I posted my first blog, the thought came across my mind again. Recently, my work PC has 'encountered' or'experienced' a major hardware upgrade, after so many years, we can finally upgrade our RAM and Graphic Card. So, even if the processor is a bit outdated, the PC can still function to my needs la after those upgrade. So, these major upgrades qualifies my work PC for Windows Vista. That's why the thought of transfomation came across my mind again la.

So, I made up my mind, I will install Vista and see how it goes from there, if I don't like it then I'll just switch to XP. No big deal. So, I went over to IT unit at the other side, get a new hard disk and trade a 160GB hard disk with my pathetic 40GB hard disk. Get the new DVD-RW Lightscribe (so that I can burn all my data into DVD, so that my hard disk will not be so crowded with data la, what else).

So, there I was, installing the new DVD burner and who could've thought that this is the point where all this doomness started. Damn it. You know what? My computer rosak la. Not only, I failed to get the burner functioning, somehow, my existing hard disk can't be booted. And you know what? All my data are not yet backed-up into DVD or external HDD. ALL DATA ARE STILL IN THE HARD DISK WHICH FAILED TO BOOT. I'M SO SCREWED, MAN.

Luckily, Robert has a solution for of now, my PC is undergoing an emergency surgery using the software HDD Regenerator that repairs bad sector on hard disk. BTW, I don't think my hard disk is damaged, it was functioning awesomely this morning before this stupid 'want-to-upgrade-to-vista' thought came to mind. Now, I'm stuck with using a laptop that I borrow from IT unit since it will take the whole day for the 'surgery'. I'm praying VERY HARD that my hard disk is not damaged. I don't mind if the Windows has problem and need to be formatted (actually I do care la because all my pics are there) but I don't mind losing some of the data, NOT ALL OF IT AT ONCE.

I took some pictures but sadly, this laptop only have CD-ROM drive so I can't install the N81 driver here.

I feel so stupid right now. More stupid than Patrick Star and Spongebob combined.

ATE Family Day

Last weekend, we want back to Lohan for ATE (Advance Technology Engineering) Family Day. ATE is a company owned by C's sister, Sally. So, this family day is to celebrate and appreciate their hardworking staffs. In addition to that, the whole clan of Salleh family (C's great grandpa) from Menggatal and Bundu Tuhan were also invited to this Family Day event. So, the guests were around 50 people. Holy Shit...banyak tu! There was a lot of kids under the age of 12, which made me slightly uncomfortable, not because I don't like kids but I'm not used to this kind of surrounding where children runs everywhere, scream, cry,laugh, fight and all those stuff kids do lar. I'm not mean.. it's just that all my cousins are tua-tua already and my nieces and nephews are only few years younger than me. The only kids that I'm use to are Nonok and Ben-Ben la. How bout Erica? Not that rapat with that kid leh. So, I'm not counting her in. Not even sure whether we are DNA related.

Anyway, back to the family day thing, there were so many people at C's pond house but yet I felt so alone makes me think about my family too. I want to have this kind of closeness with my family, I'm not talking about Anthony Lidi's family. There's no doubt we are VERY close, only a few drama is causing sore and wound in it, I'm talking about the whole Okala family or the Lassa family. It's been so long since we even do something like this. Get together, have fun and expand your family tree, you know? But, the only thing that I minorly hate about family gathering is the 'moginum' part la. I guess, there's no way that we want to organize a family gathering without booze, right? No booze, no partay la.....

So, the family day were a successful event, congrats to C's sister for organizing such a wonderful event, I'm sure she spent lots and lots of money to feed us all and I think the Sukaneka part was the most fun part of the gathering, everyone seems to be very energetic and 'sporting', even the seniors joined the Sukaneka. They remind me of my dearest Uncle Kuok, Konik, Sahimat, late Uncle Anggie, Uncle Camillus, my late dad, Aunt Ikak, Aunt Atilin, Mom. I remember we used to be like this before when I was waaay younger, how come time changes everything so fast?

Despite all that, I love my family very much. For better.

Or for worse (LMAO):

I can't imagine living my life without my wonderful niece Daisy, Cynta, Wewen and Wiwin and my nephews Wawan, Nonoi, Nonok and Ben-Ben. Love you all so much, I'd do anything for all of you. Shit, I keep forgetting mentioning Eric and Kuai-Kuai. Yeah, them too. And, can't imagine my mom to be somebody else than Nora Golikin. Eventhough, sometimes I .............. (okay, I'm not gonna say it here, but I think you get the idea). I love my sister, Anni so much. I'd do anything for you too. I can't imagine not having Richard and Raymond as my older brothers (they both are real life full time stand up comedian, especially Raymond, Bill Miller (Still Standing) reminds me of him). My life would be incomplete without you two. Ipik si bongsu .... hehehe don't know what to say but I always worry when I can't help you with stuff. See... how much I care for you. Damn... I forgot Leo. No comments. Just refer to my previous entry entirely dedicated to him. As for Dad, may your soul rest in peace, dad. I totally regret not being able to spend a lot of time with you.

Hahaha, this is suppose to be an entry about C's family dad, how did I end up talking about moi family?

*WTF....I wanted to upload more pics but so slow lar to upload even the smallest pics*

Anyway, that's all for this morning.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kingston Thumbdrive Mini Slim 4GB


I have a new thumb drive!!!! Thanks to my dearest friend, Anna Lo, proud owner of TopMacro Network Sdn. Bhd. and PCImage (
3rd floor, Karamunsing Complex). It's a gift.

Being in the IT field, I must admit, I'm alwa
ys up to date with the latest gadgets in town. Anyway, I honestly think you don't have to be in the IT field lar. I see 'veteran' people are also gadgets addicted (laptop, 3G handphone, external HDD, Celcom broadband). Kalah-kalah orang muda juga.

I'm the kind of person who don't update my gadgets that often, I mean, it took me years to upgrade my phone from Nokia2100 (hahaha) to Nokia N81. Do you think I ever bought the ever so expensive 128MB thumb drive back then? Nope, I didn't and I think it was a wise decision. That thum
b drive would be so useless right now. Still got use lar but apalah juga you can put in a 128MB kan?

So..the first thumb drive that I bought is Kingston DataTraveler 1GB and it was last year, the only reason why I bought it in a first place
is because it's cheap, RM23. See... how cheap that is? And to tell you the truth, I didn't actually use it a lot. Maybe because I have the Portable HDD DivX Player which cost around RM300. So, there's not much use in the thumb drive except for playing mp3 in the car.

But, this gift from Anna is soooo cool. Plus, I like the color too. It's pink!! And it's not that expensive..the retail price is RM40 for a 4GB space!! And it comes in 3 color which are Pink, Blue and Black. It's sooo slim that it's really easy
to carry around and easy to misplace too, but you sure don't want to misplace this baby. See the size difference with the thumb drive that I bought last year. thumb drive look so ugly next to the slim one.

So, for those of you who wants to have one of this Kingston Mini Slim 4GB thumb drive, grab one now at:

Lot 3.77, Block C, 3rd Floor
Karamunsing Complex
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088 - 235330

* They also have a wide range of cute, funky and cheap computer accesories and also a various choices of desktop and laptop brands that you can think of. So visit the store today, the staff there are VERY helpful and friendly, and make sure you ask for discount when you purchase printers , desktop or laptops... I'm sure Anna will be able to give you discount.

Now....where's my slim thumb drive??? Oh...there it is...

Monday, August 18, 2008

August Blues

So..this is mid-August and I haven't written any single entry to my blog. It's not that I'm busy at work, work is bearable and sure I have time to write something if I want to. I guess I just don't have the urge to write because there's nothing interesting that happened that I wanna share with people who reads this blog. And, what is a blog without pictures, right? I have thousands of pictures to share but I'm just damn lazy to resize and upload. So, what's the point of a blog entry without a picture, to me it's like you're opening a dictionary. So, maybe I'll post new entry before I got back this evening.

And, on other note, during the sudden electricity loss here at work just now, I decided to plucked all my eyelash extension, it looks horrendous already. Only 2 or 3 left at each side of the eyes and a bit botak here and there. So, I will redo the process this evening at home with Amy and Cynta and I'll post up the pics on how to later. Maybe you are interested to DIY too.