Monday, August 25, 2008

ATE Family Day

Last weekend, we want back to Lohan for ATE (Advance Technology Engineering) Family Day. ATE is a company owned by C's sister, Sally. So, this family day is to celebrate and appreciate their hardworking staffs. In addition to that, the whole clan of Salleh family (C's great grandpa) from Menggatal and Bundu Tuhan were also invited to this Family Day event. So, the guests were around 50 people. Holy Shit...banyak tu! There was a lot of kids under the age of 12, which made me slightly uncomfortable, not because I don't like kids but I'm not used to this kind of surrounding where children runs everywhere, scream, cry,laugh, fight and all those stuff kids do lar. I'm not mean.. it's just that all my cousins are tua-tua already and my nieces and nephews are only few years younger than me. The only kids that I'm use to are Nonok and Ben-Ben la. How bout Erica? Not that rapat with that kid leh. So, I'm not counting her in. Not even sure whether we are DNA related.

Anyway, back to the family day thing, there were so many people at C's pond house but yet I felt so alone makes me think about my family too. I want to have this kind of closeness with my family, I'm not talking about Anthony Lidi's family. There's no doubt we are VERY close, only a few drama is causing sore and wound in it, I'm talking about the whole Okala family or the Lassa family. It's been so long since we even do something like this. Get together, have fun and expand your family tree, you know? But, the only thing that I minorly hate about family gathering is the 'moginum' part la. I guess, there's no way that we want to organize a family gathering without booze, right? No booze, no partay la.....

So, the family day were a successful event, congrats to C's sister for organizing such a wonderful event, I'm sure she spent lots and lots of money to feed us all and I think the Sukaneka part was the most fun part of the gathering, everyone seems to be very energetic and 'sporting', even the seniors joined the Sukaneka. They remind me of my dearest Uncle Kuok, Konik, Sahimat, late Uncle Anggie, Uncle Camillus, my late dad, Aunt Ikak, Aunt Atilin, Mom. I remember we used to be like this before when I was waaay younger, how come time changes everything so fast?

Despite all that, I love my family very much. For better.

Or for worse (LMAO):

I can't imagine living my life without my wonderful niece Daisy, Cynta, Wewen and Wiwin and my nephews Wawan, Nonoi, Nonok and Ben-Ben. Love you all so much, I'd do anything for all of you. Shit, I keep forgetting mentioning Eric and Kuai-Kuai. Yeah, them too. And, can't imagine my mom to be somebody else than Nora Golikin. Eventhough, sometimes I .............. (okay, I'm not gonna say it here, but I think you get the idea). I love my sister, Anni so much. I'd do anything for you too. I can't imagine not having Richard and Raymond as my older brothers (they both are real life full time stand up comedian, especially Raymond, Bill Miller (Still Standing) reminds me of him). My life would be incomplete without you two. Ipik si bongsu .... hehehe don't know what to say but I always worry when I can't help you with stuff. See... how much I care for you. Damn... I forgot Leo. No comments. Just refer to my previous entry entirely dedicated to him. As for Dad, may your soul rest in peace, dad. I totally regret not being able to spend a lot of time with you.

Hahaha, this is suppose to be an entry about C's family dad, how did I end up talking about moi family?

*WTF....I wanted to upload more pics but so slow lar to upload even the smallest pics*

Anyway, that's all for this morning.

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