Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dewina - Guest Writing

So..nothing much to talk about today, well, there is, but that's another entry.

I'm gonna invite Dewina a.k.a Wiwin a.k.a Chisuki (Sorry Win, I pinjam nama you ye in RLC.. ahaks) to guest write in my blog on a specific event (The Cat Show, Sabah Trade Centre). I went to the show but it was late and the exhibionist are already packing up their cute, furry, big kitties and I only manage to see a few and snapped a few pictures with my N81. Since, she went there and took lots and lots of picture, I guess it's only fair to ask her to write something about it in my blog.

This is Wiwin (she is sooo obsessed with Hey! Say! JUMP!) especially the Daiki boy...

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