Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flu (again!)

I'm so sick of this being sick thing. I'm out of tissue paper at work. And I'm kinda incapable to go out to Shin Sheng and buy one. Cos' the weather outside is extremely hot and I don't want to risk getting fever. Again. Plus, if you go out, you'll be sweaty and this baju I'm wearing today is not a sweat friendly material. Even if it looks cute la. Why did I ever bought this in the first place.

Anyway, there was nothing wrong with my computer yesterday. Thank God. But still, I needed to repair the Windows, I think some of the Windows file were missing. And, I did not loose any single data, only the ones that I intent to delete in the first place. So, I'm still using XP and I think I'll get to the Vista and the DVD burner next week la. Malas sudah ni. So, SMART is down the whole morning. And, I called the NOC to report but it's no surprise, nobody answered. So, it is still down, probably cos of the heavy rain yesterday. But, that was yesterday. And during the heavy rain, the connection seems to be fine. Oh well, I hope they fix that really soon. Or, probably should call Sudarmono and complain to him then.

I spent my morning at work today dialing NOC, reconstructing my blog, I think now my blog looks beautiful compared to before. And I even added world clock (LA and KK) for a reason that only Ida and I know. And, I'm suppose to have something to eat for lunch now, you have no idea how drastic my weight drop for not eating lunch for 3 weeks. And, it's not my intention to lose wieght at all. I'm already in a state that I should put on weight. My only reason for skipping lunch is because my thighs are getting bigger and it looks awful and I don't fit my trousers anymore. So, I did some 1 hour exercise daily after work (at home) which involves 50 times squatting. The first 3 days was like hell. My legs hurt so bad, I'm walking like The Terminator. LOL. Anyway, I achieved my goal. My thighs are in perfect condition now (able to fit my trousers easily and doesn't need to hold my breathe when you zip) but I lose weight, which I do not want. I'm still figuring out the formula on how to maintain your weight and in shape too.

Lastly, here's some funny pictures I want to share with you


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