Friday, August 22, 2008

Kingston Thumbdrive Mini Slim 4GB


I have a new thumb drive!!!! Thanks to my dearest friend, Anna Lo, proud owner of TopMacro Network Sdn. Bhd. and PCImage (
3rd floor, Karamunsing Complex). It's a gift.

Being in the IT field, I must admit, I'm alwa
ys up to date with the latest gadgets in town. Anyway, I honestly think you don't have to be in the IT field lar. I see 'veteran' people are also gadgets addicted (laptop, 3G handphone, external HDD, Celcom broadband). Kalah-kalah orang muda juga.

I'm the kind of person who don't update my gadgets that often, I mean, it took me years to upgrade my phone from Nokia2100 (hahaha) to Nokia N81. Do you think I ever bought the ever so expensive 128MB thumb drive back then? Nope, I didn't and I think it was a wise decision. That thum
b drive would be so useless right now. Still got use lar but apalah juga you can put in a 128MB kan?

So..the first thumb drive that I bought is Kingston DataTraveler 1GB and it was last year, the only reason why I bought it in a first place
is because it's cheap, RM23. See... how cheap that is? And to tell you the truth, I didn't actually use it a lot. Maybe because I have the Portable HDD DivX Player which cost around RM300. So, there's not much use in the thumb drive except for playing mp3 in the car.

But, this gift from Anna is soooo cool. Plus, I like the color too. It's pink!! And it's not that expensive..the retail price is RM40 for a 4GB space!! And it comes in 3 color which are Pink, Blue and Black. It's sooo slim that it's really easy
to carry around and easy to misplace too, but you sure don't want to misplace this baby. See the size difference with the thumb drive that I bought last year. thumb drive look so ugly next to the slim one.

So, for those of you who wants to have one of this Kingston Mini Slim 4GB thumb drive, grab one now at:

Lot 3.77, Block C, 3rd Floor
Karamunsing Complex
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088 - 235330

* They also have a wide range of cute, funky and cheap computer accesories and also a various choices of desktop and laptop brands that you can think of. So visit the store today, the staff there are VERY helpful and friendly, and make sure you ask for discount when you purchase printers , desktop or laptops... I'm sure Anna will be able to give you discount.

Now....where's my slim thumb drive??? Oh...there it is...

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