Monday, August 25, 2008

WTF!!!!! I'm doomed.....!!!

I made a big mistake just now!!!!!!

I've been wanting to change my operating system from Media XP to Vista Premium for quite some time now. But, I had a mixed feeling on this issue becauseVista is quite now and I'm very sure that there's a lot of bugs to be fixed by those Microsoft people before it is actually functioning well. So, I refrained from doing so until earlier this morning after I posted my first blog, the thought came across my mind again. Recently, my work PC has 'encountered' or'experienced' a major hardware upgrade, after so many years, we can finally upgrade our RAM and Graphic Card. So, even if the processor is a bit outdated, the PC can still function to my needs la after those upgrade. So, these major upgrades qualifies my work PC for Windows Vista. That's why the thought of transfomation came across my mind again la.

So, I made up my mind, I will install Vista and see how it goes from there, if I don't like it then I'll just switch to XP. No big deal. So, I went over to IT unit at the other side, get a new hard disk and trade a 160GB hard disk with my pathetic 40GB hard disk. Get the new DVD-RW Lightscribe (so that I can burn all my data into DVD, so that my hard disk will not be so crowded with data la, what else).

So, there I was, installing the new DVD burner and who could've thought that this is the point where all this doomness started. Damn it. You know what? My computer rosak la. Not only, I failed to get the burner functioning, somehow, my existing hard disk can't be booted. And you know what? All my data are not yet backed-up into DVD or external HDD. ALL DATA ARE STILL IN THE HARD DISK WHICH FAILED TO BOOT. I'M SO SCREWED, MAN.

Luckily, Robert has a solution for of now, my PC is undergoing an emergency surgery using the software HDD Regenerator that repairs bad sector on hard disk. BTW, I don't think my hard disk is damaged, it was functioning awesomely this morning before this stupid 'want-to-upgrade-to-vista' thought came to mind. Now, I'm stuck with using a laptop that I borrow from IT unit since it will take the whole day for the 'surgery'. I'm praying VERY HARD that my hard disk is not damaged. I don't mind if the Windows has problem and need to be formatted (actually I do care la because all my pics are there) but I don't mind losing some of the data, NOT ALL OF IT AT ONCE.

I took some pictures but sadly, this laptop only have CD-ROM drive so I can't install the N81 driver here.

I feel so stupid right now. More stupid than Patrick Star and Spongebob combined.


Ida Florida said...
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Ida Florida said...

for the first time! sia tdk dpt memahami masalah ko la amiga.. byk tu hardware yg tdk di kenali terlibat..hahaha..

**P/S: i rather listen to your unknown chris related issues bei..:)