Monday, September 29, 2008

Gloomy Monday


Raya is coming. The office is so empty. And I'm sleepy to death. Thanks to the outing marathon the whole weekend. I'm not complaining. It was SUPER fun. Honestly, it's the best weekend I've ever have. But, the aftermath is nothing to be happy about.

As of now, I'm sleepy (need more sleep actually), last Saturday morning I experienced a major hang over (blaming it on Margarita shots) and smoking. (I'm not a smoker, it was FUN at that time but believe it, I totally sucks at it, cos according to the professional smokers... I finish a cigarette waaay too fast. It wastes money, but for me buying it in the first place is already wasting money..hmmm.....!!). And we tried the Shisha....and I'm tired of getting laughed at for not blowing enough smoke for extra effect ....

I'm gonna post a long photo-blog entry on my super FUN weekend after I get all the pics and also I'm gonna post a review on some food outlets that we went. But, before it's too late, may I remind all my friends that if you're planning to eat at 1Borneo, DO NOT EAT AT MOM AND SON RECIPES. The food totally sucks there and the service is bad. But, the waitress's outfit is kinda cute though. I know where the influence came from (Britney Spears - Baby One More Time, Catholic school girl outfit).

So, since there's no Internet complains and I'm fed up with SMART today...I think I'll play game or doze off.


And...talking about fun....we are going camping this Wednesday!!!!


A warm welcome to the new ride in Lidi's's take it for a spin..shall we?
Since the color is greyish-blackish .. I assume that the ride is MALE.

And..if it transform into will look like this...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Seducing Mr.Perfect

I was not able to sleep late last night (no thanks to the dozing off on the couch at 6 pm), so I watched The Amazing Race Asia and.....

I'm rooting for you guys to WIN TAR-Asia

So, after TAR-Asia, I flipped through channels looking for something interesting and I saw a captivating movie title on Astro Kirana. SEDUCING MR.PERFECT. And I read the movie info and thought it's pretty interesting so I tuned in. To my dissapointment, it's a Korean movie. I have had a BAD experience with Korean movies in the past. It annoys the hell out of me.

But, I watched it anyway, since I cannot sleep, I decided to watch that movie that I assume would be boring so that I feel sleepy. It's a chick flick, a romantic comedy sort of movie.

And my verdict is...

I can't believe that I actually love love love the movie
and Mr.Robin Heiden is the first Korean guy that I adore mainly because he doesn't look like a sissy and he's not TOO fair of a skin for a guy.

The story is about a clumsy ordinary looking girl, a girl-next-door, a firm believer in true love Kim Min-Joon who works for a hot shot President/CEO (Mr.Robin Heiden). June got dumped three times by her BFs for being TOO nice and clingy and Mr.Robin Heiden helped her to change the way she is in one way or the other and the rest is history. Yadaa yadaa yadaa.

What I love about this movie:

1.Mr.Heiden is so HOT. I've never thought a Korean guy would be this fascinating. I'm gonna google about this guy who plays this character later.
2. June is so funny. I find her clumsiness funny. And the actress really did a good job on this character.
3.The storyline though predictable, it is still very interesting. Because for me, the main thing is to know how they get to the happily ever after. That varies from one movie to another.
4.I can relate to the character, Joon. I think all of us (girls) has a little bit of Joon in ourselves.
5.It made me cry, like PS I Love You made me cry (Thank God I was watching alone)

P/S: Mr.Robin Heiden's real name is Daniel Henney, a Korean-American and he's gonna star in the upcoming X-Men Origins - Wolverine as Agent Zero, will be release in 2009. (Haha, I googled him)


From the still pictures I saw on the net, I realized that some scene has been cut off. Damn LPF.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If There's Anything I Can't Stand

Once again, we spent our Friday night at BB Cafe at Gaya Street. We went there two weeks ago and we also had plans to go hang out there again this coming Friday, now with a bigger number of people, I hope C will join but seems like he enjoys being at home lounging, relaxing, watch TV and play PS2 than me. As for me, I enjoy going out more than terperap at home. It gives me headache and terperap makes me get bored easily (unless I’m damned tired la). We doesn’t necessarily spend a lot of money to hang out so why not? Plus, I enjoy the company of my lil’ bro and my nieces. So, that enjoyable and fun company around beats the terperap at home anytime .

And we made friend with one of the waiter/bartender at BB cafe, I actually didn’t catch his name, I think it started with S and ended with Li. So I guess it’s Suhaili? Ya kah? Wen, correct me ah. Forgot la. And also, Ipik and Amy’s friend is working there too. Dunno what his name is, all I remember about him is his tattoo on his arms. Anyway, before I forget, thanks S something something Li for the drink the other night. He bought us a drink (jug) which was nice but I didn’t like Brandy Coke. (Note to self: Do not order that drink again. Ever.)

Why do we like BB Cafe? The cocktails are yummy and cheap and we like the band there. Ehem. Correction. We didn’t like the girls but the guy a.k.a keyboard player is good, to my standard, I don’t know about you people. And maybe you will think he’s hot and handsome, that’s why we like him. LOL. To me, a guy or any gender for that matter doesn’t have to be hot and gorgeous to be a good musician. We like him because he’s really awesome. Great voice and we fall in love with him when he sang Aizat’s song Hanya Kau Yang Mampu, and I don’t even like the song and I despise Aizat. And we loved him even more when he sang Endless Love with the singer chick with him. And the chick did pretty good too when she sang Endless Love with him, but when she sang Take a Bow so ko’ikum-ikum one. And why the hell she wants to sing Fergie’s Clumsy. LMAO. So tak ngam. But, despite all that, we still love hanging out there cos we can criticize the performance and any mokirayou people especially girls who dress too loud or too skimpy or wearing too much makeup and admit it! It’s fun criticizing when you are not the one doing the singing and performing. LOL.

And yeah, before I forgot, if you drink alcohol but hate beers or liquer, try the margarita there. I loved it. Or if you don’t drink alcohol, they have mocktails like Shirley Temple and many more or you can just order Coke la. Easy and save money.

But one thing about our people that bugs the hell out of me is why do they layan foreigner especially those orang putih nicer than they layan local people. I don’t think it’s because of hospitality. What a crap. Hospitality my ass. Hospitality should be extended to everybody mah..not just to those orang putih. I don’t think it’s anything to do with that. Like Kenny Sia said in his blog la. When orang putih guy kiss you on the cheek, you so happy, but if a local guy come to you and kiss you on the cheek, you sure tempeleng mah kan? LOL. Why do suddenly the orang putihs become superior than those who are a Sabahan, born in Sabah and have a Malaysian IC summore? Sia rasakan inilah attitude yang buat kita dijajah dulu kan? OMG, do you notice something? I’m writing my blog in English. LOL. Anyhow, this is a different case la. I feel funny writing in Malay cos I tend to be very descriptive towards something and in the end it beats what I really mean in the first place and I’m really bad at writing in Dusun, if I can I would bah kunun. Anytime. But, one thing for sure I wouldn’t treat any local people differently than I treat orang putihs la. Except Pilaks...I hate them. I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa is no exception. Although I find them extremely charming. This is not racism whatsoever. This hatred is built up from how they actually make Sabahan people live in fear and misery because of their existence. Crimes and murder everywhere and most of the times involves this Pilaks killing local people. I'm not saying locals are 100% saintly but it couldn't be just a coincidence if it occurs on regular basis. Right? And curse those local people who help ‘smuggle’ Pilaks to this land. And I support the Ops Bersih 100%. Real Sabahan people, don’t forget to bring your IC whenever you go out. To those who bought your IC or faked your way for citizenship, may justice be served. I know I can’t do anything about that. For I am a nobody.

Oops....that's besides the point. Case closed. Moving on.

Okay, why do I suddenly mention the hospitality thing just now? It is related to BB cafe hangouts. We requested the band to sing three song, actually if they sing one of them is enough, we just like to give them options. I think we were the first who sent out a song request to the band and the lead chick singer took the paper from S-Li . Surprisingly, they didn’t even sing ONE song from our list. But they sang all the songs requested by the orang putihs in front of us. This is pretty typical act la. Why do I act so surprised? I’ve seen this happen many times before. Kalu org putih jak..terus macam mingkuratai lagi nih. Palui tul. So, the moral of the story is... let me say this in Malay: “Jangan lah kita mengagungkan bangsa lain lebih daripada bangsa kita sendiri” or treat all people equally. Do you think, they treat you super nice meh when you go to their country? FYI, these foreigners are budget travelers.. the only difference between us and them is their currency rate is higher than ours. So, the spending power is slightly bigger than us. So, why the fuck you treat fellow Malaysian or specifically Sabahan differently?

Have you encountered a similar situation before?

P/S: Sometimes when I see local girls (all races ah, I'm NOT specifically saying its KDM) with Caucasian dudes, you can see it obviously in their face that they are SO DAMN PROUD, they cannot hide it. I wonder if I am in that situation, would I act the same? Hmmmm.....

Here's some pictures of the outing 2 Fridays ago. Unfortunately, we didn't go out last week. I went to watch a movie with my sister instead, update in another entry.

My PC update: I'm still in the midst of installing my printer and other softwares and failed to install Uthervese client repetitively. Bummer. I think I was not suppose to kill the activation before I finish installing everything. I think some of the needed files are missing now. Which can only mean one thing - I need to reinstall the OS all over again. Or can anyone help me with a better solution? I would be wasting so much time reinstalling the whole thing.

To end this entry, enjoy these pictures.

Bored and tipsy - blaming the Brandy Coke

A supposedly cutesy frustrated look

Camwhore before going back
Middle of KK
Camwhoring is an addiction but it's better than smoking!
Looks like it's just the two of us there,but there's a LOT of people around
Show me the money!!!
The only group pic taken - sorry Cynta, even photoshop cannot help the eye problem there
Bitches I HEART the most
Fin- My sister's unnamed cats (actually I forgot the names)

Last but not least, I kinda like this odd-colored picture of mine (even if I only have one eyebrow here, it reminds me of the Memoirs of A Geisha movie poster (the color only okay......I'm not saying that I look like Zhang Zi-Yi *snort*)

A revelation

Few days ago, I mentioned to my nieces and nephews that my IC photo looks like Altantuya's over-published passport picture. And they laughed in disbelief. So...I showed them my IC and they LOLed. Cos, it's true. But, the thing is, it's not the face that look the's the ghostly look hair that makes it alike.

Here's the proof:


In reply to Cynta entry about animals the other day, I wanted to photoshop an IC for Tobey but due to lack of full-face-front-facing photo of him, I discontinued my thought. I have Chimi's and some other stray cats front-facing pics but Tobey is the MOST dearest to our heart. And, I wanna share a funny conversation between my cousin Margaret and my sister Anni weeks ago:

Mag: Hodi gia ih Tobey loh (Hey,that's Tobey)
Anni: (look at Tobey with no feelings cos she's a cat person)
Mag: Nokokito oku dih Tobey minansau songkonihab hilo noh toning walai ku, Tobey kangku nga, pogintong gia yau' (hyena laugh), ih Tobey noh boh gia tasu tawantang-wantang hiti kampung"
Translation: I saw Tobey cruising around near my house the other day, and I called him and he looked at me (hyena laugh),Tobey is the only handsome dog in this village (hyena laugh again)"
Margaret + Anni: Hyena laughed together.


Tobey, we love you very much.Please don't die.

P/S: My Dusun spelling might be wrong.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I fucked up my vista..again.....stupid activation!!! Tapi,sapa suruh pakai non-genuine kan...hahaha

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a damn cold morning

It's raining.

Doesn't rain make u feel so lazy to get out of bed? I know it makes me feel that way. And...I like the sound of the rain pouring on the roof. Noisy but I like it, especially when I'm about to doze off.

I bet Daisy is so damn lazy to wake up for work this morning. LOL.

I'm having flu. Again. My relationship with flu has been a on-off relationship lately. Probably because, I haven't gone to clinic yet for antibiotics that's why it keeps coming back. Well then, after work today, I will visit Dr.Sanjiv and I know he's gonna ask about the long-gone cold sore on my lips again., that's sooo old news la. I recovered from it like 3 years ago. I found the cause of the cold sore myself. I am allergic to some substance in the blue colored pain killer that I used for menstruation pain. So, I stopped using it all together and cold sores is history now. But, Dr.Sanjiv never forgot that. Well, probably because it's in my medical record.

Aiya...I got sick of my playlist in my Winamp. Okay...let's change it... let's listen to something more mellow this morning.... I feel like listening to Air Supply!!! Waaa... that would make me sleepy till 4.15.

Okay...back to work. BTW, the Internet is okay, not so fast like a speed of light but not to slow like walking from Jalan Lintas to Gaya Street.... but if you still feel it's slow...maybe it's time you move to US or find other job in other company that has no Internet problem or to be fair, why don't you come over and give us suggestions on how to improve the current Internet speed or do it yourself, fix it for us and if you succeed, teach us how you do it. If you fail, you can bang your head on a wall and have bird poo on your head.

To end this entry .... I want to share two of my favorite songs ... the words are beautiful, especially the Ungu song.

Pretty Ugly - Diari Seorang Lelaki.

Ungu - Tercipta Untuk Ku

Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm so tempted to post a text only - opinion based blog right now but I'm suppose to be busy doing an assignment on Abuse of Power right now which I know very well I'll never finish before 4.15 today cos as of now it's 3.05 pm. Sudarmono was here just now. The problem is fixed as of now, I'm hoping there's no more stupid problem like that for a VERY LONG time. And surprisingly after all this while the subnet mask was suppose to end up with 192? 0 was working just fine and still working...I tried just now. Well, never long as it's okay.

Anyway, am so tempted to post up new pictures that I've just got from Cynta. Just posting a few, will post up more pics of recent hang out pics plus dance rehearsal pics ...later...

Jesselton Point, 31st August 2008

Test drive make-up for the upcoming dance performance.

Another emo pic @ Jesselton Point

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just so you know....

My friends who reads DY's blog...

I did the 9/11 entry before she did hers..anyway she didn't say much la she just put up some pictures and one sentence only but since you guys know that I read her blog, I just don't want you guys to think that I put the entry because she did. NO. Not that my blog banyak reader la but being accused of copying si DY is a total insult cos I don't think she's smart. She just acts she is but she's NOT. The only thing that keeps me coming back to her blog are her pictures and her desperation to prove to everyone that she's a beauty with a brain. So insecure la she, kan? Haha. Ya lah.. doesn't mean you further study in NYU, you so clever mah kan? If my parents got money back then, I'm sure I would be in Yale or UCLA or wherever not in Malaysia la.

In Memoriam ....

11th September 2001 

I remember what I was doing when Am (classmate) called me to tell me the news. I thought he was kidding. Then, he asked me to turn on my TV, so I did. TV1. Don't laugh, I was a student, cannot afford Astro, plus tinggal di hostel bah. We were studying for either mid-term exam or final exam, it was close to 11pm.

Me and my room mate Ida watched the live telecast from NYC and all we saw was World Trade Centre and some reporter talking on the background. Then, from what the reporter was saying, an airplane crashed into the building. I'm not sure whether by that time they already knew it was a hijack or an accident but smokes were up in the air and minutes later the building collapse. We saw that Live on TV. Ida and me. 

No, I'm not going to comment about the tragedy, I believe millions other have done so. One thing for sure, who ever did it clearly is THE MOST EVIL HUMAN ALIVE.

My prayers are with you, may your soul rest in peace.

Lord our God, You are always faithful and quick to show mercy. They were suddenly and violently taken from us. Come swiftly to their aid, have mercy on them, and comfort their family and friends by the power and protection of the cross. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Con't - Ladies Night Out

Remember the Ladies Night Out entry few months back? I was suppose to upload some pictures of the outing here but due to some unforeseen circumstances (aiseh), I didn't upload the pictures that soon. Plus, there's a lot of pictures but we look like crap in it when actually in real life we do not look THAT bad, it's not like we need extensive surgery to fix it. *Snort*

So, it was 5 of us- the usual 5 , suppose to be 6 but Wiwin cannot come, she's under age and anyway she went for some SPM camp in Papar. So just Me,Daisy,Cynta,Wewen and Amy. The day start of with me,Cynta and Amy went shopping for clubbing dress at Niichi, 1Borneo. Kunun mau all-out la. Gila. Plus, we've never went out like this before, Daisy was not here for many years and I didn't have a car back then, now that I have  *evil laughter*... Bye Charlie.... pi la ko kawan si Orong moginum (he was also welcomed to join la but he didn't want to, maybe it will be awkward for him la kan?, even my lil' bro and nephews pun give us the 'duh' and 'schmuck' face when we invited, no need la then ,so that's it la, just us girls)... ahaks. They rather spend hours playing DOTa till their eyes fall out than joining us. Huh.....guys....

So, we started getting ready at my pad around 7.00pm then went out around 9.30pm. I have the pictures la but my computer is one crowded place, so hard to find. so, here goes some of pics that I manage to adjust for audience viewing. Hahaha. Oh yeah, we were club hopping from Shenanigan's to BED to Razz Ma Tazz. I think Shenanigan's has the coolest band. Hated shuffle music in BED and Thank God we went back before the police raid in Razz Ma Tazz.... Kalu tidak... free-free kena interview Zakiah Anas for TV3's 999. 

Final result... 5 went clubbing....only 1 got wasted Amy!!!!!! Muahahahaha... but Joanne was pretty talkative than usual after a while but she recovered immediately.

We reached home around 5.00 am. Makes me think, how come got people who can tahan clubbing every night ah? They must be super human la ... it's very tiring for me.

Sapa yang Leyla-Leyla atas pentas tu ah??? LMAO.

So here goes.....

5 pics cukup la ah.. penat mau upload banyak-banyak

Wewen - she's a non-smoker...she's just acting like she is for the night
Daisy - the dance diva
Cynta & Wewen @ BED
Joanne, Me and Amy - I'm not drunk! My face is sending a false signal to you guys
Sisters in blood - Cynta & Wewen @ Shenanigan's

Surprisingly, all good pictures were taken at BED, it's not like we had fun there.

Ipik,Wawan and Nonoi - DILARANG MENGEJEK

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is hilarious!!!

I can't believe it myself.

Believe it or not, this coming 8th October, Me, together with my nieces, Daisy, Joanne and Jacynta and sis-in-law, Amy will be performing an opening act for Archbishop's birthday celebration. *Rolling on the floor laughing*. OMG, how did I get conned into this? Actually, I did not. I volunteered. LOL. For what reason, I'll never know, I have no idea why I agreed when Daisy SMSed me to confirm just now. Part of me actually malas but part of me want to do it. Just for the heck of it and to try something new. Plus, I want to know how good I am at traditional dance. I don't know what the dance will be yet. So, first rehearsal will be this Saturday at St.Paul. And, we are dancing to the song Tiara Jacquellina - Asmaradana. Huahuahua.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I feel like I want to write something about my ex-boyfriend that I REMEMBER the most.

His name is Harry Yong Fook Ken from Pekan Tambunan. 

It's not that I terkenang-kenangkan him because I'm still in love with him. Hell no. Knock on woods. I still remember him because he's the only ex that I HATE THE MOST. It's beyond words. Feels like one HATE is not enough to describe how much I loathe him. But, it's funny that everytime I bump into old schoomates from St.Martin, besides asking "mana ko kerja sekarang?" or "berapa sudah anak ko?" and if you are not married yet "bah, bila lagi ni?". (Groan *eyes rolling 360 degrees*). Personally,I hate that last question. And, if you are my friends from primary and secondary school who reads this blog ... this is the answer to the "when" question: No, I'm not married, I'm engaged and I have not plan for getting hitched yet anytime soon. So, you can save some money to buy me faboulous gift when it comes. Kapish?  

And the MOST IRRITATING AND ANNOYING QUESTION THAT BEATS THE WHEN QUESTION is ..... "ko masih sama si Ah-F kah?"  I rather faint than actually hear that fucking name, sometimes when I bump into ex-schoolmates, I pray hard inside that they forgot to ask that freaking question. Most of the time, God is not on my side. I personally think, He actually enjoy torturing me. 

I've never openly talk about him with C. So, if he reads this then this will be the first time that he got to know about this la. Why do I finally decide to write about this? Because I'm getting fed up being ask whether I'm still with him or not. 



Why I despise him so much:


FYI, I'm still in Tambunan that time (SPM) and he's in KL (further study kunun!!!) and whatever gets into his head that he's all THAT and decided I'm not good enough for him just because I'm still in Tambunan and unexposed. Asshole, I may be a kampung girl but a classy one. I bet your wife doesn't have half of what I have now. You and your wWife/GF (I suppose she's not a kampungan and she wears Monique Huilier, Jimmy Choo and Balenciaga? Oh wait...I don't think you know what the fuck I'm talking bout) 
can go and burn in hell. Wife/GF of HYFK, nothing against you, I just hate your BF/husband for what he said to me. And, FYI, he didn't have the guts to tell me that he left for KL somewhere in April 1997. I knew about it from a friend. What a coward. And then, end of 1997, after Christmas, he called me to break things off la kunun (the kampung girl remarks included), which he posibbly thought made me cry for weeks. Nah.. I didn't....   I didn't shed a single drop of tear. What for? I lost my feelings for him one month after he left for KL . And, I had a crush on Alphonsus Matius that year. And, no, he was not a boyfriend. 

And...I have not seen HYFK since 1997. And I want it to stay that way. I don't want to be a murderer. 

Please don't update me with his whereabouts as well. I'm not interested to know.

If you try....I'm gonna give you this kind of "what???" face 

"Apa tanya2? Minta tumbuk kah?" face like this

To HYFK sister... one of them is in my FS friends list, you might see this or you don't. If you do, it's okay to hate me. You don't have to be nice with me, if we see each other, we can just look at different direction or pretend we don't know each other. It's cool. But, if you choose to rise above and accept that I hate your brother with open heart and still okay with me, cool with me too.


Okay...done. Lagi setengah jam mau pulang sudah.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A bit of good news


Celcom Broadband is working. Yay.

It's suppose to be 7.2MB anyway.


It's not mine. Hahahahaha.. it's for lecturer's use.


Still cannot beat SMART la

Okay.... one problem settled another two to go......

Mending an angered heart

Damn right. I'm angry. Those fuckers made my life harder than it should. I'm suppose to enjoy my time today at work earning some money since I'm THIS close to become pokai, but it's 11.15am now and I spent the whole morning calling idiots. I can't talk to idiots. I came to the point where I raised my voice which I rarely do and problems are still there. Looking at me. Mocking me. Rolling on the floor laughing at me. Okay that perempuan that I cursed in my earlier entry ... you called at the WRONG time (I was on hold for 10 minutes on the other line when you called), didn't mean to be a bitch there. Will I say sorry? No.. I won't ... I'm just to busy to apologize. Makes me realize, how come it's THAT fast to upload an entry to this blog? Hmmmm.... and it takes forever to open everything else?? Oh ya, it was quite fast to open UNITAR mail too. I send an attachment a while ago. Padan muka kau SMART managing director. I've send the complain letter.

Anger is one of the seven deadly sin, correct? So, I'm trying my best to not get my anger get the best out me. So.. here are some pictures that can mend an angered heart. At least to me (resized to the smallest possible size for easy upload and download when you view later):

*LOL Pics*

My mom as Gobbler

Cynta as .... ????

Amy as GobblerLast but not least...the ever gorgeous me (aiseh, I'm NOT that self-obsessed bah)


Tadaaaaa........Ciean the gobbler

Something crossed my mind, do you think Dawn Yang 'berani' to face warp her face like this?? I know Xiaxue would la.

If pictures above made you ROFL, pictures below will make you go cute

Zorro, we normally call him ChoChorro

Jelly a.k.a CheChelly

Tobey, the loyal family dog .. who Raymond love the most
Another shot of Jelly
Jelly looks like Scar (the singa penjahat in The Lion King)
Cat from Golden Valley Restaurant...cute eyed cat.. kan?
A dog at Gunung Emas Cafe, he poses like Cynta

Lastly, last Friday we hangout at BB cafe (Me,Ipik, Daisy and Amy) had margarita and listen to some music. The band is quite nice. Go check. But, the singer should have worn better outfits.



Look at this!!!!! This is why I am so unhappy with the current Internet situation, I know I've been bitching about this for a while now... and I hate all ISP for that matter. Satu sen pun TIADA guna!!!!!! SMART gives me trouble, TMNet is just too slow... Celcom Broadband is damn late to be activated. What's the point of having it if you can't even use it. Damn! I miss this transfer rate!

And then ada lah saturang perempuan yang trip terror IT tu pi tanya napa Internet slow, tapi kalu kestau kenapa misti dia mau argue juga tu dengan text book knowledge dia. If you want, I'm willing to trade place with you bah... do my job and I'll do yours. See if you have any other better solution than now....if you do, than you can continue becoming the Head of IT unit la.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Merdeka Outing

Last Monday me and the girls went out for a window shopping. We visited 2 shopping complexes, Wisma Merdeka and Warisan Square. Window shopping is totally overrated. I curse the movie that made it look fun to do. It's no fun at all. Looking without buying is a complete soul and eye torture. Damn. Here I go again with my dream of becoming Paris Hilton (the rich kid part only, not the talentless, sex tape and Benjy Madden part okay..).

We 'lepak' at Jesselton Point for hours after the frustrating window shopping ... it's really nice there, great view... feels like you are somewhere else not in Malaysia. It looks like somewhere in Greece, I've never been there but I watched the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Lena's hometown) and the scenery in JP looks exactly like Lena's hometown. I forgot the name of the town.

So.. here goes some pictures, actually there's a lot but I don't have time to adjust the image brightness and stuff ....

The very next day, I successfully harmed my car. My car kissed Anni's gate. Sob. Sob. Don't ask.. look at the picture. Luckily it's not that bad.

And after that sad incident, Anni, Daisy, Wiwin, Wawan and myself went to JP for drinks and dinner:

Last but not least ... who would wear this?

This (platform/wedge/espadrilles ? I don't what type this is) shoe made me a 5' 9" at least.