Friday, September 12, 2008

Con't - Ladies Night Out

Remember the Ladies Night Out entry few months back? I was suppose to upload some pictures of the outing here but due to some unforeseen circumstances (aiseh), I didn't upload the pictures that soon. Plus, there's a lot of pictures but we look like crap in it when actually in real life we do not look THAT bad, it's not like we need extensive surgery to fix it. *Snort*

So, it was 5 of us- the usual 5 , suppose to be 6 but Wiwin cannot come, she's under age and anyway she went for some SPM camp in Papar. So just Me,Daisy,Cynta,Wewen and Amy. The day start of with me,Cynta and Amy went shopping for clubbing dress at Niichi, 1Borneo. Kunun mau all-out la. Gila. Plus, we've never went out like this before, Daisy was not here for many years and I didn't have a car back then, now that I have  *evil laughter*... Bye Charlie.... pi la ko kawan si Orong moginum (he was also welcomed to join la but he didn't want to, maybe it will be awkward for him la kan?, even my lil' bro and nephews pun give us the 'duh' and 'schmuck' face when we invited, no need la then ,so that's it la, just us girls)... ahaks. They rather spend hours playing DOTa till their eyes fall out than joining us. Huh.....guys....

So, we started getting ready at my pad around 7.00pm then went out around 9.30pm. I have the pictures la but my computer is one crowded place, so hard to find. so, here goes some of pics that I manage to adjust for audience viewing. Hahaha. Oh yeah, we were club hopping from Shenanigan's to BED to Razz Ma Tazz. I think Shenanigan's has the coolest band. Hated shuffle music in BED and Thank God we went back before the police raid in Razz Ma Tazz.... Kalu tidak... free-free kena interview Zakiah Anas for TV3's 999. 

Final result... 5 went clubbing....only 1 got wasted Amy!!!!!! Muahahahaha... but Joanne was pretty talkative than usual after a while but she recovered immediately.

We reached home around 5.00 am. Makes me think, how come got people who can tahan clubbing every night ah? They must be super human la ... it's very tiring for me.

Sapa yang Leyla-Leyla atas pentas tu ah??? LMAO.

So here goes.....

5 pics cukup la ah.. penat mau upload banyak-banyak

Wewen - she's a non-smoker...she's just acting like she is for the night
Daisy - the dance diva
Cynta & Wewen @ BED
Joanne, Me and Amy - I'm not drunk! My face is sending a false signal to you guys
Sisters in blood - Cynta & Wewen @ Shenanigan's

Surprisingly, all good pictures were taken at BED, it's not like we had fun there.

Ipik,Wawan and Nonoi - DILARANG MENGEJEK

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