Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A revelation

Few days ago, I mentioned to my nieces and nephews that my IC photo looks like Altantuya's over-published passport picture. And they laughed in disbelief. So...I showed them my IC and they LOLed. Cos, it's true. But, the thing is, it's not the face that look the same....it's the ghostly look hair that makes it alike.

Here's the proof:


In reply to Cynta entry about animals the other day, I wanted to photoshop an IC for Tobey but due to lack of full-face-front-facing photo of him, I discontinued my thought. I have Chimi's and some other stray cats front-facing pics but Tobey is the MOST dearest to our heart. And, I wanna share a funny conversation between my cousin Margaret and my sister Anni weeks ago:

Mag: Hodi gia ih Tobey loh (Hey,that's Tobey)
Anni: (look at Tobey with no feelings cos she's a cat person)
Mag: Nokokito oku dih Tobey minansau songkonihab hilo noh toning walai ku, Tobey kangku nga, pogintong gia yau' (hyena laugh), ih Tobey noh boh gia tasu tawantang-wantang hiti kampung"
Translation: I saw Tobey cruising around near my house the other day, and I called him and he looked at me (hyena laugh),Tobey is the only handsome dog in this village (hyena laugh again)"
Margaret + Anni: Hyena laughed together.


Tobey, we love you very much.Please don't die.

P/S: My Dusun spelling might be wrong.

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