Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally Vista'ed

After numerous attempts to install Vista (with hunger and headache along the way), it's finally finished. As of now, I'm updating my blog using this new OS. I know...this is nothing new....Vista has been in market for quite some time now. But, I know very well that even if a lot of people who uses this new OS, they do not know how to use all the functions and what are the shortcuts, agree with me? Like me, I'm a bit 'kebaru-baruan' also la. I mean, panik la juga mau cari mana mau set IP address kan? Plus, I have not figured out how to do the Restore Point. If anything happens to my OS, then I'm screwed la. And also.... I have not figure out how to repair this OS yet. I guess it's not that different from XP. Well, hopefully.

So, this entry is nothing than just text..without pictures. Actually, I had a lot of things going on last weekend, all fun stuff and yes, you guessed right, a lot of pictures along with it. But, since I'm still in the midst of installing and updating my computer, I can't do it just yet. And, I'm so frustrated with the Internet connection at work today, SMART is still not functioning, the fucking engineer didn't show up to fix the problem and I forgot to call Heiron on the Celcom Broadband thing. And, I'm suppose to start doing Lucius's assignment which due 19th Sept.

Okaylah...I can't just post up entry without picture...so here goes....pic of the day


So colleagues, whoever reads this blog besides Ida, cos she knows what the drill is .... see the transfer rate...we are also experiencing 'Internet Slow' problem okay....not just you guys.... I've been trying to update my Anti virus since 1.30 pm and it's now 3.50pm. Another 25 minutes before going home. And I don't know how long will it take to publish this entry.

So...last but not least, Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends/colleagues/ boss .

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