Monday, September 8, 2008


Look at this!!!!! This is why I am so unhappy with the current Internet situation, I know I've been bitching about this for a while now... and I hate all ISP for that matter. Satu sen pun TIADA guna!!!!!! SMART gives me trouble, TMNet is just too slow... Celcom Broadband is damn late to be activated. What's the point of having it if you can't even use it. Damn! I miss this transfer rate!

And then ada lah saturang perempuan yang trip terror IT tu pi tanya napa Internet slow, tapi kalu kestau kenapa misti dia mau argue juga tu dengan text book knowledge dia. If you want, I'm willing to trade place with you bah... do my job and I'll do yours. See if you have any other better solution than now....if you do, than you can continue becoming the Head of IT unit la.

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