Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I feel like I want to write something about my ex-boyfriend that I REMEMBER the most.

His name is Harry Yong Fook Ken from Pekan Tambunan. 

It's not that I terkenang-kenangkan him because I'm still in love with him. Hell no. Knock on woods. I still remember him because he's the only ex that I HATE THE MOST. It's beyond words. Feels like one HATE is not enough to describe how much I loathe him. But, it's funny that everytime I bump into old schoomates from St.Martin, besides asking "mana ko kerja sekarang?" or "berapa sudah anak ko?" and if you are not married yet "bah, bila lagi ni?". (Groan *eyes rolling 360 degrees*). Personally,I hate that last question. And, if you are my friends from primary and secondary school who reads this blog ... this is the answer to the "when" question: No, I'm not married, I'm engaged and I have not plan for getting hitched yet anytime soon. So, you can save some money to buy me faboulous gift when it comes. Kapish?  

And the MOST IRRITATING AND ANNOYING QUESTION THAT BEATS THE WHEN QUESTION is ..... "ko masih sama si Ah-F kah?"  I rather faint than actually hear that fucking name, sometimes when I bump into ex-schoolmates, I pray hard inside that they forgot to ask that freaking question. Most of the time, God is not on my side. I personally think, He actually enjoy torturing me. 

I've never openly talk about him with C. So, if he reads this then this will be the first time that he got to know about this la. Why do I finally decide to write about this? Because I'm getting fed up being ask whether I'm still with him or not. 



Why I despise him so much:


FYI, I'm still in Tambunan that time (SPM) and he's in KL (further study kunun!!!) and whatever gets into his head that he's all THAT and decided I'm not good enough for him just because I'm still in Tambunan and unexposed. Asshole, I may be a kampung girl but a classy one. I bet your wife doesn't have half of what I have now. You and your wWife/GF (I suppose she's not a kampungan and she wears Monique Huilier, Jimmy Choo and Balenciaga? Oh wait...I don't think you know what the fuck I'm talking bout) 
can go and burn in hell. Wife/GF of HYFK, nothing against you, I just hate your BF/husband for what he said to me. And, FYI, he didn't have the guts to tell me that he left for KL somewhere in April 1997. I knew about it from a friend. What a coward. And then, end of 1997, after Christmas, he called me to break things off la kunun (the kampung girl remarks included), which he posibbly thought made me cry for weeks. Nah.. I didn't....   I didn't shed a single drop of tear. What for? I lost my feelings for him one month after he left for KL . And, I had a crush on Alphonsus Matius that year. And, no, he was not a boyfriend. 

And...I have not seen HYFK since 1997. And I want it to stay that way. I don't want to be a murderer. 

Please don't update me with his whereabouts as well. I'm not interested to know.

If you try....I'm gonna give you this kind of "what???" face 

"Apa tanya2? Minta tumbuk kah?" face like this

To HYFK sister... one of them is in my FS friends list, you might see this or you don't. If you do, it's okay to hate me. You don't have to be nice with me, if we see each other, we can just look at different direction or pretend we don't know each other. It's cool. But, if you choose to rise above and accept that I hate your brother with open heart and still okay with me, cool with me too.


Okay...done. Lagi setengah jam mau pulang sudah.


Ida Florida said...

nah! tinguk ni kawan sia mengamuk sdh.. hahahaa!! napa ko tdk upload sekali gambar saudara mara si Afdlin Shauki tu..hehehe

MsCie said...

hahaha...nanti tercemar blog sya.