Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If There's Anything I Can't Stand

Once again, we spent our Friday night at BB Cafe at Gaya Street. We went there two weeks ago and we also had plans to go hang out there again this coming Friday, now with a bigger number of people, I hope C will join but seems like he enjoys being at home lounging, relaxing, watch TV and play PS2 than me. As for me, I enjoy going out more than terperap at home. It gives me headache and terperap makes me get bored easily (unless I’m damned tired la). We doesn’t necessarily spend a lot of money to hang out so why not? Plus, I enjoy the company of my lil’ bro and my nieces. So, that enjoyable and fun company around beats the terperap at home anytime .

And we made friend with one of the waiter/bartender at BB cafe, I actually didn’t catch his name, I think it started with S and ended with Li. So I guess it’s Suhaili? Ya kah? Wen, correct me ah. Forgot la. And also, Ipik and Amy’s friend is working there too. Dunno what his name is, all I remember about him is his tattoo on his arms. Anyway, before I forget, thanks S something something Li for the drink the other night. He bought us a drink (jug) which was nice but I didn’t like Brandy Coke. (Note to self: Do not order that drink again. Ever.)

Why do we like BB Cafe? The cocktails are yummy and cheap and we like the band there. Ehem. Correction. We didn’t like the girls but the guy a.k.a keyboard player is good, to my standard, I don’t know about you people. And maybe you will think he’s hot and handsome, that’s why we like him. LOL. To me, a guy or any gender for that matter doesn’t have to be hot and gorgeous to be a good musician. We like him because he’s really awesome. Great voice and we fall in love with him when he sang Aizat’s song Hanya Kau Yang Mampu, and I don’t even like the song and I despise Aizat. And we loved him even more when he sang Endless Love with the singer chick with him. And the chick did pretty good too when she sang Endless Love with him, but when she sang Take a Bow so ko’ikum-ikum one. And why the hell she wants to sing Fergie’s Clumsy. LMAO. So tak ngam. But, despite all that, we still love hanging out there cos we can criticize the performance and any mokirayou people especially girls who dress too loud or too skimpy or wearing too much makeup and admit it! It’s fun criticizing when you are not the one doing the singing and performing. LOL.

And yeah, before I forgot, if you drink alcohol but hate beers or liquer, try the margarita there. I loved it. Or if you don’t drink alcohol, they have mocktails like Shirley Temple and many more or you can just order Coke la. Easy and save money.

But one thing about our people that bugs the hell out of me is why do they layan foreigner especially those orang putih nicer than they layan local people. I don’t think it’s because of hospitality. What a crap. Hospitality my ass. Hospitality should be extended to everybody mah..not just to those orang putih. I don’t think it’s anything to do with that. Like Kenny Sia said in his blog la. When orang putih guy kiss you on the cheek, you so happy, but if a local guy come to you and kiss you on the cheek, you sure tempeleng mah kan? LOL. Why do suddenly the orang putihs become superior than those who are a Sabahan, born in Sabah and have a Malaysian IC summore? Sia rasakan inilah attitude yang buat kita dijajah dulu kan? OMG, do you notice something? I’m writing my blog in English. LOL. Anyhow, this is a different case la. I feel funny writing in Malay cos I tend to be very descriptive towards something and in the end it beats what I really mean in the first place and I’m really bad at writing in Dusun, if I can I would bah kunun. Anytime. But, one thing for sure I wouldn’t treat any local people differently than I treat orang putihs la. Except Pilaks...I hate them. I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa is no exception. Although I find them extremely charming. This is not racism whatsoever. This hatred is built up from how they actually make Sabahan people live in fear and misery because of their existence. Crimes and murder everywhere and most of the times involves this Pilaks killing local people. I'm not saying locals are 100% saintly but it couldn't be just a coincidence if it occurs on regular basis. Right? And curse those local people who help ‘smuggle’ Pilaks to this land. And I support the Ops Bersih 100%. Real Sabahan people, don’t forget to bring your IC whenever you go out. To those who bought your IC or faked your way for citizenship, may justice be served. I know I can’t do anything about that. For I am a nobody.

Oops....that's besides the point. Case closed. Moving on.

Okay, why do I suddenly mention the hospitality thing just now? It is related to BB cafe hangouts. We requested the band to sing three song, actually if they sing one of them is enough, we just like to give them options. I think we were the first who sent out a song request to the band and the lead chick singer took the paper from S-Li . Surprisingly, they didn’t even sing ONE song from our list. But they sang all the songs requested by the orang putihs in front of us. This is pretty typical act la. Why do I act so surprised? I’ve seen this happen many times before. Kalu org putih jak..terus macam mingkuratai lagi nih. Palui tul. So, the moral of the story is... let me say this in Malay: “Jangan lah kita mengagungkan bangsa lain lebih daripada bangsa kita sendiri” or treat all people equally. Do you think, they treat you super nice meh when you go to their country? FYI, these foreigners are budget travelers.. the only difference between us and them is their currency rate is higher than ours. So, the spending power is slightly bigger than us. So, why the fuck you treat fellow Malaysian or specifically Sabahan differently?

Have you encountered a similar situation before?

P/S: Sometimes when I see local girls (all races ah, I'm NOT specifically saying its KDM) with Caucasian dudes, you can see it obviously in their face that they are SO DAMN PROUD, they cannot hide it. I wonder if I am in that situation, would I act the same? Hmmmm.....

Here's some pictures of the outing 2 Fridays ago. Unfortunately, we didn't go out last week. I went to watch a movie with my sister instead, update in another entry.

My PC update: I'm still in the midst of installing my printer and other softwares and failed to install Uthervese client repetitively. Bummer. I think I was not suppose to kill the activation before I finish installing everything. I think some of the needed files are missing now. Which can only mean one thing - I need to reinstall the OS all over again. Or can anyone help me with a better solution? I would be wasting so much time reinstalling the whole thing.

To end this entry, enjoy these pictures.

Bored and tipsy - blaming the Brandy Coke

A supposedly cutesy frustrated look

Camwhore before going back
Middle of KK
Camwhoring is an addiction but it's better than smoking!
Looks like it's just the two of us there,but there's a LOT of people around
Show me the money!!!
The only group pic taken - sorry Cynta, even photoshop cannot help the eye problem there
Bitches I HEART the most
Fin- My sister's unnamed cats (actually I forgot the names)

Last but not least, I kinda like this odd-colored picture of mine (even if I only have one eyebrow here, it reminds me of the Memoirs of A Geisha movie poster (the color only okay......I'm not saying that I look like Zhang Zi-Yi *snort*)

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