Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a damn cold morning

It's raining.

Doesn't rain make u feel so lazy to get out of bed? I know it makes me feel that way. And...I like the sound of the rain pouring on the roof. Noisy but I like it, especially when I'm about to doze off.

I bet Daisy is so damn lazy to wake up for work this morning. LOL.

I'm having flu. Again. My relationship with flu has been a on-off relationship lately. Probably because, I haven't gone to clinic yet for antibiotics that's why it keeps coming back. Well then, after work today, I will visit Dr.Sanjiv and I know he's gonna ask about the long-gone cold sore on my lips again., that's sooo old news la. I recovered from it like 3 years ago. I found the cause of the cold sore myself. I am allergic to some substance in the blue colored pain killer that I used for menstruation pain. So, I stopped using it all together and cold sores is history now. But, Dr.Sanjiv never forgot that. Well, probably because it's in my medical record.

Aiya...I got sick of my playlist in my Winamp. Okay...let's change it... let's listen to something more mellow this morning.... I feel like listening to Air Supply!!! Waaa... that would make me sleepy till 4.15.

Okay...back to work. BTW, the Internet is okay, not so fast like a speed of light but not to slow like walking from Jalan Lintas to Gaya Street.... but if you still feel it's slow...maybe it's time you move to US or find other job in other company that has no Internet problem or to be fair, why don't you come over and give us suggestions on how to improve the current Internet speed or do it yourself, fix it for us and if you succeed, teach us how you do it. If you fail, you can bang your head on a wall and have bird poo on your head.

To end this entry .... I want to share two of my favorite songs ... the words are beautiful, especially the Ungu song.

Pretty Ugly - Diari Seorang Lelaki.

Ungu - Tercipta Untuk Ku