Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm so tempted to post a text only - opinion based blog right now but I'm suppose to be busy doing an assignment on Abuse of Power right now which I know very well I'll never finish before 4.15 today cos as of now it's 3.05 pm. Sudarmono was here just now. The problem is fixed as of now, I'm hoping there's no more stupid problem like that for a VERY LONG time. And surprisingly after all this while the subnet mask was suppose to end up with 192? 0 was working just fine and still working...I tried just now. Well, never long as it's okay.

Anyway, am so tempted to post up new pictures that I've just got from Cynta. Just posting a few, will post up more pics of recent hang out pics plus dance rehearsal pics ...later...

Jesselton Point, 31st August 2008

Test drive make-up for the upcoming dance performance.

Another emo pic @ Jesselton Point

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