Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is hilarious!!!

I can't believe it myself.

Believe it or not, this coming 8th October, Me, together with my nieces, Daisy, Joanne and Jacynta and sis-in-law, Amy will be performing an opening act for Archbishop's birthday celebration. *Rolling on the floor laughing*. OMG, how did I get conned into this? Actually, I did not. I volunteered. LOL. For what reason, I'll never know, I have no idea why I agreed when Daisy SMSed me to confirm just now. Part of me actually malas but part of me want to do it. Just for the heck of it and to try something new. Plus, I want to know how good I am at traditional dance. I don't know what the dance will be yet. So, first rehearsal will be this Saturday at St.Paul. And, we are dancing to the song Tiara Jacquellina - Asmaradana. Huahuahua.

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SuicideCandy said...

saya puntdk percaya apa yg saya akan lakukan... saya bukan penari... huhu