Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dear Bebes,

My credit expired to SMS all of you and I know that you girls read this blog so I'll announce it here; my salary did not kicked in yet. Yes, I know. Pathetic. I should get a second job.

Our third monthly Girls Night Out is on the 29th November 2008, it should be earlier but some of you are having Final Exam so you gotta kick ass in that first.

Take note that this is also a Birthday bash for Cynta. So, Daisy and I appointed ourselves to be the party organizer and Joanne, please ask Mr.Ray for some sponsorship ya. Thanks a lot.

Pre-Birthday bash will be at BB Cafe and Cynta, you gotta go up on stage. No exception.

Let the boys drink their heart out in BB Cafe and we save it for Shenanigan's. Okay?

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SuicideCandy said...

yeah baby... sy kna pkai super hot lar ne klu g2... huahuahuahua...