Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I envy this!!!!!!

Obviously, this is NOT our Internet speed. Wanna know what ours look like?

There goes!!! Don't you feel stupid complaining to ME now? Like seriously, what am I suppose to do???

I'm pretty productive this morning, apart from waiting a call from TMNet, I'm also reading articles on latest Internet technology and other stuff to kill time while my desktop is being defragmented and I stumbled upon this cool website, a website/blog on current news,tips and highlights on search marketing industry. Which can be useful to increase traffic to your blog or website. Cool huh? I am no programming goddess but I think I have an idea or two how this cheat sheet works and I'm gonna Google more on this matter. So, thank you Danny Dover for posting that USEFUL articles.

I'm a few entries behind Cynta on our recent outings and family events. Heck, I haven't even posted about Archbishop Birthday Celebration which is almost a month now.

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