Thursday, October 30, 2008

Greatness is at your fingertips

David found something very cool last night!! And the good thing about David is, he shares his knowledge with people, that includes me.

This latest discovery of his puts a smile to my face and I can imagine that my eyes are sparkling.

Okay...if you are wondering what I'm soo excited about, if you are not into geeky stuff, you can stop reading now.

This is what excites me right now:

The image is clickable, you will be redirected to the website if you click the image above.

If you tired and fed-up with the ISP in Malaysia, this is why you should use StrongVPN

NOTE: You must have existing broadband connection like Streamyx or Celcom Broadband to be able to use this service. And you might ask, why do you want to purchase this when you already have existing connection. Well, if you are just a basic Internet user like surfing the web and all then I think this baby will not excite you as much. But, if you are into downloading and P2P, you should know how slow it is to download anything through local ISP,right? So, StrongVPN is SUITABLE for you. SMART is different, the speed is GREAT but the company sucks, customer service sucks. I do not advise anyone to use their service.

But, anything GREAT does not come free, you know!!! You have to pay to be able to use this awesome service. David paid $45 (3 months fees) for this service using PayPal. If you are interested, I advise you to pay through PayPal to avoid Credit Card fraud. You don't want that to happen.

If you have mixed feeling about this, why not try the FREE service first? It's not StrongVPN but it's about the same. You can download it here:Anyway,if you use this, you will be sharing this connection with other people but you can download to maximum of 1GB per day. I installed it in my laptop just now and boy .... it's THAT fast (for surfing). Take note that in my office, even if we use leased line, the connection is still slow because there are about 150++ computers connected to a single line, so go figure. I tried downloading a torrent just now to see how fast it is. The verdict: not that fast which is understandable since it's FREE. And I run a speed test on the connection, so here's the result

For a FREE service like this, this is VERY GOOD. And, check out my previous entry on Internet speed, about the same with that damn expensive Telekom, right? BODOH.

For safety reason, do not do any online banking transaction on this connection. Even though they say it's secured, you'll never know. So better safe than sorry.


P/S: I also found out that the new TMNet service, METRO.e has a connection up to 1Gbps. That is a good news but I'm not sure whether they have it in Sabah already. Bad thing is, it's gonna cost around RM88,000 per year and they can only provide 5 IP. Which means, not good for hosting business.

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