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It's nothing about Photoshop today. I decided to give some rest to it. I love Photoshop so much that I don't want to ruin my relationship with it.

Instead, despite the lagging of Internet service nowadays at work ... yeah ...
(I know, old news, but I've searched deep and dug low for a BETTER solution and yet it's still at it's current state)
I decided to look for some applications for
my N81. Mainly cos, I don't have anything much in it other than the pre-installed programs inside. When I first purchased my phone, I did try to install few applications such as N-Gage, Nokia Maps and others that I can't recall now. But, problem is ... I don't really use the N-Gage application and Nokia Maps does not have map for KK. So, what's the point. I uninstalled the programs and stick to using the gadget for SMS,Call,Camwhore and music and video player. Nothing more. And every now and then, I download theme to spice up my phone so it doesn't look that dull. And currently, am using a Vista inspired theme cos I'm so in love with Vista.

So, today I decided to add some application to my phone so that it can serve more purpose to me. So, here are my findings and what I installed:

1. Kaspersky Mobile Security
Because N81 is a wireless device that has a mobile internet function that makes it prone to any malicious programs or viruses when you get connected and if you are not careful enough you might also get virus from bluetooth connection, so don't just accept any bluetooth messages from unreliable source. So, hide your Bluetooth status, babe. The functions includes scanning your files and all those functions that a normal computer anti virus does. What fascinates me about this KMS is that it has Anti Theft function that protects your device, well, I know once it's stolen, it's impossible to get it back but at least that damn moron will not be able to use your phone.

With anti-theft function, whenever there's a SIM card change on your phone, it will send to the two number you pre-set in the application that the SIM Card for your device has been changed. As for me, I set Charlie and Ipik as the one who will receive the SMS. How they do this is still a mystery to me. I was not interested to Google on how this function works. Maybe I will... LATER.

Other than that, you can also SMS to your phone BLOCK secret_code and once thats' done, your phone will be automatically blocked for any usage. How cool is that? Very cool huh? I bow to the programmer who created this. Plus, the database is very easy to update, provided if you have enough credit on your phone (if you use prepaid la).

This program is not suppose to be free but some good samaritans out there managed to come up with activation code, so that you don't have to purchase it from Kaspersky Lab. Thank you so much. I know that's unethical and piracy but how many of you out there are actually buying genuine software????? Huh? Huh?


2. Google Maps
To mend my broken heart over that useless Nokia Maps. FYI, I know my way around KK. I know most of the route, the important routes like going to town and relatives houses. But, I installed it anyway. N81 is a GPS enabled device so it's only fair that I want to see what this GPS thing is all about. Plus, I want to show off to my brother, Richard who has a Garmin GPS that my phone can is a GPS too! Haha. No la, I'm kidding.

After installing it, I tried the application to see if it knows where I am, apparently according to Google Maps I'm at Taman Jindo. The My Location feature in it gather information from your mobile tower broadcaster near your to calculate and estimate your current location. It's not exactly precise for I'm in Hilltop and not in Jindo but it's close enough and apparently it's 1,000m close on average. This Google Maps application for mobile looks exactly like Google Earth.


3. Open Dictionary
I'm a big fan of dictionary. Especially Oxford's Advance Learner's English-Malay dictionary. Sadly, I didn't find any application similar to that for a mobile or a computer. I think nowadays, e-dictionary is a necessity. First, because it's VERY light compared to the traditional one. Second, easy to carry around. The problem is, in KK, there's no where you can find an Oxford electronic dictionary. You must go to KL to buy or other option is buy online. I don't think the eDict that Dr.Fazley is ambassador-ing has a lot of word installed in it and I bet it's damn expensive. If I'm not mistaken, Sasbadi has produced eDict too. My sister have one.

So, what's better than looking for Freeware dictionary, right? I found one. But, shit, I have to look for some udc files to install in together with this application. I'm like ..WTF??? I have not uninstalled it yet cause tommorow I will look for that damn UDC files. If I fail, then I will uninstall it.


And, today I had lunch with Amy and Ipik at City Mall Food Court and browse around Popular and fall in love with this book's title:


And the first few sentences that I browse through in Popular made me buy it. Not that expensive anyway. RM.17.90

The first page started like this:

10 Reasons to Have a One-Night Stand

Surely nothing good had ever come out of one night stand. Except in one night stand, you actually got to have sex. Which was more than I could say for myself right now. It had been twenty-nine days. Twenty-nine days.
Which would be okay if I were single. But I had a boyfriend. A live-in, sleep-in-my-bed boyfriend. That made the twenty-nine days figure rather pathetic.

LOL. I think this book will be a fun read. We'll see

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