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REVIEWS - Book, TV Shows & Movie

It was another fun weekend for me, no getting wasted or any shisa-ing this weekend, just the usual shopping and movie thing. It's kind of sad too not having dance practice as I'm sort getting used to have something to do in a Sunday afternoon.

Friday after work started off with me having dinner with Raymond's family without Noi. I don't know where he is. Had an engaging conversation over dinner with my beloved eldest brother about starting a business and stuff and I have a dream of starting a business with my soon to be engineer niece, Cynta. Dare to dream, they say. It must start from somewhere. So ... imagine ABBA's song "I Have A Dream" playing at the background as you read this. Actually, we have a lot of dreams, dreams that yet to be accomplished and made to reality. I'm praying that it wouldn't stay just like that. Dream. I bet everyone has a dream. What's yours? How many of your dreams have come true so far? After dinner, we went for a little shopping as CP is going to be closed and proceeded to Jesselton Point to chill out and chat. Yeah, we can't get enough of each other. It's a routine that we feel empty not doing it weekly. Hmmm ... to someone that name shall not be mentioned here .... things WILL not turn sour between us. That I'm sure. It was not us, it is you and you all along. Okay, so I'm shooting at dark here, so if you dodge the bullet then I'm not talking about you.

Okay. I know. That ramblings was not necessary. But, I tend to write what's in my head. No filter or editing as this will not go into press. What you see here is what I am. No false pretenses. Writing wise, I mean. Pictures can be deceiving as some of it are photoshopped. LOL.

On to reviews .....


I finished reading this book at 3 a.m. with tears falling down from my eyes.I'm not even sure if it's that hell of a good book but I can understand what it felt like for Claire to be in the situation, one bad thing after another. Life really sucks. At times.

Claire Reilly is a celebrity journalist, an entertainment section editor for MOD magazine. Reminds me of of MODE, Ugly Betty. Lives with her boyfriend, Tom a struggling novelist who lives under Claire's roof and eats Claire's food without really contributing even in the SEX department. Jeez... man like that still exists? My God... to make a it worst, it's bad enough that Claire is not getting sex from Tom but she was also asked to write an article about one night stand!! How is that even possible. Hahaha.

And the extra juicy part of the book is when Claire must set an interview with the new IT guy of Hollywood, Cole Brannon. From the description, Cole Brannon sounded like a pretty man. Someone like Chace Crawford but in my imagination, he looks like the guy who plays Cyclops in X-Men, I think it's the same hero in 27 dresses. Is it?? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, it's just too good to be true, the hottest guy in Hollywood is in love with Claire and from the description, Claire is a 5 feet tall Blonde, somehow petite, and a A cup. And her friends says that she looks like Christina Aguilera in those Mickey Mouse Club years. And she's 26.

Yadaa yadaa yadaa .... it's a happy ending story. Boy meet girl, boy and girl likes each other, some bitch interfere, problem arise, boy hates girl, girl didn't do anything, boy found out the truth, boy look for girl, girl forgive and forget, they make out, they made love, and they live happily ever after. What more can you ask for???

But reading this book taught me something, you know sometimes I envy those E! reporters because they get to see famous celebrities like every day and they have a n excuse to go to red carpet events as a reporter but really, after reading this book I don't think it's fun at all, you CAN'T date the celebrties even if you want to. They are certain rules and standards that can cause you your career and reputation if you fair to live by them. So, really being a celebrity journalist have its perks but also it ruins your imagination on the celebrity because most of the times, like Kristin write in this book, they are not as good as you see them on TV when you actually meet them in person. I believe that.

Go grab the book. And if you are my closest friend, you can borrow from me.

I give 4 Patrick STARS.


1. GOSSIP GIRL - Season 2
This is not really my element. I mean, this is best viewed by teenagers between 15 to 2o years old ... those who have not entered college yet. I am not that old, but I couldn't really relate to the problems faced by these super-duper-wealthy kids from the Upper East Side of New York in this story. Love dilemma, lies, sex, exchanging love interest within the same circle. Is that even possible??? What glued me to the show is the fashion and also the actresses. I love Leighton Meister (Blair Waldorf) and Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen). Couldn't really find anything interesting in Jenny (don't know what the real name is), just seeing her pathetic self trying desperately to fit in in the high class societies of UES,NY. And I'm bored looking at Dan Humphrey. I think they should kill the character instead. I think Chuck Bass is too arrogant and he grosses me out. Nate Archibald looks like a sissy girl with eyebrow perfectly shaped and skin perfectly tanned. He looks like a life version of Ken. Ewww....

As much as people like to hate Blair, I think that she's the most I can relate with. I mean, I don't even think that she's mean doing the things she does and it's mean. Really mean at time. She's a manipulative, narcissistic bitch that does not care what people feel. I kind of understand why she is what she is. And Serena. What to say bout Serena .... she's nice but it's hard to believe that someone like her would be that nice. It's just too good to be true. Do you really believe someone as gorgeous as Serena is fucking rich,monogamous, kind hearted, down-to-earth,bad girl gone good,soft spoken and all good qualities you can name of is in her exist? Haha ... dream on.

The whole show is not that interesting, but it's good enough to waste your time and see the world of hypocrisy rules and backstabbing is common and money means nothing. As twisted as that might sound, I think I will not mind being in that world. Me being from where I am, I would trade my life for something as fabulous as that and you might think I'm being selfish. No, I'm not, if I fantasize to be in THAT world, I drag ALL the people closest to me together in my fantasy. So, technically I'll be around the same circle. And, that's NOT selfish. Only different situation (Wealthier & Glamourous). I think it's pretty damned good.

For the second season, I give 3 Patrick Stars (okay, I was actually looking for a star but couldn't find anything that looks good, so I use Patrick Star instead ...)

Don't judge me for fantasizing to be in that kind of world, I bet all of us does once in a while.

As repulsive as Betty looks with her braces, bad fringe and lion inspired hair in this hit series, I must say that all Betty's love interest are kind of hot, except Walter of course. He's like soo 'wongoon' - couldn't find any better English word to match what I mean. The new love interest - the-next-door-neighbor is kinda hot too. And he plays guitar!! What more can you ask for in a neighboor? In previous season Henry and Gio had their sense of attractiveness, except Henry look a little bit boring compared to Gio - (personality wise) and I secretly hoped that Betty will choose Gio and go to Rome with him but she didn't. But it's okay, she did not end up with Henry either. I would take the same road.

I'm kinda frustrated to see less Amanda in the first episode of season 3 cos' I like the character. What's up with me obsessing about bitchy characters in TV series? Because quite often, those bitchy characters have funny lines and entertaining more than the goody-goody ones in a series. Willy is still being Willy, still desperate to take over the Meade publication, Marc is still funny and Claire Meade is still an unnecessary character. Like Dan Humphrey, she should just die and what's up with Daniel's son?

I'm also not that happy to see that Betty no longer work in MODE. She now work with Daniel as the Editor-In-Chief for a men's magazine. I think it's like Maxim or something.

I'm happy to see that Mr.Coach is still Hilda's love interest and Justin is still Justin.

Lindsay Lohan made cameo in first episode as Suarez's supervisor at the diner. I hope to see more of Lindsay in Ugly Betty.

Overall... am so happy that Betty is moving on with life, trying to stand on her own two feet by moving out from Queens. Reality or not, I really admire those Miss Independents who are dare enough to do something as courages as that. Well, you might think that moving out from your parents is NOT that courageous but imagine if you are in a big city like New York. It's totally something that one should be proud off. I wish I spontaneous and a risk-taker enough to move away from Malaysia, quit my job and move to a big city like NY or LA and start fresh in a new city. Sigh. Someday I hope my kids would be courageous enough to do just that and I will not object.

Characters I love in Ugly Betty:

1.Betty (on and off)

I give Ugly Betty Third Season Spin Off 4 Patrick Star for being entertaining,funny and emotional at the same time.


Damn. The beginning scene was such a heartbreaking moment. My heart felt as if it's gonna burst and I must say I almost cried seeing Dr.Shepherd in that situation. Apart from that, I can't believe that GA is in it's 5th Season!!!! Yay. Thank God it was just Meredith's dream.

All I can say is Shonda Rhimes still got it. She still made me glued to my computer screen watching Grey's Anatomy and the medical cases are still not that great anyhow, probably because it's a first season and they were focusing on the personal lives of the Residences and Attendings of Seattle Grace Hospital. I must say that I'm happy that Meredith is getting back together with McDreamy and Rose will be gine for good.Finally. I admit that she's gorgeous but she's not right for McDreamy. Even if Mer is so damn stubborn, I still think that Mer-Der should be together.

That military doctor, Dr.Hunt is so sexy that I hope he comes back on Grey's Anatomy as Dr.Yang's new love interest. Dr.Yang's story line was pretty dull in Season 4. I hope they spice things up for her especially in love department. And why is Erica Hahn still in the picture. I kind of hate that they are trying to make Dr.Hahn and Dr.Torres a lesbian couple. I don't know what's happening there but is it really necessary? Is this the production's way of sending a message that they have nothing against gays and lesbian after the Isaiah - TR incident in Season 3? Gosh..he apologized and got fired. What else do you want to prove? And lately, I notice that this homosexual relationship plot has been added to almost all the TV series I watched so far. Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy .... they at least have one homosexual couple. Hmmm .... I wonder how many homosexuals are in Sabah??? Overall, I was look forward to new season of Grey's Anatomy and I am not dissapointed with the spin off of the new season but it was not the greatest episode ever. Too soon to judge as we still have to watch 21 episodes before the season ends so I will make a summary review once it's over.

For Grey's Anatomy, I give it 4 Patrick Star


I can't accept it!!!! Gaby is FAT and she has FAT daugthers and BLIND husband. Karma sucks really bad for her. She was once the size 00 supermodel, the most beautiful among the housewives, the most stylish, the richest one, the most pamperred and the vixen. She is opposite all that now. I kinda miss the old Gaby.

By the way, the story started 5 years later after the last episode of DH season 4. Edie was back in town, Lynette's twins are all grown up, Bree and Katherine are partners for a catering company and Bree has a cook book and a TV show now, I don't know what Susan do but she has a lover and it's not Mike, apparently they are divorced after a car accident where they killed a mother and daugther.

The season started good. Really good. I must say it's the best start for a new season compared to other TV series that I mentioned earlier. I'm so excited to see how this season 5 turns out. Can't wait for the next episode.

For Desperate Housewives .... 5 Patrick STARS!!!



I can't really say I grew up listening to ABBA songs. Because I didn't. Back then, my older siblings are into Indonesian songs. I grew up to songs from Hetty Koes Endang, Endang S.Taurina, Ratih Purwasih, Obbie Messakh, Pance, Broery Marantika, Bob Tutupoly. I bet some of you have no idea who these singers are.

Once I was in secondary school and have my own radio in my bedroom, I loved listening to Blue Network at nights and weekends. So, from there I get to familiarize myself with yesteryears song and the first ABBA song that I listened to was Fernando. It's not featured in this musical movie, unfortunately but I LOVED all the songs that made its way into the movie.

My sister's friend, Sr.Carmen LOVE ABBA sooo much and she has this one CD that has all those ABBA hits, so this is where I came to know more about ABBA songs. It was somewhere in 1999. So, when this musical movie came out 8 years after that, I came to know to a lot of other ABBA songs that did not make it into the musical movie. Thank you Internet.

My personal opinion is, you will really enjoy this movie if you know ABBA songs and a musical lover. I am a musical lover. I enjoyed watching EVITA when it was released back in 1996 if I'm not mistaken. Have you watched it? If you Mamma Mia, I think you should watch EVITA too. Same concept although EVITA is a bit intense because it is a story of a very powerful woman who made history from being a nobody to someone big and important, Eva Peron. It was based on a true story.

The storyline was excellent, they were really good making the storyline in line with the song lyrics and my favourite in the bunch would be Meryl Streep. I've always loved her acting since I saw the movie Death Becomes Her. After Ida mentioned to me something, I do agree that Wiwin looks a bit like Sophie. In the spirit of not to spoil the movie for those who have not watched it, I will not say how the story goes and what are the songs in it but it's worth watching it. Totally not a waste of RM7. And if you are in KK, as far as I know, Growball is the only cinema that plays Mamma Mia so don't bother going to 1Borneo.

Lastly, I want to see MAMMA MIA again!!!!!

That's all for today.

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