Friday, November 7, 2008

Blame Booze and Birthday

Wewen's birthday fall on 16th October. This year she turned 20. The birthday celebration for her was VERY different to what we have planned for Nonoi.

The opening of a weekend birthday partay as usual started at BB Cafe. I don't know why it was not that much fun hanging out there at that time . Probably because the margarita for the ladies didn't taste as good as it was suppose to be and Daisy was kinda not feeling well that time and what made thing worst was WE DIDN'T HAVE A SINGLE DIGICAM. Of course, our handphones has cams la but the picture quality is not as good so I didn't bother to upload it here. But, can still check at Cynta's blog. There's a blog list to the right, click the Confession From A Mad Princess. Thank you very much.

The actual birthday party for Wewen was at Shenanigan's on 18th October. Sheni has a new band from Manila, N'Twine. The band is SUPER COOL + AMAZING. We did get a chance to have a chat with the lead guitarist after the show and he said that they have 4 months contract with Hyatt so we'll be seeing the band perform again on Cynta's Birthday Bash this coming 29th. And I don't know what the guys name but I can assure you one thing, he's REALLY GOOD in what he does. Believe me. And the rest of the band members are AWESOME too. So, don't miss their performance if you happen to be in town during this 4 months.

As usual (perhaps it should be a tradition) we requested the band to sing a Happy Birthday song for the birthday boy/girl. Wewen was called up on stage and had to shot a tequila on stage. And she did it. Bravo, niece!!!! The very night before she also had to shot a tequila at BB Cafe.

So, we had a lot of fun there. Dance like it's nobody's business, ignoring people around like we own the club, shot combos like we are in a drinking competition (FYI, I was not drunk and so is the rest of the girls. Except birthday girl la), dress up like we've never dressed up before.
So what? We didn't do any harm. Girls just wanna have fun.

The place closed at 2am and we are still feeling the groove to dance even if our legs are sending different messages to the brain. So, we decided to got to RNB in Lintas to dance MORE MORE MORE. But, tell you what. Don't even bother going there la. For me, it's NOT worth it. The music and sound system is good but the people there are just fucking annoying. At least those people at Sheni do not grab your ass no matter how crowded it is. was not ME being ass grabbed, one of the bebes did. Totally UNCOOL. So, that will be the FIRST & LAST time I will ever set my foot in there. PERIOD. We reached my pad at 5.50am.

1. Getting ready for Girls Night Out

2. The birthday girl

How do you like my gigantic mirror??

All dolled up and ready to go

The cool lead guitarist. He looks retarded here. And so do I. DAMN.

Cynta_DY is not in this pic!!!!!

The birthday girl on stage. ROCK ON BABE!!!!

Camwhore experts, right???

Another pic of the awesome N'Twine. The chick singer looks cute, huh?

That's all for now

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