Monday, November 3, 2008

Celebrating My 101th Post on Blogger


Happy November Everyone.
Time flies so fast, you hardly notice it's November 2008 now.
Christmas is around
the corner.
2009 feels so close you can taste it
And most importantly, it's my Best Friend's Wedding on 22nd November 2008.
Hugs Babe..... driving license expired on 31 October 2008. So today, I'm gonna go to JPJ and renew my license. So... for my one year driving license...

I'm gonna use this

And of course la without the butterfly.

And then, after JPJ ... I'm gonna have lunch at Wan Wan.


Cynta and yours truly at Rainforest Cafe last night having desserts after a nice Bak Kut Teh dinner at Kwong Tung Chai.(Fun Fact: Cynta is our official DY. Even Ipik says so)

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SuicideCandy said...

LOl....T'bangga sy kijap... trip famous blogger sebentar....