Friday, November 14, 2008

Underachievers Anonymous

I'm not in a writing mood this week.

Plus, I attended a 2 day seminar at Le Meridien so I didn't have that much of a time to write anything except that one entry I posted in the middle of the seminar when I was bored to the max. Then again, it was using my mobile so it was text only. It's not really hard to upload picture from mobile to Blogger but I was LAZY la. Lazy and Bored = Perfect Combination.

I postponed a lot of things this week. Getting a 'that time of the month' thing also didn't help me doing thing I'm supposed to do like rearranging my shoes and clothes, buy Colby's food, mop the floor cos it stinks, vacuum the house, do my one week laundry, change my bedsheet, even my workstation looks like a hurricane just past by.

As for my blog, I have lots of things to share such as the recent Sabah Hospitality Fiesta I went to at 1Borneo, back to back dinner at my house with my nieces and nephew and also review on the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace and my favourite episode of Ugly Betty.

But..I'm just damn lazy to do ANYTHING. I'm such a couch potato.

Hopefully, this evening after work and dinner I can at least get one thing done.


Despite all the laziness ... tadaaaa .....

This is me in 3D World partying at Club Retronation in Red Light Centre last night.
If only I can get that outfit and boots in real world.

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