Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the collection

For so many months now, I've been refraining myself from buying a new pair of shoes.

But.... I cannot NOT have this one!!!!

I don't want to go home STILL thinking of the shoes and REGRET not buying it.

It's NOT a designer's shoes whatsoever but I love it a lot to just walk away and pretend to find things that I don't like about the shoes so that I don't buy it (though I secretly wished that they don't have my size, so that I don't feel that BAD to just leave the shop). Damn. They have one pair of size 39. So, I'm compelled to buy it. What to do la...plus...not that expensive too.

This is the shoes:

This hair band is DISGUSTING. Looks like a caterpillar. Ida will FREAK out if she sees this one.
FYI, its RM9.90

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