Monday, December 22, 2008

Dare To Be Different

This is nothing to do with Christmas being just around the corner.

I've been wanting to change my hairstyle since ages ago, but, to my dissapointment, the hair-stylist always get it wrong (doesn't matter if you bring the picture of the hair-style you want, they never seems to get it right). NORMALLY, it's the opposite of what you wanted in the first place and then you're STUCK with the wrong hair-style for weeks before it grows back to normal or acceptable hair style.

This is WHY I'm reluctant to get a haircut because I think, why bother if it's gonna end up frustrating and hair is not like something that you can hide (unless you're wearing scarf), like a zit on a face, you always have concealer or foundation to hide it. But hair?? How? I know there's always wig BUT it's gonna look horrible on me or makes me look like a she-male.

But, people closest to me have been raving about how AWESOME Patrick Saloon is (even though it's expensive, but really not the point if you get the hairstyle you want, right?) . So, I decided to get a haircut there budgeting around RM100 just for that (exclusive of hair dyeing).

So, this is my hair muse:
Lady Gaga

I decided I wanted to do something VERY DIFFERENT this time (I have accepted the fact that there's a possibility that it's gonna look AWFUL on me before I carry on with it). This hairstyle is really OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. But, I tried it anyway.'s the result:

My Verdict:

I recommend PATRICK SALOON. They did a good job on my hair (haircut only).

My hair was dyed by RIDGE SALOON.

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