Thursday, December 18, 2008

Early Christmas Pressies

Finally my hot gorgeous sassy niece, Cynta arrived back from her Jakarta-Bandung trip.
(Click picture to directly view her blog and her Jakarta-Bandung travelogue)

I missed my part-timer so much. LOL.

And the GOOD NEWS is she didn't just bought me ONE pressie but TWO.

A Nina Ricci perfume and a Pink earring. I HEART SO MUCH.

Okay, the shoes I bought myself yesterday. I'm so addicted to PURPLE and I'm also happy that this gorgeous purple wedges costs me only RM39.90. *Happiness*

OMG .. I'm sooooo gonna plan a trip to Bandung next year for SHOPPING.

Note to self: MUST ONLY bring those who are ready body,mind and soul to shop like crazy. I'm SO NOT GOING THERE for sightseeing (although it can be cool but not the main point why I'm go there)

So, who is this cute baby??

This is my friend's (Capry) 7 months old baby, Amber Carmen .... she is just so adorable and cute. Such a cutie with big eyes and long eyelashes.

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