Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hate is Safer Than Love


"If I were a boy ..... I think I could understand ...."

I'm SO sick of that song!!! Not because the song is NOT good whatsoever, I loved the song 2 weeks ago but THANKS to Norlina/Melcora (I don't know which one of them is responsible) for overplaying the song at work, it starts to irritate the hell out of me.

I'm such a couch potato these past few weeks, I have a few long overdue entry that I should have posted by now. Having sore throat and minor fever makes it even HARDER to post an entry. But, surprisingly, I had time to register onto few social networking sites. Hmmmm .. probably I need a muse to post a bestest entry ever. Cynta is NOT around today to keep me company. It's just David and I, minding our own business waiting for 5 pm to approach. And, before this day ends, I'm gonna make time to find out and read about Xunlie, Flashget and Gigaget cos David said it's cool. When it comes to new Internet stuff/technology, I can always trust David. He's such an Internet God to me. So, I'm gonna post something about that in my next entry.

Before I end this entry I wanna share with you something VERY gross. A picture that my sister snapped when she visited Terengganu last month. I hope you are NOT eating as you read this.


For those who does not have any idea WTF is this, well, this is called Keropok Lekor, which is some sort of snack or tid-bits made from Tuna (tuna or other type of fish that I don't know about). It's VERY popular and actually taste good (well, I'm NOT sure about this one). And I kind of like this snack, BUT ONLY WHEN IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!! The Lekors that we have in KK are pretty decent and eatable. I've NEVER seen something like this and even if I do, I'll NEVER buy it and eat it. *Double Gross*

I think it looks like fried cat poop. *Ewwww*

My sister said, a cat passed by right after they ordered this snack and she automatically imagined that stuff came from that cat. LOL.

Because it is so gross, I'm NOT going to label that picture. If you'd like to copy it, copy away and show to your friends or even better if you ask them to check out my blog.

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