Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Fisticuff Christmas

Hi Everyone.....

It's been days since my last bored post.

And, there are good and bad news that came my way these past few days.

My brother and mom reconciled. I guess he'll be coming home for Christmas this year. *Happiness*

But... Daisy won't be home for Christmas. *Sadness*.

Suci will be spending Christmas with the family. *Confused*

Mom's house is under renovation. *Happiness*

Anni's house is under makeover - interior wise. I went there yesterday and it looks SO DIFFERENT now though Wiwin is still painting the study room. I'm gonna go there again tomorrow for dinner. *Food = Happiness*

Last week I went to 1Borneo to have a drink at Borneo Rainforest with my sister, Anni and niece, Wiwin. The Christmas decors are up and the place look very PRETTY and SALES everywhere. *Super happiness*

I have my eye on this particular Esprit jacket:

BUT, to my dissapointment, the price is RM499.90. WTF???? I'm so bummed.

And...this is the new book from my current favourite author, Cecelia Ahern. It looks gorgeous and it cost RM79.90. I probably will just buy it since I love this author so much since I watched P.S. I Love You.

So, have you guys do your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't yet. I probably will do it with my sister this Friday and with my nieces on Saturday. It's our some sort of Christmas tradition that we do the Christmas shopping together. The only difference this year is Daisy is NOT around.*Sad*

As for New Year, it's kind of strange that this year we haven't had anything planned yet. My previous plan was to go to Manukan Island and spend a night or two there but I don't think that's gonna happen. So, New Year is NOT planned yet. Last year, we went camping though and it was fun.

I probably will drag whoever available to go check out this new place at Kiansom, Kasih Sayang Spa and Resort, I checked the website and it looks nice:

Here are some of the last year's Christmas photos:

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