Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Suicidal Drama Queen

I’m sure at some point in your life you have had personal encounters with a Major Drama Queen (maybe 2 or 3 times or more... jeez...poor you). The place where I work right now, there is a certain major drama queen, which I’m NOT that closed to so it doesn’t really affect me, so I’m not gonna talk about that MDQ (I personally believe that MDQ should be labelled a uncurable disorder) But, what if that MDQ happens to effect those people who are close to you? And, the funny thing is, the MDQ is a GUY. Such a loser ... Nonok, siapa L??? This time around ... the answer is “George”. I’ll tell you why. Now, we have a TRUE DEFINITION OF THE ‘L’ WORD.
This entry is inspired based on the event that happened last Friday during my Girls Night Out version 2.8 (I don’t consider it as 3.0 because we were in a rush and it was not perfectly planned) with my nieces Cynta, Wewen and Daisy. Daisy is leaving for Penang the very next day, so what better way to spend the last night together than a quiet dinner with family and dancing at our favourite club Shenanigan’s listening to great music from the band N’Twine, right? Sounds like a perfect plan for me.

I think I’ll skip the details of the outing because you know how it goes, great music, great band, tasty drinks, cool dance moves, no cute guys around which is okay because we weren’t there for eye candy, we were there to spend our last night together for outing like this, who knows when the next one is gonna be.

So, here’s how the story goes, Daisy forgot to tell her BF of 3 weeks (maybe less) that we went out for clubbing. So, he was upset that he was not informed, which is understandable but still is weird on why he should get mad about that? And, funny thing was, he actually went to Sheni with his friends and spy from a far on what D was doing. I recall there was a time when we were dancing on stage (which is quite small by the way) with a guy. OKAY. Let me rephrase that. We were NOT dancing with THAT guy. He came up to dance us, which was totally ignored. But, still it CANNOT BE USED as an excuse to get mad at my niece, you fucking jerk! And, for what it’s worth, I think YOU SHOULD BE PROUD that other guys find my niece ATTRACTIVE AND HOT. It means, you are NOT blind.

So, to cut a long story short, after we went out ready to go back, he was waiting outside for D and I don’t know how the night ended up with a Gold Kancil (Damn, your grandma picked that color for you is it?) chasing my dearest niece C’s black Viva. I must say, I got weak on my knees the moment D started to rev up the engine and speed up at the flyover near Karamunsing and those guys were still chasing. Which I don’t know why they did it in the first place. Anyway, we managed to get rid of them and had a peaceful supper at Siang Siang Pan Mian still bashing that loser for what he did. And FYI, he called more than 50 times, SMSed 10 times and I spoke to him one time asking him to Fuck Off for the night. I’ve never had experience handling a drama queen like that.

Moi: Hello
Loser: Kenapa U buat macam ni? I cuma nak cakap dengan U. I tak marah dengan U. Bukan I yang kejar you tadi. (please also insert an Indian slang while reading this)
Moi: I’m NOT D. I’m her aunt, whatever you wanna say to her you can say to me.
(what you wanna talk about? Life? Sexual transmitted disease?)
Loser: Can you please pass the phone to Daisy. I need to speak to her. Please don’t do this to me
Moi: I think I already told you that she don’t want to speak to you. So, do you understand that?
Indian guy: I understand that she doesn’t want to speak to me. But, can you give me 1 minute to speak to her? I need to explain something to her. (Do you really think that I’ma let you steal 1 minute of our precious night out.. think again jerk!! And I know it’s NOT gonna be a minute isn’t it)
Moi: Which part of she don’t wanna speak to you that you don’t understand?
*I got fed up and hang up the phone and put it on silent mode* FUCK YOU DRAMA QUEEN!!!!
*Well, if he insisted I have a backup plan, I’m gonna call my personal Mr.Bouncer a.k.a Cynta’s trainer to the rescue.

So, the Loser dude called I don’t know how many times and SMSed like crazy but D was not in a mood to entertain yet another drama.


Somebody threatened that he’s gonna drink poison if D leave him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And probably got in a car accident. KONON! Kima punya lelaki. DRAMA QUEEN.


Here’s the news for all those suicidal out there:

1. I know fucking well that YOU ARE NOT GONNA DRINK POISON, because if you really did wanna do so, you won’t even say that you’re gonna do it, you’ll just do it.
2. Why drink poison for suicide when you can jump off from building from the same reason.

And if you happen to be approached by some very ‘slim’ spectacle wearing Indian guy while you are eating out or anything else and he’s selling a product to you that starts off his pitch with “Today we have a promotion”. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM HIM. Because, that’s the drama queen I’m talking about. His name is George (I already mentioned his name before, right?). I know he’s a guy but still, he is a queen (not in a good way) trapped in a guy’s body.


BTW, if you ever go to KK, please stop by at Shenanigan’s. The band N’Twine REALLY IS THE BEST and you shouldn’t miss out. Their contract is ending in January, so please check them out.

Now...where's the pictures??????

#1: At home, dolling up in less than 15 minutes, I think we did pretty okay job on that.

#2: At the entrance, about to order the drink (must camwhore - for blog sake of course)
#3: Showing some love with Daisy (Cynta is in this pic actually but to give her justice, I cropped her)
#4: Daisy & Wewen
#5: The retard faces on the dance floor.
#6: Peace and showing some lurve...
#7: With one of the amazing singer of N'Twine. (I wish I asked his name, damn)
#8: Group pic with the bass guitarist of N'Twine. He's adorable, kan?#9: Daisy is in love with this bass guitarist

#10: Isn't she lovely/cute/hot??
#11: The drummer
#12: She's such a doll
#13: The amazing performers of N'Twine

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