Monday, December 1, 2008

Trading Places?

Half way around the world right now it's freezing like crazy and it's snowy. My friends from the States said this is the most unhappy time of the year (they say the chill and driving in a snow is a pain in the ass). I'm not so sure about that because I haven't experience -30 degree Celsius my whole life, probably I will die a sudden death. I haven't even experienced walking outside the house in a 18 degree Celcius and that's my room temperature at home, and I already think it's cold enough. I'm just so wrong.

But, it doesn't really feel like HEAVEN here, but I bet you guys wanna trade places with me right now, huh? Rainy day starts to irritate me already, and I'm also NOT a hot sunny day fan. In fact, I got sunburned spending less than an hour in the middle of the day yesterday at Jesselton Point.

Would you like to trade places with me The Holiday style? (Remember the movie, starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz?)

A picture taken yesterday at 1.30pm, Jesselton Point

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