Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Days without makeup

A bit bored today. So I’m inspired to post an entry of the days that went by without a bit of makeup on. Those days where we give our skin a break from all the make ups. I’m not posting this to say how ugly I look without make up and hoping that people will say otherwise. Honestly, I think I look just fine even without it but if you can be better with it, why not? But if you think I’m ugly without make up. That’s your prerogative.


Who wears makeup for a run?? You gotta be crazy

Image7106 Image7110  Image7111


Definitely no make up going to bed ….



No makeup on a sloth-mode weekend at mom’s – seriously, who are you trying to impress??



And if you’re going out on weekend and feeling so lazy to put on even a little bit of powder etc and too lazy to do your hair, that’s where:

1.  A cap come in handy


2. Now, where’s my sunglass? (only applicable on day outing)



Otherwise, if you’re in a girly girl all out mode…..




Monday, November 30, 2009

Patron Tequila


“The celebration of a person's birthday is a life affirming event. When you celebrate your birthday you are making a statement that your life is significant and meaningful. You are saying, "my life is worth living and therefore I am celebrating that I am alive for another year. It is a time to get together with friends and family and celebrate the life that you are living ”


“Hey girl where’s your drink
We goin’ all get drunk tonight
Hey Girl, I got bud,
We can all get fucked up tonight
And by the end of the night
I’mma have you drunk and throwing up
And by the end of the night
"I’mma have you so fucked up”

*Note: “Fucked up” here is nothing to do with S.E.X* just in case you feel all obligated to report to HR about the inappropriate content of this blog. Probably need to use google to check what it actually meant??


So, that’s what we did last Friday, we partied like there’s no tomorrow, but sad to say just when I spotted a hottie among the crowd, I got puked on by some stranger!!! Anyways, probably it’s NOT so much of a loss cos that hottie was severely drunk. But, that rarely happens so I think I’m gonna have to wait another 100 years for such luck to happen again. Anyways, I have THE hottie so I'm not worried that much about that.

It’s actually CyntaCinta’s birthday clubbing. We did it early cos …. I don’t know why we planned to do it earlier than the actual date, I guess we’re just eager to go out cos it’s been forever since we went out and I don’t remember if I did go out for some drinks and dance with the girls post Thailand. BTW, Bangkok was AWESOME.

So, for this joyous event, I invited my colleague, Mel to join the festivity. And it was SO MUCH FUN. To all the sponsors, THANK YOU VERY MUCH & keep it coming next time. A big thank you to BED owner (sorry sir, I didn’t get your name) and BED Manager, Raheem.

I didn’t get drunk, didn’t even get that tipsy feeling though the alcohol helped with the feverish feeling and sore throat a little bit. I think Jacynta and Amy got a bit drunk especially Amy!! LOL.


WARNING: I think that crazy Phil Steiger dude is imposing as Chris Topher now in Facebook so don’t add him.





And to the celebrated hottie, JACYNTA R. LIDI


In the niece department
I sure did luck out
You are the best
Of this I have no doubt




Happy 23rd Birthday

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My life is good, I’m Feeling You

Don’t mean to be so emo early in the a.m. but this song reminds me of someone.


Sometimes, I imagine the world without you
But most times, I’m just so happy that I ever found you
It’s a complicated web, that you weave inside my head
So much pleasure with such pain
Hope we always, always stay the same

I’m feelin’ the way you cross my mind
And you save me in the nick of time
I’m ridin’ the highs, I’m diggin’ the lows
‘Cause at least I feel alive
I’ve never faced so many emotional days
But my life is good
I’m feelin’ you
I’m feelin’ you

You go, and then I can finally breathe in
‘Cause baby I know, in the end you’re never leavin’
Well we’re rarely ever sane, I drive you crazy and you do the same
But your fire fills my soul
And it warms me up like no one knows

'Cause I’m feelin’ the way you cross my mind
And you save me in the nick of time
I’m ridin’ the highs, I’m diggin’ the lows
‘Cause at least I feel alive
I’ve never faced so many emotional days
But my life is good
I’m feelin’ you
I’m feelin’ you

I’m feelin’ the way you cross my mind
And you save me in the knick of time
I’m ridin’ the highs, I’m diggin’ the lows
‘Cause at least I feel alive
I’ve never faced so many emotional days
Oh, I’m feelin’ the way you cross my mind
And you save me in the nick of time
I’m ridin’ the highs, I’m diggin’ the lows
‘Cause at least I feel alive
I’ve never faced so many emotional days
But my life is good
I'm feelin' you
I'm feelin' you
I'm feelin' you
Oh, I'm feelin' you

Oh, I’m feelin’ the way that you cross my mind
And the way that you save me in the knick of time
Oh I’m feelin’ the way when you walk on by
I feel light, I feel love, I feel butterflies
I feel butterflies

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Remember my last photo shoot, the sexy/sultry theme (a theme that I’m not good at!!) with photographer John Tendahal? 

If you follow this blog, I think you will remember.

Well, this is my attempt of being sexy and sultry. I know its nothing near that, cos I suck at looking sexy and sultry on demand. Haha.

What do you think?

I like this picture but this is not from the photographer, this is a self snap photo.

I have not seen any pictures from that photo shoot session yet.

We did take a peek or two in between poses but have not seen the final outcome yet.

And yes, this photo is airbrushed. I don’t feel like going out for lunch so I decided to try out this tutorial here.

I did my own makeup with the help of makeup guru, Michelle Phan tutorial video here

The makeup does not look identical as what she did, but I think it looks good nevertheless.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Colors of the rainbow

F8ck me! Been trying to upload photos in Facebook and to my disappointment, it failed. So finally, I have Streamyx at home and I’m loving it! Tho, it was an easy ride to set it up. Thank God I’m a geel so I didn’t need any technical help whatsoever. Hurrah! But I still need to figure out how to allow people to connect to my connection without setting up IP address. Should be able to connect with dynamic IP. Huh! Pain in the @ss!

Speaking of photos, I just realized that there isn’t many to choose from to upload for Joanne’s birthday. There’s one cool video of her doing a tequila shot ala Wilhemina Slater on stage at Firefly but if the damn connection can’t even upload photos, chances are, much worse if uploading video. So, I’m gonna try later on at home. Anyways, I’ve choose some to upload before I choose a few others, so I think I’m just gonna post it here and I stumbled upon some old pictures from few months back that look so gorgeous, I can’t help but think OMG OMG this is blog worthy. Another good news my package arrived safely at Pejabat Pos Laju Kota Kinabalu yesterday evening. Yay! Which reminds me, I need to do another online shopping. Muahahahaha. Life is Good. But, my beautiful pink roses dried out, hoping something of the sort coming this way again anytime soon. Haha!

For Joanne’s birthday, I picked photos that shows our makeup of the night. It looks gorgeous but you may have different opinion:


DSC00235The Aurora Eyes, I improvised the colors because I don’t have all the exact color to create the Aurora effect.



Can’t really see from this picture, but this is a very hot makeup technique for clubbing.

The mysterious look , hot night makeup a toned down black eye shadow can be used for day out. It makes your eyes bigger and more defined.


The birthday girl looking so cute here, right?


Meanwhile, this one looks so effin cute even without makeup.


The gorgeous pictures I was talking about:







NOTE: Pictures are edited for brightness and contrast only, no liquify tools used in the process.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Eeee… Gemuknye muka..


Gawd! I still need to upload Joanne’s birthday pictures. Will do it tonight!!

Heart-ing these song

I found these song by accident .. and I’m loving it.

1. Dizzee Rascal feat. Chrome - Holiday


2. David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over


Limewire it!!


P/S: VA - Clubland Vol.4 2009 is a GREAT download. Strongly recommend to P2P it!!

Fly Me To The Moon

My quest to get a fucking wired Internet connection at my place is a major pain in the ass. I think I must’ve argued and cursed few people in the process and I still don’t have the fucking wireless modem. I know they say it’s seven working days, so, they still have two more days to deliver their service but why delay if you can actually get it done before 7 days, right? I wouldn’t need this connection if Digi or Celcom works wonder in my area. Sad truth: no 3G is good enough to serve our need in this part of the world. It’s always frustrating that we have this kind of problem, my life rely and depends on the speed of Internet connection be it at home or at work. Honestly, I am so tired to deal with Internet connection. I thought with the existence of new services, things will get better, but to my disappointment, it didn’t actually do any good, it’s just static like that. Still frustrating as ever.

And now, I am waiting for a call from the Streamyx reseller in Kompleks Karamunsing and mind you, I called the number given to me the other day and a lady answered my call and to my surprise she actually yelled at me! The customer! Poor me was just calling to get updates on my current application situation and dare she say “Saya bukan urus Streamyx lah!!", orang yang kau cari tu tiada sini!!!” . OMFG! What did I do wrong? She hung up on me, I call back and yell back at her, she did say sorry and told me that she is stressed out with work.. HOW DARE SHE!!! As if she’s the only one with a job here. Try dealing with the whole office complaining to you on various matters and you can’t do anything about it. Did I yell at them? No, I did not. But I guess, that’s the difference with people who actually went to school and those who were stuck to do shitty job manning a booth at Kompleks Karamunsing and that’s what she’s gonna do for the rest of her life, even the simplest thing makes these idiots stressed out.

I am back to my normal mode, post holiday glooms are over and now excited for my next holiday in January/February. Location unknown. And everyone in the family is getting a passport, I have a feeling that a trip to somewhere is gonna happen somewhere in December. Fingers crossed. I can't wait to spend time with my girls. Everyone is busy busy busy and I am starting to turn into a cavelady. Spending most of my times being at home rather than out, glued to my laptop and running a data centre at home. Super geeky! In addition to that, my nocturnal nature is getting worse and my body actually thinks that normal sleep time is 4.30 a.m. , this is not insomnia, why? because I can actually sleep if I want to but too distracted to sleep like normal people. The only good thing about turning into nocturnal is, in between reconnecting/UAT, I make an effort to make the home super clean and do my laundry … the house smell of Vanilla, it’s more homey and I actually don’t mind spending the rest of the day just being at home. The only lacking there is food and I am so damn lazy to cook. So, more money spent on food than anything else.

FYI, I am obsessed with Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me, WTF right??? Hahaha and from now on I am a Fulham supporter. Down at BED bar last Saturday with Wiwin, I actually watched the entire game, Fulham vs. Liverpool start to end. They won!! And according to reliable source, that rarely happen. I must be their lucky charm for the night. So good to just sit at the bar, drinking beer (another WTF?) , watch the game, see the band, Aftereve perform, to the owner of BED bar, thanks for the beer, keep em’ coming next time. Another good thing was, we actually had a chance to enjoy the night without being picked up by ugly guys. Probably because both of us seems so unapproachable with our mobile texting away. LOL. And for the fear of our seats being taken away, we didn’t dance at all. The dance floor was too crowded anyway. Take home KFC after that. Life is great.


Picture with Lina, Friday outing

Friday, October 23, 2009

I can’t do this

So, I’ve been to a few fun photo shoot and the recent photoshoot was an indoor photo shoot at International Imperial Hotel with amateur photographer John Tendahal.


The theme was sexy and sultry and I am NOT one with these expressions, the more I try to look sultry and sexy the more retarded I look. I wish I have a proof picture to show you. Sultry looks are supposed to be like this:



Curse you Adriana Lima!! LOL (Btw, I’m aiming for her hairstyle and hair color and maybe her tanned skin as my 2010 look and for my upcoming adventure – uber excited about that, and where can I get those lens??)


Trust me, I am NOWHERE near this expression, when I took a peek at the photog’s camera, I was GROSSED out looking at my own pose.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see the outcome!!


I am more to bubbly and happy look rather than seductive, sexy and sultry. That mood only exists in me when I’m OFF camera, if you know what I mean. LMAO.

DSC00207 If Halloween is celebrated, I would go with this costume, The Sexy Sailor!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apparently, I am NOT the only one

Refer to my post Who’s That Girl, I was talking about how much I changed over the years and there are comments saying that it doesn’t look like the same person. I couldn’t agree more, it really does look like a complete different person if you didn’t know me back then.

Honestly, I am thinking of purposely confiscating my ID and get a new one because it looks like a different person, don’t want to be accused of a ID buying Filipino chick so to speak. LOL.

I thought I am the only one with these changes in facial ‘attributes’ – and yeah without surgical enhancement might I add!!, turns out, I am not the only one. Look at this photo!!


Oh yeah, you guessed right, that’s the Hollywood hottie Megan Fox. The black/white photo is her during high school. What??? Doesn’t look like her at all, does it? See, it happens to everyone, even the most gorgeous, hottest girl in the world.

And recently, my favorite makeup guru, Michelle Phan, twitted how much her looks changed over the years. michellephan

I also know someone else who changed SO MUCH over the years but rumors has it that she went under the knife (cosmetic surgery) so that doesn’t really count because the changes were forced and man-made.

These are only few well known hotties that I know changed over the years. So, blog readers, if you are a blogger too, I dare you to post up your yesteryear photo and current photo and see the transformation or changes over the years. Trust me, it’s a good laugh.

Lastly, I have posted this many posts ago, comparing my ID pic with Altantuya’s (only she is hotter even if she looks ‘asi’ there), with the latest photo. Here, I am comparing my 21 years old self with my 28 years old self. Gosh! I can’t believe it. But, believe it!


And, my next year is suppose to be transformation of each and everyone in the family. 1999 photos compared with 2009 photos, I think it’s going to be a fun entry.

And I visited Bangkok recently and I LOVED it there, fall in love with that city even if they don’t speak English that well and no free Wi-Fi everywhere. So, maybe a post about that when I feel like it.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Parting is such a painful sorrow.  It is more than a little sadness, just when you are getting use to something, that’s when you need to be apart. It is really painful. Not knowing when you will be together again. Time will tell I know, but isn’t it better knowing before hand? Then, life wouldn’t be so bad. You wouldn’t be flooded with questions without answers, endless thoughts, many sleepless nights thinking if things can work out for you. For whatever it’s worth, no matter what happen, I was happy, really happy and I am gonna cherish that moment for as long as I want to remember it.

model-shoot-jesselton-point-35When was the last time you called/ text/ chat with your loved one? Do it NOW! ;)

Effin' Entertaining YouTube Video

John shared this link with me the other day, I find it funny and entertaining... huhuhu

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who’s That Girl??

Okay, this is a very quick entry. I saw a photo of yours truly in one of my friend’s Flickr and OMFG I look so kimak ugly like the is no ugly person in the world than me. But, still, I am not ashamed to show you the picture here. It’s a 2004 picture and at that time I must admit, I thought I looked really HOT like that. LMAO. Get the vomit bucket now!!! You gonna need it.




Oh well, that’s 5 years ago, you know how I look like now, don’t you? I know I look a bit different now, some might think it’s heavy makeup and some might think its cosmetic surgery. LOL. If only!!

Recent without makeup pic:


What look different than 2004 pic is that, one, I have contact lens on and secondly, my eyebrows are bigger. I should’ve go for a bigger eyebrows since before!!! Look at the brows on previous pics, sudahlah uneven, kecil lagi! Tu bah yang bikin bida tu!!!!

And…here’s a picture with makeup, though you’ve seen this kind of pictures of me many times, I still want to post… HA HA HA!


Errr….unrelated to this post of me looking so freaking asi before.. I want to share some photos that we took during our recent photoshoot with Mr.Gogds


If you want to look chio, do this:

1. Dye your hair to a lighter shade
2. Learn how to use colored lenses or even the black ones looks good too!
3. Learn basic make ups, there are lots of videos on YouTube teaching you just how!!
4. make sure you eyebrows are not too thin!!

So, rather than wasting your time criticizing about other people’s passion and interests to look good, I suggest you do these, it’s for your own good! LOL.

Ciao for now,

Monday, September 7, 2009

What happen to all the BLOGGERS?

I noticed that of late, almost everyone on my blog roll are not updating their blogs. LOL. And, I thought the lazy bug only strike me and me alone!! Haha. Looks like everyone is on Lazy Mode. What happened to all of us? It used to be daily updates on everyone’s blog and now, it’s sooo damn quiet , like nobody exists in blog world anymore. Are we getting less interesting or we are not that bothered to say out loud what we feel or there is urgency to share with people of the world, what are you up to? Or, are you spending more time on Twitter now?? LMAO. You caught me! Guilty as charged!!!

Ok, I think I should balance it out, I should write here often , like I used to, somehow I think my writing skills went from Intermediate to total hopeless for  not updating regularly lately. So, tomorrow I shall post my bargain indulgence of the month photos. Which includes lingerie, dresses, shoes and makeup palette!! Hope you girls like it, as you know, I am not a rich kid, I don't have 5 figure salary to brag about (though it’s not bad at all, but who doesn’t need more money, right) and also I don’t have rich boyfriend, so all the things that I buy, you can afford too!

Man, I am craving for Crispy patta!!!! I heart KABABAYAN CAFE!

Pssssttt…new hair color.

Image7814 copyDSC09708 

Photo streams from GOGDS and Sinundu Bobohizan

Thanks for these two photographers, GOGDS and SinunduBobohizan for inviting me and my niece and sister in law to be a part of their fun weekend photoshoot. It was a nice experience, I had fun and waiting for them to send me the DVD of photos.. LOL. Click the names for direct access to their blog.

model-shoot-jesselton-point-106 copy model-shoot-jesselton-point-93 copy model-shoot-jesselton-point-130 copy

model-shoot-jesselton-point-146 copy 6780_119815908204_574188204_2274421_2176562_n 6825_1146908398956_1414927966_30518876_5016981_n

6825_1146910239002_1414927966_30518885_6890706_n6825_1146910279003_1414927966_30518886_1682142_n   6825_1146912559060_1414927966_30518887_2006818_n

6825_1146912759065_1414927966_30518891_21873_n 6825_1146913359080_1414927966_30518894_7449035_n

On different session with GOGDS:



I HAD FUN!!!!!!