Saturday, January 31, 2009

1 Day at 1Borneo

This is the longest time I spent my time in 1Borneo.

I tried out 3 diners Tasty Food Village, Dome and Penang Village (Thank you Mr.Manager for the drinks) with SuicideCandy and I'm also having sore throat, stuffy nose, flu and minor fever. And I'm at Cyberzone now killing time while waiting for Wiwin to audition for Akademi Fantasia 7.

I saw Jimmy Shanley, Riz Af6, Nubhan AF6, Nadia AF6, Mila AF5 and Zainal Alam Kadir just now. They're having a mini show as people audition for the upcoming Akademi Fantasia. Anyway, I did not watch the show, I refuse to stand in a crowd just to watch them from 20 metres behind, all I can see are heads. Plus the 'stars' are so damn small they should have add one more level to the stage so that everybody at the back can see them *Blowing my runny nose* *Gross*

I'm surrounded with Chinese kids playing Counter Strike and they are so damn noisy. Makes me cranky even more. Why can't they play silently like Ipik?

Sp, that's all for today, let's hope Wiwin make it to the next round. Amen. No pictures, I look damn ugly, partly true actually, I looked decent earlier but as it approach 6 pm I'm turning to look like crap plus my nose is reddish from all the wiping.

So, okay .. till then.

Wish Wiwin luck.

Friday, January 30, 2009

REVIEW: Akon - Freedom

I was kinda turned off with Akon after I watched the interview video on YouTube. But, I shouldn't be, because that's just the way how it goes in the life of a star like Akon (plus the girls want to, so there's nothing wrong with that). Despite a bit turned off, I'm also not denying the fact Akon is a REALLY talented singer/producer/songwriter.

All I can say is Akon DID IT AGAIN. The album is on fire!!! Freedom is Akon's third album and he's getting better from one album to another. Whether you are a fan or not, you will like Freedom and most of the songs from this album are gonna be played in clubs all over the world.

Some wikipedia time before we get on with the review. For those of you who are not updated with Akon's bio, his real name is Aliaune Thia, don't really get how that translated into Akon, originally from Senegal, his daddy is a jazz musician and he's 35 years old and moved to New Jersey when he was 7. Speaking of name, Snoop Dogg's real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus. LOL. Okay, I know. It's unrelated. Hahaha.

On with the CD, just like Lady Gaga's The Fame, the lyrical contents of the album is nothing to be proud of, he's not really the sharpest lyricist but who cares?? All that matter is they have great tunes that with high sale value. But, I'm NOT saying that it's THAT bad, there's just nothing special to it and predictable. It's the usual "I don't care what other people think, we are perfect for each other, screw them, let's fuck" kind of lyrics. Get it? Unlike Ne-Yo's, Year of The Gentlemen who writes about a lot of things that affects our everyday life.

There are lot of guest appreances in this album and it's perfect. Names like Colby O'donis, Kardinal Offishall, Wyclef Jean, T-Pain and Lil' Wayne are featured in Freedom but still with big names like Lil' Wayne and Wyclef Jean, Akon was not overshadowed by them. In this album, Akon starts to sing more (normally he just sing a few verse and then jazzed up by some other artist) which is good since he has a unique and cool voice. Don't even know if other people will be able to perform Akon's song besides him.

It's been a while since I've been in a club so I have no idea what they are playing in the club but I can say that the song Right Now (na na na) is flooding almost all the radio stations. And, believe it or not, in Freedom, Akon has a slow song!!!! And I love it so much!!!

Overall, I think this album is on the right direction and the guest appreances adds more spices to it and it's DEFINITELY a must have album. Regardless you like Akon or not. I think Pussycat Dolls should work with Akon.

I strongly suggest you to check out:

1. Beautiful (Feat. Colby O'donis and Kardinal Offishall)
2. We Don't Care
3. Keep You Much Longer
4. Birthmark
5. Troublemaker (Feat. Sweet Rush)
6. Freedom (Good Lyric, this one :D)
7. Sunny Day (Feat. Wyclef Jean)
8. I'm So Paid
9. Be With You

LOL. That's almost ALL songs in Freedom. Enjoy the album

LOL. Akon's mugshot.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh damn, I have sore throat, guess I will not be able to carry on with lecture today. If only I had my student's phone number, they don't have to come all the way to find out that the hot tutor (LOL) can't teach today. Anyhoo .. I printed notes for them so I hope they will read it.

As of now, I think I am quite addicted to Caprice's Fantasy Girl. I've been listening to the song over and over since this morning.

And I also played DOTA today. Just to try it out. It's damn addictive. But, since I am an inexperienced player, so I got beheaded MOST OF THE TIME. Thank you Paxrun for helping me out.

So, this is my avatar in Garena, damn cute huh?

As for Red Light Centre, I don't go there often anymore, it's always lagging and kind of bored with it already.

Enjoy the video and Donny, nanti saya bawa tu WarCraft pigi sana.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OMG This is hilarious

I laugh out loud when I saw this:

My Hero

I've been wanting to look for information on Bear Grylls on the net for quite some time, but due to other things that interests me, I never get to it.

For those of you who doesn't know who he is, he is the man in front of the camera for the show Man VS. Wild. Besides being so damn hot,cute, sexy and any other praises appropriate for this amazing guy, he's also a daredevil adventurer who gets himself into the wilderness of an unknown place and then survive it on his own. That's hot. Although, sometimes, his survival 'ideas' gets me sick to my stomach. I don't know if I ever want to drink my own piss, eat a raw snake (HELP!!!!), eat worms or any other gross thing that he do to survive in the wild. Probably I will, if I have no other option.

What I like about the show is, Bear makes it possible to survive in an extreme situation. And it's also good to know what are the things you can do to survive if you ever lost in a wild. I know they are people around him but from what I read, they are NOT allowed to help him in any way and he's also the first British to ever climbed Mt.Everest at the age of 23 but there's a debate on that because some sources said, they have someone (unrecorded) that has climbed Mt.Everest before him.

Turned out, he has a blog!!! Hurrah ... so, I'm gonna list his blog into my blog roll and I think you guys should check it. I did came across few haters of him saying that he's fake. But who cares, I still adore him.


What is this for? I know, I know, in God Must Be Crazy, Nixau 'buried' the American because he was poisoned, so this is the way to neutralize the poison. Is it what this is for??

Eww... gross!

Poor Bear attacked by a yak in Siberia. I can play doctor with ya *wink wink*

Oits!!! Eye candy ... LOL .. for girls and gays. Sudah censor mah ...

P/S: Kima ... bida oh bini dia

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SuicideCandy TAGGED Me!

1. Your name/identification name/username etc.
2. Write anything using either your left/right hands
3. Most favourite alphabets.
4. Less favourite alphabets.
5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. Tag 5 more persons/bloggers

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Dear Friends, Accidental Visitors and Returning Readers of CIEAN.BLOGSPOT.COM,

Happy Chinese New Year to my colleagues:

1. David Kok Wen Fui
2. Mr. Lim Chin Tong
3. Mr. Teo Eng Seng
4. Gui Yic Sen
5. Rechard Lee ????
6. Chang Nyuk Mui
7. Nicholas

1. Ms. Lo Siau Ying
2. Joseph Tai Jern Cheng
3. Christina Chong
4. Michael Ding Wei Chang

Some miscellaneous Chinese that I know:
1. Ah Kit
2. Henry
3. Uncle and Auntie Mee Sup Ikan
4. Ah Kit & Henry's mom
5. Henry's girlfriend
6. That technician guy from Konica Minolta
7. Edmond Justin


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Location: Chisuki Hana's dining table (kitchen)
Activity: Shoes Drooling

People closest to me are FULLY AWARE that I am a SHOE ADDICT. Except my mom, because if she ever find out that I have over 50 pairs of shoes, she's gonna be very pissed cos for her it's a waste of money.

But, I think this addiction of mine has spread to all my niece. They are also obsessed with shoes now. Which is good because most of us are wearing the same shoe size so we can borrow from each other's collection. My most compatible match is Wewen and Amy.

So,tonight, Wiwin and I are drooling over some REALLY cheap boots and heels at CutesyShoes . Okay la, if converted to RM, not cheap la. Here are some of the shoes that we are drooling over.

This will look gorgeous with skinny jeans. Damn, they only have it in size 9 (Chisuki's size BTW)

Price: $19.99

Purple Heels (I Love!!)


Chisuki's Pick (ala-ala Japanese la this)


We stumbled upon stuff like this too!

Since the Internet is very very very very very slow this is all I can put here but we've seen so many pretty things from CutesyShoes. I even have a clubbing outfit suggestion for Cynta.

Kimakness to Celcom Broadband.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Check this out

Interview with Akon. Kinda gross. Hahaha.

Quote from Akon:

"We always fuck the lead video girl"
"They wanna fuck you anyway"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Possible Outfit For SuicideCandy

In her recent post, SuicideCandy mentioned half-seriously that she's gonna audition for Akademi Fantasia 7 (just for laughs). She was totally inspired from watching those ridiculous people who auditioned for the current season of American Idol. So, this is my outfit suggestions for my niece, to guarantee a spot on Trek Selebriti with Jimmy Shanley:

Probably something sexy like this:

Maybe something funny like this:
Or this? LOL
I'm sure you won't even make it to the judging room if you look like this:
Maybe paint yourself GREEN like this??

I had fun googling all this. Anyway, I'll be there to support you (if you really go). Who knows the might be a miracle that you actually make it to top 24.

That's Not My Name

Who hates their name? Raise your hand!!!

I hate my name. Seriously. Its’ too common to my taste. If it’s up to me, I’d like to have a more commercial or a bit glam name like Alexis (I’m sure that my parents will never thought of this name 27 years ago) . My second choice would be Dakota. Third would be Nicole. Fourth would be Natalie.

Nevertheless, despite despising my name a little, I should be grateful that my parents didn’t name me something weird like Battery, Selipar, Nyamok, Janda or Jamban. Thanks mom and dad. To all those people with names like that, my heart is with you. It’s also not cool when your parents name you after a movie star, I mean it’s okay if it’s just the first name but I remember one kid back at my hometown was named Arnold Schwarzenegger (insert typical Dusun surname here) (yes, I googled the name, I can’t even spell the surname without Google help – wonder how did the kid’s parent spelt it . LOL.) and in the same village, there’s another kid named Sylvester Stallone (insert typical Dusun surname here). So, the kampung is filled with action movie stars. They didn’t name the kids Terminator or John Rambo or Rocky Balboa though. I wonder why.

I am also grateful that my parents and elder siblings who hold power to name me when I was born didn’t pick a complicated name of some African bird, a rare plant, solar system, some Greek gods and goddesses name or ancient queens. I remember back in college I have a classmate named Cleopatra and how can she ever live to the standard of that name. Venus actually sounds kinda nice. But imagine if you were named Pluto/Mars/Neptune/Uranus.
My elder brother Richard told me once that they had two name choices for me when I was born. It’s either Nancy or Olga. They go with Nancy. Okay, thank you Richard, although Nancy sounds too common, I prefer it more than Olga. Hurrah.

So, since I’m stuck with NANCY for the rest of my life I might as well learn to love it. I don’t know whether you can legally change your name in Malaysia or not but even if you can, how long will it take? How many documents you have to redo? So, I’ve been doing some research on NANCY, look what I found:

Some of the famous NANCYs I stumbled upon:

Nancy Castiglione - Filipina-Italian Actress

Nancy Ajram - Multi-Platinum Lebanese Pop Folk Artist

Nancy Sinatra - Singer & Actress, Daughter of Frank Sinatra
Nancy Davis Reagan - Widow of former United States President, Ronald Reagan
Nancy Drew - a fictional character, the heroine of the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
Nancy- The famous cartoon (is it still on Daily Express Newspaper??

Nancy Pelosi - Current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

FINALLY .......
a non famous NANCY (which is me!!)

1. Daughter of Anthony Lidi Okala & Nora Golikin
2. Baby sister to Raymond, Richard, Anni & Leo
3. Elder sister for Jeffrey
4. Aunt for Daisy, Jacynta, Joanne, Pruan, Ronald, Dewina, Eric, Victoria, Genesis, Ivan, Erica?
5. Sister in Law to Petrus, Geta, Diane, Tara & Emily
6. Heroin to the hero, Charlie
6. Half owner of Tobey, Kibby,Lotun, Bapa, Jelly, Rocco and Zorro
7. Frequent feeder for Colby
8. BFF to Ms.Florida Suzanie
8. Owner of Ciean.Blogspot.Com (hahahaha)
9. Employee at SIDMA College and BentleyTel
10. Customer of DIGI
11. Windows Vista user

LMAO ... I'm running out of ideas.

I also found out that Nancy (pronounced differently I guess) is a metropolitan area with a population 410509 in 1999 census, a city in North Eastern France.

And a little bit more information on NANCY:

So, now, I think I shouldn't hate my name that much.

So here goes....


Credits to all owner of the pictures that I used. I don't remember where I got all those pictures.

Monday, January 19, 2009

REVIEW - The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination

After their successful album PCD in 2005, The Pussycat Dolls is now back with a new album entitled Doll Domination, this time around without Carmit in the band (my least favorite doll yet so memorable after Nicole Scherzinger).

A 2 CD album consists of 21 songs !!! That's a like a whole season of Grey's Anatomy or any other TV Drama. No wonder they took like 3 years to finish this album. Loads of songs to listen to for a FREE review. Damn.

It's undeniable that The Pussycat Dolls is the hottest, biggest and sexiest all girls group of the new era. People (guys and girls) would be drooling over them when they walk by. No surprise there. To relive the success of their previous album, I read an article somewhere that they have been working with all the all star song writers and producers for this new album. Which is good for them since all they know is sing and dance to the beat. They will probably try to write a song or two in the future for a Bonus Track in an upcoming album. Hahaha. Just trying to prove that they can do everything. I have a strong feeling that one of these days, Nicole Scherzinger will write a song. LOL.

Their 2 current singles from Doll Domination are When I Grow Up (which I'm sure y'all got tired of it by now) and I Hate This Part (will be bored pretty soon I guess) are some of the best songs included in the album. But I've got an ear for these songs which probably will never made to the charts or gain much airplay:

1. Out Of This Club
2. Watcha Think About That (I like this more than When I Grow Up)
3. Hush Hush
4. Elevator
5. In Person

And, probably the song Bottle Up featuring Snoop Dogg will be the next single.

To add more spice to the album, all the other not so famous dolls are entitled to sing a song each. LOL. Probably, trying to stop the rumours going around that they can't sing. So, this is the way to rub it in their face: "See.... I can sing too, and I'm hot" . So, okay, we get the point, all of you can sing but so is Paris Hilton. LOL. Having said that, I'm not denying the fact they are all hot and they are super successful bitches but how hard is it to sing "Played" with all the music enhancement softwares that we have these days? I bet Stacy sounds better than most of them.

Overall, it's only worth-buying if you are ULTIMATELY OBSESSED with The Pussycat Dolls. If not, better just look for the songs in LimeWire. With a title like that, I expected all the tunes to be THAT good.


1. When I Grow Up
2. Bottle Pop (ft. Snoop Dogg)
3. Whatcha Think About That (ft. Missy Elliott)
4. I Hate This Part
5. Takin' Over The World
6. Out Of This Club (ft. R. Kelly & Polow Da Don)
7. Who's Gonna Love You
8. Happily Never After
9. Magic
10. Halo
11. In Person
12. Elevator
13. Hush Hush
14. Love The Way You Love Me
15. Whatchamacallit
16. I'm Done


1. If I Was A Man [Jessica]
2. Space [Melody]
3. Don't Wanna Fall In Love [Kimberly]
4. Played [Ashley]
5. Until U Love U [Nicole]

FYI, I'm so glad they re-did the song Baby Love. Now, it's no longer annoying.

On other note, in the album cover, I think Nicole look weird, is it the makeup or is it photoshopped. Hmm ... I wonder. She looked liked Linda Onn in the cover.

For more drooling ....

This is shocking

Shock! Horror!

Actually not horror. Just shocked. I'm smiling, giggling and other expressions appropriate when I arrived at work today and checked Nuffnang and saw this:

*Happiness* But when it's gonna translate into money, I wonder. Ah well, I shouldn't be greedy, right? The time will come, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

Friday, January 16, 2009

REVIEW: Ne-Yo : The Year of the Gentlemen

Shaffer Chimere Smith or his stage name or shall I say super stardom name Ne-Yo is the official God of Love Song s of the new era. At least in my dictionary he is.
I can’t pick a favorite between all the track listed in his new album Year of The Gentlemen, because I like it all. A mix of ballads and up to beat songs, perfect combination.
I gotta say the song “Mad” brought me to tears. Made me think, what if it was too late to say sorry for all the wrong and hurtful things you said and did to your loved ones? I’m especially emotional on this part

“Baby I know sometimes it’s gonna rain,
but baby can we make up now cos
I can’t sleep through the pain,
Girl, I don’t wanna go to bed, mad at you
And I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me”

Proves that Ne-Yo has the most honest song lyrics of the decade. Most of the songs are talking about love, unfaithfulness, negligence, what a great boyfriend he can be and questioning his lover’s loyalty, things that happen in everyday life. Besides being gifted with a talent for great song writing and ears for great tunes, he has a silky singing voice that goes with it. Damn, why are some people so gifted?? Making me feel so less than ordinary.

His song Miss Independent is a tribute to all of us girls who made it on our own not depending on men to buy us things. All Miss Independent out there, let's drink a glass of champagne for being who we are. Cheers!!!!

So, I can't recommend a favorite because all track listed in this album is worth listening to. I'm sure you've heard of Closer and Miss Independent, but this album has a lot to offer than only 2 hot singles. Go grab one now!!!

Album Track Listing:

1. Closer
2. Nobody
3. Single
4. Mad
5. Miss Independent
6. Why Does She Stay?
7. So You Can Cry
8. Part of The List
9. Back To What You Know
10. Lie To Me
11. Stop This World
12. Fade Into The Background

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Home Tambunan

ngsI'm back at my hometown in a middle of a week attending my first cousin's funeral. She died in a tragic car accident on the way to Lahad Datu, near Kinabatangan. May her soul rest in peace.

From the eulogy during her memorial service earlier, her sister said that she (Monica) talks to animals too which means it runs in the family,so probably that's in the Okala gene. Her mom and my dad are siblings.

Right now, I'm laying in bed covered in a warm blanket posting an entry feeling slightly cold because it's windy here in Tambunan. And it's not raining, it's just windy. How I wish the weather is like this in KK. Wishful thinking.

I'm also actually saddened by the fact that I am trapped in a situation that I wish I never knew happened that effected few people. I'm always trying my best to be invisible, staying out of the drama as far as possible is what I always do. What makes things worst are twisted facts that turn your world upside down making you look like a moron. I learned my lesson but ONE THING FOR SURE I didn't start the fire. So, go figure. I can't wait to pour my heart out to special someone who have always been there for me thick and thin since 10 years ago. BFF, you know who you are.

In a happier mood, I am already thinking of what to eat for dinner. I hope Amy will cook something delicious.

And someone cut her hair ala Nicole Richie .... does it still look like that baby?

Monday, January 12, 2009

REVIEW - Lady Gaga : The Fame

Remember my end of 2008 hair muse, Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga or her real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta is a current music sensation in the US. Having topped the Billboard Chart at No.1 last week with her single "Just Dance" made me want to listen to her entire album, The Fame. I first discovered Lady Gaga in an interview on MTV - Making The Video and I thought she's gorgeous and hip. But just by mentioning Lady Gaga, I thought it's gonna be someone like Lil' Kim or Mya or Ciara. But, boy, was I wrong.

I love almost every songs listed in The Fame despite mixed reviews from different sources. Something that me and the girls can officially point as our pre-clubbing songs. Although, I notice that her voice changes in few of the songs from something sounds so powerful to flirty - cute-cutesy mode, something like you would imagine that she's singing while biting her finger and smiling innocently and batting her eyelashes (I'm referring to the track Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)).

I read somewhere that she also design her own outfits, yet another singer that will come up with her own clothing line I suppose. It's so predictable.

Lyrics wise though, there's nothing to be proud of, like any other pop and hip-hop songs, the lyrics are ridiculous or some doesn't even make sense. Normal people like me will never get what

"Half Psychotic, Sick Hypnotic, got my blueprint it's symphonic Half Psychotic, Sick Hypnotic got my blueprint electronic" means.

Anybody care to explain to me? LOL. Anyway, nowadays I think, lyrics doesn't matter that much as long as the tunes are great. And Lady Gaga has brilliant tunes. Even Akon don't have great lyrics but still I love his sounds THAT much.


Ignore the great tune, did you listen to the lyrics? My point exactly. It merely suggest that women are ONLY good for sex and nothing more.

All in all, The Fame is an album with great tunes. You won't regret buying this album because it has so much to offer.

Highlights: Just Dance, Love Game, Again & Again, Papparazzi, Poker Face, Brown Eyes, Eh Eh (Nothing I Can Say.

Weak and Slightly Annoyed

Raining makes me weak. It with holds most of the things that you wanna do. Forcing you to stay in the whole day, not being able to go out. Actually you can but would you go out if you can stay warm and comfy inside your home and be a couch potato all day?

I didn't even step outside of the house the whole day yesterday. Mainly because I am online and I woke up late yesterday. Plus, it was raining since afternoon.

One thing that I totally hate is being asked what I am doing online (in a sarcastic way). Whether I am chatting or not and asking sarcastically is even worst, I mean what's your point? What are you trying to imply? Right. Give me some space. I don't need anyone hovering on me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Date: 9th January 2009
Time: 20:00 hrs
Location: First Beach Cafe, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu

I had dinner at First Beach Cafe, Tanjung Aru with Charlie, Ipik and Amy. I’ve been there for few times before for drinks and to listen to some band performance but I never tried the food there. So, I decided that tonight I’m gonna try the food there. And I was damn hungry because I skipped breakfast which is wrong by the way ( I read an article on how important breakfast is to your body so you should never ever skip it even if you are on diet), so never ever skip breakfast.

So I ordered Double Cheese Chicken Burger : RM9.00

Served with French fries and salad. It was tasty and I love it, no weird smell whatsoever but the only thing that I want to complain about it is that the lower bun – (is there even such a thing?) is wet from the salad dressing. Too bad my hand phone was dead at that time, I could’ve snapped a pic or two to show how unpleasant to eat the chicken burger.
VERDICT: 3 ½ stars

Tom Yam Soup = RM9.00

Served with side dish – pickle and rice (on request)

Amy did not like it. According to her it does not beat Wan Wan’s Tom Yam at all. The soup is too sweet and it tastes like someone had over poured coconut milk into it. The taste is just wrong. They can do better than that.
VERDICT: 2 Stars

Ox Tail Soup = Rm10.00

First thing that I know for sure is that ox tail soup is supposed to be thick. Ox tail soup is a dish somewhere between soup and stew, so it was suppose to be thick. But, First Beach Cafe got it all wrong. Not only the soup is not thick, it doesn’t even look yummy at all.


Lamb Chop = RM7.00 per 100gm

Served with garden salad with French dressing. I almost roll on the floor laughing looking at how little it is and how it is not enough for a guy, not even enough for me even if I eat very little at one time. Ipik should’ve ordered at least 200gm . The mint sauce was tasty, Ipik loved it and suggested that when we BBQ at Tambunan next time, we should have mint sauce.
VERDICT: 3 Stars

And I am disappointed that I paid RM5.00 for a very little cup of Earl Grey tea, I hoped they at least put it in a small pot or something like other places (Secret Recipe).

The band performance started at 9.00 pm and I recognized those two girls’ singers, I used to watch them perform quite a lot last year at BB Cafe. I recognized the pink top and black pants one of the girls normally wear. But the keyboardist is not someone that I recognize. He sings like he already had 6 sets (to those who doesn’t know, 1 set equal to 3 bottles or 3 cans of beer) of Tiger beer. I can’t even hear the words when he sings; it’s more like slurring and mumbling than singing. But, that is still manageable.

We decided to leave the place when a drunk old guy from Kota Marudu took over. He was so drunk, not only he was singing out of tune, he’s singing to his heart’s content with the microphone VERY close to his mouth. So, go figure. It was too damn loud, it hurts your eardrums.

So all in all, I think First Beach Cafe is a cool place to hang out and have drinks with friends by the beach listening to some music but I couldn’t say much about the food though. I’m not impressed nor am I pissed or hated the food. More like, there’s nothing special that I can say. But, I don’t know about other dish that they serve but I don’t think I’m ever gonna eat there anymore. But, I recommend the drinks there. It’s nice.

So, we changed location to our favourite hangout spot, BB Cafe. And, you know what? The band is AWESOME. Not as awesome as N’Twine because they didn’t have the full band set but still they are the best so far at BB Cafe. The band’s name is Supernova. And they have released their own CD entitled Episod, distributed by Pusakag Production and I think the keyboardist looks a lot like Donny Robert.

My favourite of the two ladies is the petite one. Very energetic and she looks very friendly and cute too. I probably will go there again tomorrow with Cynta, Amy, Wewen and perhaps Wiwin if she can join. Or maybe, just go to Shenanigan’s? LOL. Yet to be decided.

Anyway, I don’t even think that I’m gonna be able to get up early. It’s 2.22 am now and I am still here feeling ecstatic and energetic, I just took shower and probably will post another entry on my best friend’s wedding