Saturday, January 31, 2009

1 Day at 1Borneo

This is the longest time I spent my time in 1Borneo.

I tried out 3 diners Tasty Food Village, Dome and Penang Village (Thank you Mr.Manager for the drinks) with SuicideCandy and I'm also having sore throat, stuffy nose, flu and minor fever. And I'm at Cyberzone now killing time while waiting for Wiwin to audition for Akademi Fantasia 7.

I saw Jimmy Shanley, Riz Af6, Nubhan AF6, Nadia AF6, Mila AF5 and Zainal Alam Kadir just now. They're having a mini show as people audition for the upcoming Akademi Fantasia. Anyway, I did not watch the show, I refuse to stand in a crowd just to watch them from 20 metres behind, all I can see are heads. Plus the 'stars' are so damn small they should have add one more level to the stage so that everybody at the back can see them *Blowing my runny nose* *Gross*

I'm surrounded with Chinese kids playing Counter Strike and they are so damn noisy. Makes me cranky even more. Why can't they play silently like Ipik?

Sp, that's all for today, let's hope Wiwin make it to the next round. Amen. No pictures, I look damn ugly, partly true actually, I looked decent earlier but as it approach 6 pm I'm turning to look like crap plus my nose is reddish from all the wiping.

So, okay .. till then.

Wish Wiwin luck.

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