Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh damn, I have sore throat, guess I will not be able to carry on with lecture today. If only I had my student's phone number, they don't have to come all the way to find out that the hot tutor (LOL) can't teach today. Anyhoo .. I printed notes for them so I hope they will read it.

As of now, I think I am quite addicted to Caprice's Fantasy Girl. I've been listening to the song over and over since this morning.

And I also played DOTA today. Just to try it out. It's damn addictive. But, since I am an inexperienced player, so I got beheaded MOST OF THE TIME. Thank you Paxrun for helping me out.

So, this is my avatar in Garena, damn cute huh?

As for Red Light Centre, I don't go there often anymore, it's always lagging and kind of bored with it already.

Enjoy the video and Donny, nanti saya bawa tu WarCraft pigi sana.

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