Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Date: 9th January 2009
Time: 20:00 hrs
Location: First Beach Cafe, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu

I had dinner at First Beach Cafe, Tanjung Aru with Charlie, Ipik and Amy. I’ve been there for few times before for drinks and to listen to some band performance but I never tried the food there. So, I decided that tonight I’m gonna try the food there. And I was damn hungry because I skipped breakfast which is wrong by the way ( I read an article on how important breakfast is to your body so you should never ever skip it even if you are on diet), so never ever skip breakfast.

So I ordered Double Cheese Chicken Burger : RM9.00

Served with French fries and salad. It was tasty and I love it, no weird smell whatsoever but the only thing that I want to complain about it is that the lower bun – (is there even such a thing?) is wet from the salad dressing. Too bad my hand phone was dead at that time, I could’ve snapped a pic or two to show how unpleasant to eat the chicken burger.
VERDICT: 3 ½ stars

Tom Yam Soup = RM9.00

Served with side dish – pickle and rice (on request)

Amy did not like it. According to her it does not beat Wan Wan’s Tom Yam at all. The soup is too sweet and it tastes like someone had over poured coconut milk into it. The taste is just wrong. They can do better than that.
VERDICT: 2 Stars

Ox Tail Soup = Rm10.00

First thing that I know for sure is that ox tail soup is supposed to be thick. Ox tail soup is a dish somewhere between soup and stew, so it was suppose to be thick. But, First Beach Cafe got it all wrong. Not only the soup is not thick, it doesn’t even look yummy at all.


Lamb Chop = RM7.00 per 100gm

Served with garden salad with French dressing. I almost roll on the floor laughing looking at how little it is and how it is not enough for a guy, not even enough for me even if I eat very little at one time. Ipik should’ve ordered at least 200gm . The mint sauce was tasty, Ipik loved it and suggested that when we BBQ at Tambunan next time, we should have mint sauce.
VERDICT: 3 Stars

And I am disappointed that I paid RM5.00 for a very little cup of Earl Grey tea, I hoped they at least put it in a small pot or something like other places (Secret Recipe).

The band performance started at 9.00 pm and I recognized those two girls’ singers, I used to watch them perform quite a lot last year at BB Cafe. I recognized the pink top and black pants one of the girls normally wear. But the keyboardist is not someone that I recognize. He sings like he already had 6 sets (to those who doesn’t know, 1 set equal to 3 bottles or 3 cans of beer) of Tiger beer. I can’t even hear the words when he sings; it’s more like slurring and mumbling than singing. But, that is still manageable.

We decided to leave the place when a drunk old guy from Kota Marudu took over. He was so drunk, not only he was singing out of tune, he’s singing to his heart’s content with the microphone VERY close to his mouth. So, go figure. It was too damn loud, it hurts your eardrums.

So all in all, I think First Beach Cafe is a cool place to hang out and have drinks with friends by the beach listening to some music but I couldn’t say much about the food though. I’m not impressed nor am I pissed or hated the food. More like, there’s nothing special that I can say. But, I don’t know about other dish that they serve but I don’t think I’m ever gonna eat there anymore. But, I recommend the drinks there. It’s nice.

So, we changed location to our favourite hangout spot, BB Cafe. And, you know what? The band is AWESOME. Not as awesome as N’Twine because they didn’t have the full band set but still they are the best so far at BB Cafe. The band’s name is Supernova. And they have released their own CD entitled Episod, distributed by Pusakag Production and I think the keyboardist looks a lot like Donny Robert.

My favourite of the two ladies is the petite one. Very energetic and she looks very friendly and cute too. I probably will go there again tomorrow with Cynta, Amy, Wewen and perhaps Wiwin if she can join. Or maybe, just go to Shenanigan’s? LOL. Yet to be decided.

Anyway, I don’t even think that I’m gonna be able to get up early. It’s 2.22 am now and I am still here feeling ecstatic and energetic, I just took shower and probably will post another entry on my best friend’s wedding

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