Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Dear Friends, Accidental Visitors and Returning Readers of CIEAN.BLOGSPOT.COM,

Happy Chinese New Year to my colleagues:

1. David Kok Wen Fui
2. Mr. Lim Chin Tong
3. Mr. Teo Eng Seng
4. Gui Yic Sen
5. Rechard Lee ????
6. Chang Nyuk Mui
7. Nicholas

1. Ms. Lo Siau Ying
2. Joseph Tai Jern Cheng
3. Christina Chong
4. Michael Ding Wei Chang

Some miscellaneous Chinese that I know:
1. Ah Kit
2. Henry
3. Uncle and Auntie Mee Sup Ikan
4. Ah Kit & Henry's mom
5. Henry's girlfriend
6. That technician guy from Konica Minolta
7. Edmond Justin


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