Saturday, January 24, 2009


Location: Chisuki Hana's dining table (kitchen)
Activity: Shoes Drooling

People closest to me are FULLY AWARE that I am a SHOE ADDICT. Except my mom, because if she ever find out that I have over 50 pairs of shoes, she's gonna be very pissed cos for her it's a waste of money.

But, I think this addiction of mine has spread to all my niece. They are also obsessed with shoes now. Which is good because most of us are wearing the same shoe size so we can borrow from each other's collection. My most compatible match is Wewen and Amy.

So,tonight, Wiwin and I are drooling over some REALLY cheap boots and heels at CutesyShoes . Okay la, if converted to RM, not cheap la. Here are some of the shoes that we are drooling over.

This will look gorgeous with skinny jeans. Damn, they only have it in size 9 (Chisuki's size BTW)

Price: $19.99

Purple Heels (I Love!!)


Chisuki's Pick (ala-ala Japanese la this)


We stumbled upon stuff like this too!

Since the Internet is very very very very very slow this is all I can put here but we've seen so many pretty things from CutesyShoes. I even have a clubbing outfit suggestion for Cynta.

Kimakness to Celcom Broadband.

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