Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Red Red Wine

I was flipping channels while watching TV last night, no idea what to watch really until I decided to watch NTV7. Haven't watched that channel for a very long time, at least since I subscribed for Astro and I hate the fact that there are TOO many commercials in NTV7 but the way I see it now, every channel have lots and lots of commercial break, you see more commercials than the show itself, it's like you haven't blinked yet and tadaaa there's a 5 minutes commercial break while you're watching your favourite show. This is WHY I never watched shows that I love on TV. It's waaay too frustrating and annoying (Movies channel excluded - HBO, Cinemas and STAR Movies - Thank you for these no commercial interruption channels)

So, what was in NTV7? It was America's Got Talent, obviously it's not the latest season and yes I can P2P download it if I want but I'm not really into it, the only reason why I was watching was the Magician husband and wife whose sigmature trick is exchanging up to ten outfits in few minutes in front of audience. That's just amazing.

Apart from that, the other 3 contestants who sing are going to have a duet performance with their favourite artist. And one of the artist happen to be UB40. To those who were kind of teenagers during the reggae era, I'm not really sure when the Reggae era started but I recall it was somewhere in 1994-1996, maybe longer but that was the time I get to know Reggae music and there was Reggae Fever all over the world. Some other big reggae groups that I remember to date apart from UB40 was Ace of Base, Inner Circle, Bob Marley to name a few. And during the regular Thursday market at Tambunan (my hometown), you can hear reggae music being played by a Chinese guy who sells Cassette mostly and VHS. LOL. I feel old talking about those ancient stuff. And yes, with humility and shame I admit, I have bought a Non Stop Remix of Reggae music cassette. Literally begged RM19.90 (That Chinese guy discounted 90 cents and I was so happy about that) from my mom and played it out loud at home and sing along feeling like a superstar (there's maybe a dance to my heart's content in that order or not) . Those were good times.

So, when I saw UB4o on TV last night, I brings back all those childhood/teenagers memories where:
1. Owning a Walkman is so damn cool
2. Having tons of Cassette collection is envied by many
3. Having a thick book or VHS casing converted into a pencil case was a trend
4. Having the school pinafore tailored (instead of buying it factory made) and have two pockets was a trend
5. No one in the school including teachers have handphone.
6. Being a member of a Computer Club is a big deal and it's a total accomplishment if you know how to print a document. (at least in my school)

Those were the things that I remember and it's funny when you think about it now. Hmmm ... the things you do to fit in.

I actually want to share a UGLY high school passport size picture of me but I forgot where I keep it (seriously). I guess I'll have to ask Wewen to MMS it to me. The picture became a family laughing stock, even I can't believe I actually look like that (probably why that kima HYFK supposedly dumped me in the first place...LOL) or maybe it's just a bad photography, I looked like an idiot and a typical Sabah postcard face. Thank God, by the power of age, time, fashion magazine and beauty products, I think now I look presentable.

So, here's a UB40 YouTube Video for you. Enjoy.
Thank you for reading.

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